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Updated on March 28, 2023
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These days short hairstyles need to be shaggy to be viewed as modern and stylish. The best thing is they make you look younger and can be adopted for any occasion. The following hairstyles are equally good for straight or curly hair. They are easy to style and maintain, and we honestly believe it’s hard to find anything better in terms of on-trend short hairstyles.

The Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles

Why do professional stylists claim that short shag haircuts may become the best bet? Shags are all about choppy ends, layering and a ton of texture. Thus, the stylist adds volume where needed and creates dimension if hair looks too flat. Let’s check the ideas.

1. Balayaged Choppy Bob

Mature ladies look fabulous sporting a choppy bob cut. The illusion of length is preserved in bobs with a straight cut length at the nape of the neck, while they can still have a contemporary choppy air to it!

2. Waves of Color

If you have a natural bent to your hair, then your strands will respond well to a shag cut. The cute silhouette of this style begs to add in some subtle highlights that lighten locks up and accentuate the layers.

3. Platinum Short Shag

Perhaps you were blonde as a child but your hair has darkened with age. Maybe you want to find out if blondes really do have more fun. Whatever the reason, platinum blonde hair is a pleasure to wear with a shorter cut because it is much easier to maintain.

4. Short Shag Bob

Bob haircuts fit into the shag look perfectly. If you want a short shag, go for a rounded bob cut – it adds fullness to thin hair and offers easy manageability for all hair types.

5. Golden-Bronde Bob with Piecey Layers

A rounded silhouette, clean lines, and a slightly tousled appearance are the hallmarks of this shaggy bob. The light gold and brown tones of the bronde balayage provide a sense of depth and sophistication. This hairstyle is a wonderful choice for women who have extra thick and coarse hair.

Shorter Layered Brown Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbyjoannaolson

6. Curls of Tinsel

Curly girls look adorable with shaggy hair. If you want something a bit more different, color your hair a black with silver undertones for a tinsel shine that looks great year round.

7. Short Shag Blunt Cut

Go for a pixie cut next time you’re at the salon – but allow enough length to remain for the shaggy appearance. The blunt, straight-across line of the nape and angled sideburns give a unique appearance to the cut that stands apart from other short shag haircuts.

Layered Ash Blonde Pixie

Instagram/ @jessegaines

8. Short Chocolate Bob with Feathered Layers

Add some height to your short shag; tease the crown section and have a little poof with your tousle! The feathery bangs and layered side pieces curve towards the cheekbones and frame the face in a classy, dramatic fashion. It’s an upscale hairdo for an elegant woman to flaunt.

Short Feathered Shag

Instagram / @maygovintage

9. Tapered Shaggy Chocolate Brown Bob

The layered, tousled top pieces and longish bangs give the tapered bob a tomboy appearance, while the side pieces fall over the ears and cradle the neck and jawline for a feminine look. When you try a hairstyle with bangs, sweep them to one side, so everyone can see your beautiful eyes.

Tapered Brown Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @cindyhstyles

10. Bronde Bob Shag with Short Back

The back view of this shaggy, inverted bob is as impressive as its front. With a color palette that runs from chocolate brown to whitish blonde, it’s an ultra-modern and courageous style that only the most confident women can pull off.

Modern Bronde Shaggy Bob

Instagram / @hair_art_sam

11. A Bold Statement

Update your very short hair cut with a bold hue like this vibrant burgundy when you’re ready for a fun and different look. Keeping the hair longer on top while cropping the sides will produce a look that works for a variety of face shapes.

12. Disconnected Shaggy Brunette Bob

Modern shaggy bobs are an eclectic high-fashion and urban option if you want your hair to be the talk of the town. The solid, deep dark-brown color is the best way to showcase the cut, and the straggly, razor-cut ends frame the face and look perfectly imperfect.

13. Razored Honey-Blonde Bob

The inverted bob with a shattered, angled shape and choppy V-cut layers makes even the thickest hair look sensational. And if you happen to have thin, fine hair, it can work for you too! A heavy dose of honey-blonde highlights keeps the hairstyle light and airy.

Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob

Instagram / @volarsalon

14. Blonde Bob with Shaggy Crown Layers

A piece-y, layered bob is one of those short shag haircuts that look great on most women. If you’re tall, it will give you a sophisticated and elegant appearance, and if you’re petite, it can make you look statelier and more confident. Forward-brushed bangs round out this statement hairstyle.

Piece-Y Short Shaggy Bob

Instagram / @malissashairart

15. Stacked with Style

Flirty flair can be incorporated into short shag hairstyles with just a bit of wavy texture. It looks effortless, weightless and full of movement, but still full and thick—the best of both worlds.

