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Updated on February 25, 2021
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Jane Fonda is an icon of style, beauty, good taste and excellent physical shape. She shows with her own example that a lady remains a lady, regardless of her age. Aging gracefully is a great woman’s art. No matter how old you are, you can always choose how you want to look: like a contemporary stylish lady or a charwoman. Your hairstyle can tell about you more than you can imagine. Let’s see how skillfully Jane Fonda chooses her hairstyles and changes her looks to show us that it’s possible to remain a gorgeous woman even if you are 76.

In her younger years Jane Fonda wore versatile long and medium-length hairstyles, surprising her fans with soft feminine locks or gorgeous layered bob haircuts. Today Jane sticks to short sassy graded styles, which make her look younger, more active and always very stylish. Her characteristic bubbly flicks are so in tune with her image of a happy woman. I believe all of us should follow such fantastic examples, with reference to our natural potentialities, of course.

30 Best Jane Fonda Hairstyles

In fact, the recent hairstyles of Jane Fonda can be suitable for many ladies of different age groups. Let’s see the photos.

1. Short Layered Formal

This statement hairstyle is created on the basis of a finely layered short-to-medium-haircut. Teasing at the roots results in fantastic volume, enhanced by a styling product and refreshing blondish highlights.

2. Tenderly Textured Locks

For the Rape Foundation’s Annual Brunch Jane Fonda has saved one of her most delicate pastel looks, supported by the softened shag hairstyle. Jane’s thick locks hold their shape pretty well, but for the special occasion they have been styled in soft feminine lines.

3. Sexy Highlighted Shag With Wispy Ends

And as for the Los Angeles premiere of ‘This Is Where I Leave You’, Jane Fonda has presented this gorgeous sexy look that makes an accent on the play of textures and shapes. Fonda’s hair is styled with boosted volume on the crown and adorable wispy flicks around her face.

4. Smoothed Back Flicks & Curvy Side Bangs

The 39th annual Toronto International Film Festival was also graced by a very special look from Jane Fonda. The actress’ hair was textured as always but in that case it was the most elegant version of Jane Fonda’s shag with smoothed back face-framing flicks and adorable waves for side bangs.

5. Curly & Shaggy

And if you wonder about this sassy shag, Jane Fonda sported it at the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala. Jane looked breathtaking with her perky locks, some of which were curled to the face, while others remained flicked out. The curly side bangs completed the ‘do like an exquisite compliment.

6. Messy Curls & Face-Framing Highlights

The 21st Annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala still remembers the glamorous look of Jane Fonda in the gorgeous pale pink sequin-embellished dress. The chosen hairstyle was also pretty fancy: Jane’s whimsical curls were arranged into a chic ”mess” and framed by blonde highlights around her face.

7. Steep Waves

The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival was as always a kaleidoscope of colors and impressions. Jane Fonda looked especially ravishing at the “Grace Of Monaco” premiere. Jane’s hairstyle featured the steep waves with a decent lift at the roots.

8. Pearly Blonde Highlights On The Curvy Waves

For the opening ceremony of the 67th Cannes Film Festival Jane Fonda served the reserved look in classic colors. Her hairstyle, meanwhile, was a gorgeous combination of the textured curls and extremely flattering hair hues. The pearly highlights on the light brown base made Jane Fonda’s face fresher and set off her beautiful eyes.

9. Perfect Shaggy Locks For A Pleasant Walk

How do you style your locks when going out for a walk? Jane Fonda is rocking her lively shaggy flicks, free of any visible styling products, on the Walk Of Fame and looks absolutely cute. The boosted volume of Jane’s locks flatters her delicate oval face immensely.

10. Textured Layers & Volume Boost

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party was definitely brightened by elegant and gorgeous Jane Fonda. Jane’s thick locks featured added volume and pronounced texture where every curl is defined and, at the same time, arranged into the single harmonious whole –Jane Fonda’s statement shag hairstyle.

11. Shattered Flicks

The 1st Annual Unite4 Humanity Event has witnessed many chic celebrity looks, but Jane Fonda always stands out from the crowd. The texture of Jane’s hairstyle for this occasion was adorably shattered and defined with shapely locks.

12. Soft Face-Framing Locks With Highlights In The Bangs

The Pre-Grammy Gala was rocked by the splendor of celebrity outfits and chic hairstyles. Jane Fonda was, unquestionably, one of the most elegant ladies at this big event. The actress’ favorite shag hairstyle was updated with the round face-framing locks, styled away from the face, and spiced with blonde highlights in the lively bangs.

