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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held in April / May of each year. The Meeting includes a report on the previous years activities and is the forum where the Officers of the Society for the following year are elected. Following formalities, a specially invited guest presents a lecture after which members engage in social activities and refreshments. Membership forms are normally available at the meetings and new membership or renewals can be done in person at registration one hour before the start of the Meeting. Typically the meeting lasts from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.


The Geological Society of Jamaica promotes a series of lectures each year relating to the wider understanding of geological issues in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Lectures are held at various venues and recently featured talks on ‘Rare Earth Elements’, ‘ the Anniversary of the Death of Lucas Barrett and his contribution to Geology’ and ‘Cockpit Country’. Lectures can be attended by all who are interested and will be advertised on the GSJ website as well as elsewhere.

Please return to see when these will be arranged.

Geoscience for Development Week

This year the Society is holding its 60th Anniversary Conference in Geoscience for Development Week. For further details see the Third Cirular for the Conference at CLICK HERE.


The Geological Society of Jamaica seeks to engage its members and friends by having several field trips per year. These fieldtrips are on different geological or other geoscience inspired themes. The fieldtrips are open to everyone with an interest in geology or outdoor activities.

Two field trips are being run in conjunction with the Society's 60th Anniversary Conference:

  • Tuesday 24th November 2015: White Limestone Succession at Stony Hill, St Andrew (leaving at 7:30 a.m.).
  • Saturday 28th November 2015: Aspects of the Geology of the Parish of St Thomas (leaving at 8:00 a.m.).

For further details see the Third Cirular for the Conference at CLICK HERE.

Past Fieldtrips

Members and friends of the society on a field trip.

Early field trip

Fieldtrip to Above Rocks, October 2012. Field crew on the Above Rocks field trip in late 2012, jointly organised with the UWI Geological Society.

Above Rocks Trip

Examining the granodiorite in the Above Rocks Inlier, 2012 (Joint Trip UWI Geol. Soc. and GSJ).

Above Rocks Trip walk

A lamprophyre dyke cutting granodiorite, Above Rocks Inlier, 2012 (Joint Trip UWI Geol. Soc. and GSJ), with the two First Year Students who braved the trip.

Above Rocks Dyke

Water cascading down the dam on the abandoned hydro-electric plant on the Morant River, St. Thomas; Spring, 2013.

Morant River Dam/Falls


Geolosophy is the annual Christmas party of the Geological Society of Jamaica and celebrates the Society’s successfully completing another year. It is a time for geological communion, between members and friends, and a time to share food, libations and entertainment.


Periodically the Society hosts or co-hosts conferences in an effort to engage and facilitate national, regional and international scientists, geoscience professionals and investors on matters relating to Caribbean geology and earth sciences. Recent conferences have included the “50th Anniversary of Teaching Geology at the University of the West Indies, Mona” and the “Ninth International Congress on Rudist Bivalves”. Proceedings of some conferences are published as thematic issues in our journal, the Caribbean Journal of Earth Sciences.

Past Conferences

“50th Anniversary of Teaching Geology at the University of the West Indies, Mona”

Geology 50
Celebrating 50 years of the Geological Society of Jamaica

“Ninth International Congress on Rudist Bivalves”