16. Long Curly Pixie with Subtle Highlights

One of our favorite short shag haircuts is actually a “long,” wavy pixie style. The slightly longer length allows the curls to come to full fruition. At every angle there’s something exciting to look at: vibrant copper-blonde highlights, super-long sideburns, and flipped bangs that fall just over the eye.

Wavy Chocolate Pixie With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @aloveshair

17. Feminine Wavy Golden Blonde Bob

An inverted wavy bob with a side part is a convenient way to wear your curly hair. That’s because it always looks like you’ve purposely styled it to be a little messy! Each piece-y lock has a role to play, whether to caress the neck, frame the face, or give some extra height to the crown section.

18. Short Shaggy Brunette Bob

When you need an easy-to-style haircut for thick hair, look no further than a short, choppy bob. This one tapers gently to the nape and has slightly longer front pieces that frame the jawline. Side-swept bangs add a touch of asymmetry that really makes the style work.

Shaggy Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @lcinstyle

19. Short Sliced Inverted Bob

Short shag hairstyles are popular with women of all ages because they’re versatile, modern and feminine. The sliced inverted bob is a perfect example of the cut that shows off the sensual shoulder line and lifts the face.

Short Shag Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @maygovintage

20. Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

Short shag haircuts are not only geared to women who prefer professional hairdos, but those edgy, alternative ladies, too. With bangs unevenly cropped, and maybe a subdued fun hair color, you get a super cool hipster ‘do. The good thing about having uneven bangs is that you can’t really cut or style them wrong – anything goes!

Rose Gold Layered Bob

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

21. Chin-Length Chocolate Bob Shag

If you plan to grow out your short length hair, you’ll need a style that can help you make the transition. A chin-level bob with jagged, uneven edges does a great job of disguising the awkward transitional stage. Throw in some natural waves and a tousle for an extra-youthful look.

Jagged Chin-Length Bob With Waves

Instagram / @mrjubbs

22. Crazy Curls

Bedhead is all the rage because it truly embodies that “I woke up like this” flawless feeling that Beyonce describes. But, you can add a bit of sophistication to the short style with accessories like sunglasses and a scarf to make this an acceptable look outside of the bedroom.

23. Textured Curly Bob Cut

Curly hair queens can also get a bob cut. Texture makes a shag hair cut appear delicate, and gives more leeway if you don’t want to style hair every morning, or constantly use heat tools. Cut in gradual shaggy layers — they frame your face softening up your complexion!

Layered Messy Bob For Wavy Hair

Instagram / @salsalhair

24. Razored Two-Layer Bob for Thick Hair

You’ll never think of yourself as of an older woman when you’re sporting a youthful, two-layer, razored bob. Your thick crown of lush healthy hair will look amazing when it’s cut to maximize its complete fullness and volume. Just a quick blow dry and a shake of the head, and you’ll be ready to go.

Razored Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @jz.hairco

25. Short Warm Blonde Shag

The great thing about shaggy hairstyles is that they have a range of aesthetics depending on how they’re worn. Short warm blonde shags cut a-line with wispy longer strands in the front and layered around the crown can be styled tousled serving bedhead chic, or stick straight for a sleek, polished look.

Caramel Blonde Layered Bob

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

26. Short Shag with Purple Highlights

Add some funk rock’n’roll tint to shaggy hair by implementing highlights in a cool color! Purple is a fantastic pairing for dark brunette bases, since there is contrast, but it’s subtle and not trying too hard.

27. Short Textured Hair with Balayage

Those not keen on voluminous stacked bobs should try shags. Short textured hair replaces the height at the crown of the head with a uniform shaggy length. Incorporating shorter layers achieves the sought-after ragged appearance. Pro tip—highlighting them with blonde balayage gives extra definition!

Feathered Bob With Bangs And Highlights

Instagram / @kaleyweakleyhair

28. Sunset-inspired Pixie Bob with Nape Undercut

Everyone will be talking (only good things, of course) about your bouffant pixie bob. The pinkish-brown palette melds the hues together for a color that’s flattering to any skin tone. Undercut in the back, with below-the-jaw side pieces, it’s a short shag winner!

29. Jaw-Length Shaggy Walnut Brown Bob

Cutting your bob hairstyle to continue the jawline is a great choice when you want to experience the face-lifting effects of short shag cuts. The super-deep side part contributes to the uniquely feminine silhouette of this walnut-brown bob.

Feminine Shaggy Jaw-Length Bob

Instagram / @madisonvillohair

30. Piece-y Golden Bob with Silver Highlights

A mixture of blonde and silver in a piece-y texture does an excellent job of framing the face. The swoopy peek-a-boo bangs drop past the chin, barely touching the cheek. When you want an ultra-feminine hairstyle that can be quickly combed with just your fingers, here is your go-to option.