13. Out-Flicked Ends & Swirly Bangs

The 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival is the next event where we are following to watch Jane Fonda’s signature style. As we see, Jane sticks to her beautiful universal shag, upgrading it with some new exquisite details for each special occasion. This time these are very subtle highlights and chic swirly bangs.

14. Messy Locks & Edgy Outlines

Evidently, as a former fashion model, Jane Fonda can’t stay aside from the current hair trends. She skillfully introduces the elements of new tendencies into her stylish looks. For the Hollywood Reporter’s 22nd Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast Jane saved this special messy hairstyle with the outstanding texture and original coloristic solution.

15. Delicate Curled-In Locks

Jane Fonda’s medium layered hairstyle for the evening with David O. Russell was styled in delicate curled-in locks to frame her face. This beautiful ‘do also features some lift at the roots and highlighted bangs which we often observe in Jane Fonda’s hairstyles of the past years.

16. Silky Flicks & Platinum Blonde Framing Highlights

Jane Fonda updated her shag once again for the United Nations Foundation Global Leadership Dinner. It was the lovely flicked out style with deep darkened roots, warm honey strands and pale-blonde highlights for the face-framing locks.

17. Fluffy Voluminous Curls

Jane’s mane full of fluffy voluminous curls looks absolutely harmonious in the background of the eastern ornament of her jacket. This hairstyle is especially interesting because it differs from Jane Fonda’s basic shag hairstyles that she ardently sticks to for years.

18. Elegant Curled Style With Graceful Layers

In Jane Fonda’s elegant age it’s not quite appropriate to change hairstyles like gloves. Jane’s perfect layered haircut for thick hair is the excellent base for the elegant hairstyles where the locks are curled away from the face to shape graceful layers as a sort of soft framing.

19. Pretty Flicks

Jane Fonda’s thick hair looks especially beneficial when the accent in her hairstyles is made on the texture. This beautiful layered hairstyle that Jane sported at the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala, features piecey texture, composed of numerous pretty flicks shaped with a large-barrel curling iron.

20. Curled-Out Style With Natural Volume

This time Jane Fonda doesn’t resort to any special volume-enhancers, emphasizing on the natural style of her silky locks which are supposed to look casual to match her stylish outfit – the black skinny jeans and sequin jacket.

21. Flicked-Back Shag Hairstyle

The Variety’s Power Of Women Event has witnessed the glorious look of Jane Fonda that demonstrates her flawless taste and absolute sense of style. Jane stays loyal to her signature shag hairstyle, but this time it features the lovely flicks that are curled backwards.

22. Straight Graded Voluminous

Here is a stately controversial hairstyle, offering soft roundish outlines and shattered texture, adding much more body to the hair, compared to a classic sleek bob that won’t be so flattering for Jane like this one.

23. Bold Eccentric Fun

Wow, Jane looks very stylish in this photo, thanks to this extraordinary do, featuring thicker dispersing flicks, concentrated around the crown. A particular attention is given to their ends, so that they aren’t simply sticking out but rather flowing backwards.

24. Short Jagged Flipped Out

Perfect fine layering along the sides and flashy top tresses, highlighted and teased at the roots, generate this fantastic jovial hairstyle, suitable for any occasion.

25. Short Curly Laid Back

Here is a simple low-maintenance wash-and-go hairstyle for every day that can, however, look presentable and classy with the appropriate choice of outfit and, especially, accessories. This is a wonderful modern look!

26. Straight Layered Universal

This look from the 70s is slightly modified and extremely popular nowadays. Layering is universally beneficial for hair of any type. Besides, it offers this unique feathered finish.

27. Short Sassy Highlighted

Short sassy hairstyles are perfect for any age. Here Jane is presenting a simple do with perky short flicks as vibrant and lively as her beautiful green eyes.

28. Long Soft Feminine

And one more look from the 70s, especially relevant today. Flowing feminine locks, long side-swept bangs and light teasing at the roots are all the tricks that are actively demonstrated on the red carpet nowadays.

29. Soft Feathery Trendy

A short pixie haircut in combination with warm glowing medium brown hair hue is a very dignified choice for Jane presently.

30. Short Straight Formal

Razor layering, 2-tone highlights and teasing at the roots are able to do miracles. Jane Fonda looks fantastic with her short formal hairstyle, showy earrings and a stunning mimosa yellow dress.

Would you like to look like Jane Fonda when you are 76?

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