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Updated on September 24, 2021
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The short and spiky haircut is very popular amongst trends in female grooming. Short and spiky is like a double whammy you are seeking to really make a fashion statement! It’s bold and beautiful! This article is going to give you 40 fresh ideas for women’s short edgy cuts.

The Most Impressive Short Spiky Haircuts for Women

Short women’s haircuts are all the rage. Pay attention to the textured cuts with spiky texture. They look youthful and flatter a woman in any age. If you are for convenience and sass in hairstyles, you are in the right place at the right time!

1. Multiple Messy Layers

Adding layers throughout a short style is an easy way to create fullness, which is very beneficial for thinner hair, especially in women over 50. The point cut layers provide versatility because you can spike them when you want a casual look or smooth them down to look more sophisticated.

2. Classic Blonde Pixie

This classic blonde pixie is still just as hot as it was when it first became a trend! With such a timeless haircut you can achieve a variety of looks: fiery and feisty, retro and regal or just plain-pretty.

soft blonde pixie with spiky texture

Helga Esteb /

3. Tapered Pixie with Bangs

Blonde hair has the ability to be sweet and romantic or posh and polished, so when the goal is a hard look it is best to choose an ashy shade for your short spiky hairstyle. This look is spicy without being too over the top.

4. Short Spikes with Acicular Texture

Normally, an extra short cut is left alone for the hair to stand naturally. However, if you add a little bit of gel and water, you can create a spiky look with a minimal hair length! It’s low maintenance and unique.

edgy short blonde pixie with dark roots

Helga Esteb /

5. Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk

Everyone remembers the utter shock that the media went through when Miley cut off all of her long brown locks and transformed into a girl with a bleach blonde faux hawk! Although this look is quite edgy, it is very glam at the same time. Miley was able to wear her grunge couture hairdo on the red carpet to any occasion and she wore it very well!

cool spiky pixie hairstyle

Tinseltown /

6. Long Pixie with Highlights

Here’s a chic razored haircut with blonde highlights. Choppy texture of the cut make it look tastefully undone. The blonde tips and dark roots give the style dimension and naturally grown out look! This cut is effortlessly chic indeed, and works great for round faces.

outgrown shaggy pixie hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

7. Slick and Spiked Pixie Cut

This is a good edgy style for fine hair, because it adds thickness throughout the crown with shorter pieces. Keep face-framing layers long to highlight your best features.

8. Edgy Layered Pixie for Brunettes

This short, textured cut with bangs is very quirky and cute for a hot nerd! If you are in touch with your inner geek, this hairdo is perfect for you. It’s young, fun and it looks awesome with glasses!

sassy spiky pixie haircut

Helga Esteb /

9. Modern Haircut for Older Women

A dated cut and an age-inappropriate style will add you years, so it’s better to be particular about the way you wear your hair. This short spiky haircut hits a sweet spot with just enough volume and messiness to be on trend without being too over the top.

10. Spiky Haircut

This short messy hairdo is great for a mature woman who wants to try something different with her look. It takes just a few minutes to style and it works with every outfit!

short spiky haircut for older women

Helga Esteb /

11. Spiky and Shaved Faux Hawk

If you much prefer an edgy look over a traditional short pixie cut, a combination of spiky hair with sheared sections is just the ticket to your new signature style. Keep strands longer in the front, gradually shortening them on the sides and shaving them close to the scalp along the ear line.

Ash Blonde Pixie Fauxhawk

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

12. Shortcut to Color

Coloring long hair can cost a fortune at the salon, which leads to just another bonus of short styles. Working some fun color into a spikey cut will make a fun, artsy statement to the world around you.

Short Honey Blonde Undercut Haircut

Instagram / @johnny_spanakos

13. Short Hair with Sass

If you’re a no nonsense girl who wants to flaunt a bit of attitude, stick with pixie cuts that include layers with spiked ends. You can add volume to fine strands or simplify an otherwise weighted down hair with this simple yet impactful style.