Blonde And Silver Piece-Y Bob

Instagram / @braxtonthomashair

31. Silver-White Shaggy Hair

How does one make a shag haircut even fresher? With a silver-platinum color, of course! The unruly cut is cooled down by the icy hair color, producing an interesting visual effect when the wildness of texture is tamed by a metallic color. Definitely unique, this one is for those who like to stand out from the crowd!

32. Dark Pixie with Cinnamon Streaks

Layers are the pixie’s best friend and you can really take them to the next level by having them short enough to stick out at the crown! This gives the style some youthful freshness. Highlight a range of lengths in streaks choosing a delicious shade, like, for instance, cinnamon as an accent color for dark brown hair.

Spiky Black Pixie With Copper Highlights

Instagram / @salonesteem

33. Dusty Lavender Short Shag

Shag hair styles are complemented flawlessly by dusty shades like lavender — the unconventional cut pairs well with subdued shades. Tease your roots to amp up volume at the crown, and straighten hair in the front for a punk vibe.

34. Short Highlighted Shaggy Hair

Out of a plethora of shag haircuts to choose from, here’s one that’s great for working women in professional environments. Short highlighted hair is clean and put together while still being a hairdo that proves you are stylish and up-to-date.

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @jackiedifonzo

35. Long Razored Shag Cut with Balayage

Do you like your hair super short at the nape but with a long length in the crown and bangs? If yes, then you’ll love this long, razored pixie with bright blonde balayage highlights. Try a fancy headband to add a touch of femininity to a short cut.

Razored Pixie With Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @misahara5

36. Two-Tone Feathered Pixie

If you want to experiment with one of today’s most popular short shag haircuts for women, try keeping the longish sides tucked neatly behind the ears and take a chance with some spiky height at the top. A chocolate brown base with light blonde balayage layers keeps everything looking balanced and on point.

Pixie Shag With Spiky Top

Instagram / @theblendsalon

37. Jaw-Length Shaggy Bob

For the girly girl with a hipster-chic style, short shag hairstyles that are jaw-length are calling your name. Refined by the glamorous angled pieces grazing cheeks and gracefully swept bangs, minimize layers on a cut like this — homogeneity is an asset to a bob with feminine suppleness.

Short Platinum Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @timm.morrison

38. Bob with Contrasting Highlights

Va va voom! A shag with a sexy side. Enhance your bob with some contrasting highlights in a sultry shade like violet-silver. This hairstyle is show stopping, whether worn straight and sleek or slightly tousled.

Pastel Purple Balayage Bob

Instagram / @cutyourhair

39. Short Haircut with Sass

Short shag haircuts are popular right now – making a strong comeback from their original 1990s heyday. Perfect for women with thin or flat hair, a shag cut perks things up to bring body, bounce and a whole new life to your locks.

40. Choppy Bob with Blonde Ends

Style shag hairstyles with wispy ends messy for a whimsical airy feel. To create this textured hairdo, get a cut with razored layers all around the head and rough dry with a bit of texturizing spray. Keep this ‘do freshly trimmed!

Shaggy Bob With Highlighted Ends

Instagram / @buddywporter

41. Short Sliced Metallic-Blonde Bob

The sliced white-blonde highlights are sizzling hot on this straight hair bob. A slight upward flip of the side pieces makes this short shag cut also a bit flirty and suitable for women of all ages. The sideswept feathered bangs flow gently over one eye, creating a mysterious and sensual look.

42. Voluminous Short Choppy Blonde Bob

Youthful and sassy, choppy and full-bodied, there’s something about the tousled bob that gives it a tomboy edge. The cut is quite different from the shaggy short styles in the other pictures, and it works extremely well with hair that’s straight and coarse. In any other context it might be seen as unruly; in this case it’spure joie de vivre!

Wispy Layered Platinum Blonde Bob

Instagram / @hairbyande

43. Long Pixie with Angled Layers

It’s a shaggy pixie on steroids! Tons of layering and wispy pieces add height to the hairstyle and frame the face flatteringly. The ultra-feminine and extremely natural-looking blonde balayage helps to define all the angled layers and enhance your best features, such as eyes and cheekbones.

Layered Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @aaronscottnyc

44. Messy Curly Blonde Pixie Bob

Who says that short shag hairstyles are recommended onlyfor straight or slightly wavy hair? We beg to differ! The curly stacked locks rule the roost, and the white-blonde bangs are cut and styled to flatter the forehead and cheekbones. Hot and sexy, it’s the perfect wash-n-go hairstyle for women on the run!

