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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Very often we are thinking of changing something in our image. It’s amazing how dramatically a woman can change when she has her hair cut in a new original way. Commonly we are a bit worried to make this resolute move towards a new image, because we are not sure whether it’s going to be a successful move or not. Other times we simply don’t know what specific haircut to choose. You will be surprised but the truth is you already have all the answers. Just ask your intuition. It will tell you which looks you are more comfortable with. Meanwhile, we are going to offer you some food for thought and imagination with an awesome collection of photos, featuring the trendiest haircuts for medium-length hair.

Trends in Haircuts 2023

  1. Pixie haircuts
  2. Original angular bobs
  3. The center parting
  4. Side swept bangs
  5. Choppy, graduated layers
  6. Clean lines

Cute Medium Haircuts to Stand Out from the Crowd

And now let’s see how all those look on photos.

1. Lots of Layers

This is the perfect style for thin hair because it uses two different cutting techniques to create fullness: angles and layers. The angles within this bob give thickness and the layering provides movement and a fantastic shape.

2. Perfectly Undone in Purple

Loose waves work wonderfully for oval faces because they frame the face without making it look longer. The reddish purple hue will complement almost all skin tones; it picks up on the subtones in a warm complexion and contrasts with cooler ones.

3. Choppy Shoulder-Length Style

Want to shave years off of your appearance? Try a youthful choppy haircut that is both cute and chic. It works well for all ages and always looks fresh, although a fun look like this is best for casual settings.

4. The Perfect Flip

Did you know that the proper hairstyle could actually create some flattering angles for round faces? The flipped back layers frame your face gracefully and add the right edge to the whole look. Light strips of color break up the density in thick hair, causing it to appear more weightless.

5. Shaggy and Beautiful

Just because you have a heavy dose of texture within your medium length haircut does not mean that you can’t also rock neat bangs with it. The look here is a nice example, because it is getting a messy texture towards the ends, which means that some blunt bangs can blend well into the body of the style.

6. Simple Cut with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Cute glasses want an equally cute medium haircut to match. Since you need to be able to see, make sure that your bangs stop above the bridge of your glasses. Minimal layers within the hairdo work well with heart shaped faces, as they draw attention to the slender pointed chin.

7. Wind-Swept Medium Chestnut Hair

Add a little warmth to your cute medium haircut. Try rocking a soft reddish brown shade to give it dimension and life. Anyone can play it safe and go blonde or brunette, but it takes one brave lady to go big and try a sassy chestnut shade.

8. Medium Length Shaggy Bob

Try a medium cut that almost hits the “short hair” realm. The stylish shaggy bob is deceptive – it looks like a chic, cropped ‘do, but still has some length to it. A short-to-long ‘do allows for versatility in styling, which is always a good thing.

9. Über-Layered Medium Length Locks

If you need a cut that works for thick hair, a layered style is the way to go. Mid-length locks with choppy layers throughout work in two directions – they give your style some appealing shape and make it feel less heavy and more manageable.

10. Medium Mermaid Hair

Cute medium haircuts just got cuter with the help of some fun, fairy-like hair color. The silvery blue and purple locks offer a lovely iridescent effect that is beautifully ethereal. And with bright-colored hair being all the rage right now, this style is definitely on trend.

11. Short to Medium Bobbed Hair

Opting for medium hair doesn’t mean you have to go for a one-length cut. Try a style that’s cut very short in the back (just above the nape of the neck) and gradually goes longer towards the front. Add some curly strands, and you have a ‘do that is unpredictable and unique, just like you.

12. Retro Mid-Length Cut

Of all the cute haircut styles, a short, sassy blonde bob always manages to stand out in the crowd. The medium rounded style with a hint of pink screams “adorable” with every strand. When blown out, the full, voluminous ‘do will upgrade any outfit and any look to new, irresistible heights.

13. Medium Shaggy Blonde Ombre Bob

Need some ideas of cute haircuts for medium length hair? Try a shagged-up cut with long, razored layers and wispy bangs up front. The layers give the look some body and statement texture, while the straight fringe is optional.