14. Short Bombshell Curls

If you have short hair, but still desire a curly style, it does not get any better than these platinum brushed-back curls. You are able to incorporate texture into your tapered cut while still holding on to the overall edgy vibe.

15. Spiky Hair Tips

A spiky haircut can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never really gone with a wild style before. If you’re a first timer, go for a more traditional cropped cut that includes spiked tips and bangs instead.

Extra Short Reddish Brown Pixie

Instagram / @cutsbyerick

16. Adorable Bed Head

You can sport a modern style without having to stress about reaching a level of hair perfection, thanks to the fun options spiky styles allow. For this bed head inspired ‘do, hair is cut strategically with fringe and thin layers in all the right spots.

Messy Spiky Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / @catladydoeshair

17. Short Thick Hair Solution

A short layered haircut can still be adorably feminine, as is shown in the below style that gives direction to thick hair. Using a quality gel, finger comb your strands into your selected angle after hair is towel dried.

Spiky Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @diogguim

18. Short Waves

Short spiky haircuts aren’t only for stick straight locks – you can embrace your curls and waves, too. This wavy hairstyle softens up a short cut without adding in too much maintenance. Work in some highlights or an enhancing color to really punch up the look.

Copper Red Wavy Pixie Bob

Instagram / @ashdoescolor

19. Sweet Spiky Front Style

A little bit Peter Pan, a little bit rock n’ roll – that’s the best way to describe this front heavy style that includes plenty of texture and spiked bangs. It will work best on medium to thick hair.

Spiky Layered Pixie Undercut Haircut

Instagram / @eva_harlowsalon

20. Feeling Blue

Short hair is the perfect time to experiment with a bolder hair color – it’ll take away less of your cash and grows out quickly if you don’t love it. Go with a hairstyle and color that works well for women no matter what your skin tone – you’ll have a better chance at pulling it off yourself. Ice blue, deep magenta and grass green are a few unconventional choices.

Pastel Blue Spiky Pixie Bob

Instagram / @soraverly

21. Layered Spiky Hair

Layered and tousled up top, this spiky hair style is created through a closely cropped sides-and-bottom section and a largely untouched top section. Feel free to play around with various colors to add a little accent of fun.

Spiky Pixie Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram / @annahairdesigns_

22. Short Platinum Cut

Fair skinned ladies will love this platinum blonde hue that’s so light and lovely against a spikey ‘do. The trick is to not go overboard – be sure to leave just enough length to retain texture and volume to pull off this very light hair shade.

23. Stiff Spiky Hair

At first glance, you might feel as if you’re the only female member of an 80s punk band – but trust us when we say you’ll quickly love and embrace this simple style. Hair is kept long enough to be spiked upward and out – and when you pair it with a quality gel or holding spray, your look will last all day.

Blonde Choppy Pixie

Instagram / @salon_midori

24. Short Yet Feminine Hair

Short female cuts can look severe if they aren’t done right, which is why many women are often hesitant to venture into a short spiky hair commitment. Work with a stylist who really takes the time to get a feel of who you are, and be sure to keep things girly enough to not lose that special softness only women can bring to a style.

Short Choppy Brown Pixie

Instagram / @dnalaburbana

25. Short and Granny Grey

Keep things interesting with this women’s cut that features a very trendy granny hair color design. Even the youngest of women are embracing white, grey and silver locks. You’ll see images of them in fashion magazines and at the salon.

26. Boyish Short Hair

Short, simple, fringed hair is the right choice for girls that are too busy with their school or careers to worry too much about good-looking hair. Layer color to make this boyish cut a bit more interesting, or pair it with bold accessories.

Extra Short Spiky Cut For Women

Instagram / @catladydoeshair

27. Creative Cut for Black Hair

Ethnic hair can be a bit stubborn when it comes to certain hair trends, but short spiky hairstyles tend to be an exception to the rule. If you are looking for a no-fuss style for thick hair, look no further than this bold and fun wavy-spiky pixie.