Tousled Wavy Bronde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

45. Very Short Shaggy Bob

For women who aren’t sure about going all the way to “pixie-short” hair, we suggest a shortish shaggy bob with a lot of razored layers. Hints of copper over a chocolate brown base keep the hairstyle light and fresh, and the slightly inverted shape is a good silhouette for everyone.

Short Shaggy Razored Brown Bob

Instagram / @hairbykatelynjean

46. Straight Wispy Jaw-Length Bob

Add a little height and body to super-straight, fine hair by teasing the roots or go for a flawless blowout. The ash blonde jaw-length bob is a perfect solution for thin hair that needs some oomph and lift.

Straight Ash Blonde Bob For Thin Hair

Instagram / @hairbymirna

47: Straight Long Shaggy Pixie

Are you bold enough to try one of these short shag haircuts? With this shag you’ll get a funky retro look that seems like it’s right out of a 60s TV show.

60's Inspired Short Shag Haircut

Instagram / @style_by_ashley

48. Choppy Blonde Bob with Messy Waves

This might be just what you are looking for in a short shag! Easy to style and maintain, and even easier to pair up with the right makeup and clothes, the wavy chin-length bob with a bit of extra height on the top can slim your face and make you look generally taller and thinner. Who would have thought that the right haircut could do all that? (Hmm, us!)

49. Messy Highlighted Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Can’t quite decide if you want to go long or short? No problem — choose both! The long of it is all in the side bangs that dip waaaaaaaaaaay below the chin, almost touching the collar bone. The shorter back shows off the beautiful neckline. A copper-toned balayage completes the chicness.

Messy Brunette Pixie Bob With Highlights

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

50. Sophisticated Wavy Ash-Blonde Pixie Bob

When you’re in the market for a new bob hairstyle, consider trying a modern twist on the classic wedge style. The side part and overall round shaping works perfectly with your natural waves, and grazes the jawline, beautifully framing the face. The muted hues of the ash-blonde balayage are timeless.

Short Wavy Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Instagram / @emilydiannehair

51. Longer Waves

While nineties shags tended to be longer and more cropped toward the face, the modernized take involves hair that is rather free falling. If you’ve ever envied someone’s seemingly natural beach waves, chances are they had their hair cut in a layered style and used a texturizing product to keep things on point.

52. Rock Star Shaggy

If you’re a casual, laidback sort of girl, choose a cut that goes with your personality. With bangs and longer layers, this is an incredibly low-maintenance style that still looks put together.

53. Pink of Perfection

Have you ever seen pictures of whimsical hair colors and desired your own colorful makeover? This baby pink hair is the perfect choice for those who can afford to bleach their hair without incurring a lot of damage.

54. Short Chopped Cut with Bangs

Short shag hairstyles look sassy and spontaneous, but there’s always a readable silhouette in a short ‘do like this. Messy styles need a fresh cut to look this good.

55. Shaggy Pixie with Bangs

A very short pixie is a masculine-inspired style that many women love. When worn shaggy, a pixie is less rigid, slightly more feminine, and it gives off a more ‘undone’ vibe that still seems effortlessly smart.

Pixie With Textured Crown And Bangs

Instagram / @dillahajhair

56. Waves Go Free

You don’t have to shag your hair so short that there’s nothing left to work with – this style is definitely layered with the telltale feathered ends of a shag – but it can still be easily pulled into a ponytail. Work some highlights into your mane to brighten things up and prevent the look of “weighed down” hair.

57. Inverted Caramel Bob with Wavy Layers

When you’re trying to choose between many short shag haircuts for women, look no further than the low-maintenance inverted bob with messy stacked waves, peek-a-boo bangs, and a deep side part. The strawberry-caramel color is rich and vibrant and enhances the cut of the piecey layers perfectly.

58. Short Bob with Textured Waves

What a pretty way to style a short bob! Textured waves are soft and feminine, and look very nice on a slightly angled ‘do. The cut is both edgy and feminine, and, what is more, it’s easy to style: air dry, tease the roots and go!

Choppy Brunette Bob

Instagram / @hairbyamandablass

59. Matte Shaggy Bob

Normally, women constantly search for ways to add lustre and shine to their manes. However, shaggy bobs are actually better when worn with a matte finish! By removing shine, an artistic style that oozes intrigue is crafted.

Layered Choppy Black Bob

Instagram / @kazumimmorton

60. Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie

Asymmetrical pixies are perfect for women who: have a designated and respected good side, have naturally straight manes and want to add structure to a rounder face with plumper cheeks, or for anyone who appreciates the sass of shaggy pixie-bobs!

Angled Pixie Bob With V-Cut Layers

Instagram / @_hairegan_

What about more ideas for short hair? The brightest short haircuts and hairstyles are offered here. You will be pleased, we guarantee:)

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