14. Purple Brown Mid-Length Shag

Can’t do a thing with that mousy brown, fine hair? Try giving it some color and shape! Go for a trendy, edgy look and cover your locks with matte lavender highlights. Add some feathered layers, and you’ve just took your locks from “blah” to “beautiful.”

15. Medium Length Hair with Copper Highlights

A layered bob is chic enough on its own, but a layered copper-colored bob is pure magic. The glossy reddish brown is an ideal color choice for a medium cut, as it will give it even more life and vitality. And who doesn’t want that?

16. Medium Auburn Mane

Modern cute haircuts for medium hair are shaggy and uneven. The soft beach waves look amazing on the shoulder-length choppy locks and make you look effortlessly chic. Get the style by curling your hair with a straightener, but make sure not to leave the iron in the hair for too long. Holding the curl for just a few seconds creates a loose wave that is naturally-looking.

17. Wild ‘N’ Free Mid-Length Curls

Contrary to popular belief, medium strands are actually pretty low maintenance. This is especially true when you’ve got a head of lovely curls to work with. The beauty of a naturally curly bob lies in a layered cut and minimal styling with a bit of mousse or curling cream. You can literally let your hair air-dry, or blast it with a blowdryer, and you’re ready to roll.

18. Lovely Layered Medium Length Bob

Your medium-length fine hair doesn’t have to settle for a limp and lifeless fate. Invest in a root-lifting mousse or spray to apply right after shower. Blowdry your hair as usual, paying special attention to the roots. Your hair will never be the same.

19. Bubbly Blonde Medium Bob

Of all the cute mid-length hairstyles, one that includes a full head of soft, fluffy curls is about as pretty as it gets. In addition to being utterly adorable, this look is easy to manage and work with, if you care for it properly. Equip yourself with moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners as well as curl-enhancing styling products, and you’ll have lovely ringlets all day long.

Curly Blonde Bob

Instagram/ @hairstorystudio

20. Layered Medium Length Strands

Does the idea of mid-length locks bring up images of ‘90s mom haircuts? Erase those pictures from your mind and take a fresh approach to shoulder-length cuts. Angled layers paired with bangs will take you right out of the “mom zone” and place you in the trendy territory.

21. Chopped Medium Cut

A choppy bob grazing the shoulders is ideal for those with round faces. The long layers frame the face nicely and help elongate it. Ask your hairstylist to cut the ends with razor-edged scissors to give the style a shaggier texture.

22. Medium Silvery Shag

Modern cute medium length haircuts need some worthy hair color solutions. Shake things up and add a pop of unexpected color. While grey hair has always been associated with little old ladies, now, silver is being worn as a statement shade. Give your hair an upgrade and try an ashy hue that is tres, tres chic.

23. Short and Simple Mid-Length Style

Simple and easy don’t always equal “plain”. When styled just right, shoulder-length thin hair can be striking and beautiful, even if there wasn’t a ton of effort involved. In fact, just curling a few sections of the hair with a curling iron and giving it a gentle tousle will make you looking flawless in under 10 minutes.

24. Blown-Out Medium Bob

Nothing beats a good old blowout, and nothing shows off your new haircut quite like it either. While blow-drying with a round brush, lift the roots and flip the ends backwards. This will give your hair lots of body and shape and make it even more bouncy!

25. Medium Twist out Bob

Cute medium length haircuts such as this rounded bob are ideal if you want to wear your natural hair loose. A twist out will help to combat frizz and excessive puffiness of medium natural hair.

26. Loose Sexy Waves

One of the most popular hairstyles for black women is a wavy bob. Rocked by everyone from Gabrielle Union to Beyoncé, it’s a winning look because it is polished and sophisticated while remaining flirty and fun.

27. Blonde Dip Dye for Brown Hair

An olive complexion has the ability to pair well with many different hair colors, but chocolate and caramel are the best bets in medium haircuts for women. The rich deep brown shows off the healthy glistening strands, and the blonde ends add brightness to your face.