African American Spiky Red Pixie

Instagram / @najahliketheriver

28. Bright Spikes

Mermaid inspired and even more whimsical to wear, this vibrant hair trio of purple, electric blue and turquoise is truly stunning on any head.

Blue And Purple Long Layered Pixie

Instagram / @jamisonsayshello

29. Spiky Hair That’s Going Places

Get a hairstyle matching your life ambition with this gelled and styled ‘do that is as much of a go getter as you are. Ask for a shorter cut on the back and sides, and pull longer strands outward beyond the forehead with a setting gel.

Women's Spike Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

Instagram / @wherezashdoinhair

30. Sideswept Spiky Style

Short spiky hair can look immature if you aren’t careful, which is why many women are opting for a more professional style like this sideswept crop that leaves room for subtle spikes in the back.

31. Curly Cutie

Women of all ages can easily sport this curly, cropped style that uses a creative fusion of blonde and grey to erase years of age from hair strands. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, go for a throwback perm or pin curl your hair overnight to achieve these cute waves.

African American Ash Blonde Curly Pixie

Instagram / @msklarie

32. Lively Lavender Locks

Pastel purple hair is bright and colorful, yet soft at the same time. Long layers within a short spiky haircut give you options – wear them straight and sleek during the day and then messy and wild after work hours.

33. Short Haircut for Thin Hair

If you are seeking spiky hairdos for thin hair, but don’t want too much hair in your face, this is the look for you. It is conservative, easy to style and very low maintenance; a triple threat for daily wear at the office.

34. Dark Brown Sassy Haircut

There’s no denying the sex appeal and attitude of Australian model and actress Ruby Rose. Channel her signature look with this dark and messy short spiky hairstyle, long in front, paired with winged eyeliner to pull it all together.

35. Tapered Haircut for Black Women

Tapered cut is a great way for women to get in touch with their boyish side. It’s simple and sexy and it doesn’t require too much upkeep. When paired with razored forehead bangs, it really comes together and frames your forehead beautifully, drawing attention to the eyes!

short razored haircut for women

Helga Esteb /

36. Dramatic Layered Boy Cut

Typically, the boy cut consists of few layers and has more of a blunt edge to it. However, by adding lots of layers, you are introducing a new twist into the traditional hairdo. Also, this helps to add volume and definition to your hairstyle!

women's short layered haircut

Phil Stafford /

37. Feathered Faux Hawk

The feathered faux hawk is simply gorgeous! It works well for women who like to be glamorous and sassy, but not overly girly. The feathered cut allows having lots of body and texture in a short cut. Therefore, it gives you convenience along with a truly sharp appearance.

feathery pixie haircut for thick hair

Tinseltown /

38. Spiky Pixie for Fine Hair

The mod pixie cut is very retro, circa 1970’s. It is phenomenal when paired with pin up elements such as a bold red lip, an expressive cat eye or dramatic falsies. The simplicity of the hairstyle though enables you to wear any style in clothes you desire without having to worry about looking overdone.

cute spiky pixie

Jaguar PS /

39. Memorable Midnight Blue

Forget fifty shades of grey and opt for fifty shades of blue instead. The midnight hue is sure to turn heads and make you the focus of the room. As with many colorful styles, makeup is an easy way to tie in your hair with the rest of the look. If you want a bold statement opt for blue lipstick or navy eyeliner as a more toned down option.

40. Edgy Chocolate Cut with Bangs

Crazy volume and colors may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring flat styles that leave you feeling uninspired. Subtle highlights and tousled bangs give just enough pizzazz to keep your look interesting.

There you have it! These are your 40 short and spiky haircuts for women. There is a nice variety of styles presented in this article. Upon close consideration, you are likely to find a style that is designed for you personally!

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