28. Levels of Curls

Just because you don’t have a lot of length does not mean that you can’t incorporate some drama into your haircut for medium hair. By combining a steeply angled cut, bold contrasting color and layers, you get a strong style that will work well in many different settings.

29. A Sharper Image

If you want to take your cute bob to a sexy bob, all you need is a sleek haircut and a stark black hue. With the sharply pointed front pieces this look will say that you are an interesting woman with a bit of a wild side.

30. Sunset Curls

Beauty lovers enjoy taking cues from nature to create inspiring colors to spice up their haircuts for medium length hair. The mesmerizing shades in this picture mimic the colors of a beautiful sunset, with the inspiring hues of red and orange eventually fading into the midnight purple. This style is perfect for a creative style setter.

31. Extreme Ends

Don’t settle for standard side bangs. By taking your front pieces to extreme lengths, you not only elongate your face, but also set yourself apart from other women rocking angled bobs. The picture here is the best look for a woman who wants to remain traditional, but with a chic spin on a well-known style.

32. Fantastic Fringe

Are you in search of a cute look for fine hair? This style is windfall, because it uses layers around the face to frame and contour, but minimal ones in the back to keep the hair looking fuller. The blond streaks throughout the light brown base also help to create the illusion of depth.

33. Itty-Bitty Bangs

Sometimes a chin length ‘do can grow stale with seemingly minimal options in terms of styling. Don’t fret; super short slanting bangs and choppy layers are the cues to a cute medium length haircut that looks pretty awesome with minimal efforts. It can be styled straight like in the photo or into some crunched waves for a flirty nonchalant look.

34. High-Low Hairdo

Take a cue from fashion trends and incorporate them into your medium length haircut for women. High-low hems can be found on everything from skirts and shirts to dresses and capes. Luckily the concept makes an equally dramatic statement with hair.

35. Mid-Length Maven

If there is one look that will always be timeless and stylish, it is the classic blunt shoulder length haircut. Its no-frills approach to layering and additives make it perfect for a woman with a straight to the point personality. Subtle highlights provide dimension in the even cut.

36. Chic and Mod

The Beatles have left a mark on everything from music to fashion, and who can forget that signature black bob with bangs? Put a modern spin on the retro look with choppy layers around the face and pin straight strands.

37. Blue Crush

Blue hair would typically make people think of the Smurfs, but not when it’s in a sophisticated shape such as this. Injecting the hue into the midnight black shade, it lends a chic touch that is perfect for a mature woman with an edgy side.

Okay, I know how excited you are to change. So, leave your hesitations and make an appointment with a good stylist. You certainly need to take into account the texture of your hair when you are choosing a new awesome haircut that will suit you the best.

Chin-Length Layered Bob messy wavy bob with marsala balayage chopped medium haircut medium layered hairstyle with highlights shaggy blonde bob with bangs medium haircut with bangs Medium Messy Side Part Hairstyle Long Blonde Balayage Bob Medium Layered Hairstyle With Bangs Mid Length Pastel Blue Hair Angled Wavy Bob Layered Blonde Bob With Side Bangs Golden Blonde Layered Bob With Bangs Brown Layered Bob With Purple Balayage Reddish Brown Angled Bob Mid-Length Chestnut Brown Shag Medium Curly Hairstyle Layered Blonde Balayage Bob Curly Blonde Bob Medium Blonde Layered Hairstyle Choppy Brown Bob Silver Blonde Layered Lob Curly Bob With Side Bangs Medium Layered Haircut Mid-Length Curly Natural Hairstyle side-parted black wavy bob medium hairstyle with curled ends two-tone curly bob for black women angled bob haircut medium curly hairstyle bob for thick hair medium layered haircut with highlights edgy bob with short asymmetrical bangs black bob haircut dark brown asymmetrical bob with highlights collar-bone straight bob with arched bangs black asymmetrical bob with blue balayage
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