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Updated on April 18, 2021

A razor cut is a ladies haircut done with a straight edge razor blade that results in wispy strands with thinner ends. Sounds promising, right? Knowledge is power — learning the different tools your hairstylist uses can give you inspiration to change your mane. Opt for different hair cutting techniques and you can end the deadly routine of getting the same haircut time and time again!

Difference Between Razor Cut and Scissors Cut

A razor cut:

  • is created with a straight edge razor;
  • the ends are thinned;
  • has a sharper effect, results in feathered, more textured hair;
  • works best for straight or slightly wavy hair types;
  • in most cases doesn’t work for curly, coiled and natural hair;
  • is rarely used for fine hair and frizzy locks.

Traditional haircuts:

  • are created with regular cutting shears;
  • leave ends blunt or point cut;
  • are good for both straight and curly hair types;
  • help to tame the curly hair frizz.

In a Hair Rut? Try a Razor Cut!

Corny rhyme aside, this technique was very popular in the ‘70s since it makes your hair fluffy. By adding texture not only will you spice up your look, you will make your hair seem more voluminous and light-weight! It is also a no-fuss bedhead style… if that’s not the dream team, we don’t know what is.

1. One Length Lob with Jagged Ends

A lob that’s all one length is super trendy right now. The razor technique is the perfect touch for this low maintenance style and it leaves the hair looking effortlessly chic.

Blonde Balayage Bob With Textures Ends

Instagram / @hairbymirna

2. Razor Cut Bob with Fringe

Bangs are a match made in heaven for a razor cut bob because they add even more texture! It’s a great way to play with your style and introduce some hipster vibes if your wardrobe is more eclectic.

Pastel Purple And Silver Layered Bob

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

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3. Asymmetrical Straight Razor Haircut

Another benefit of a razor haircut is the ability to get precision. The sharp blade creates a straight chop with an asymmetrical point detail that will complement any woman’s clean aesthetic or professional lifestyle.

Side Parted Asymmetrical Ombre Bob

Instagram / @parlorva

4. Tousled Shoulder Length

Tousled shoulder length hair has been the most popular trend among young girls of all ages because it suits all kinds of face shapes and meshes well with easygoing lifestyles. The razor blade gives tips a wispy feel.

Medium Length Razored Cut

Instagram / @valloveshair

5. Long Razor Cut Layers

Short-haired beauties aren’t the only ones who can play around with razor cut hairstyles—ladies with long hair, you’re not excluded! Update the feathered style by getting longer layers.

Razored Haircut For Long Hair

Instagram / @timduenashair

6. Medium Razor Cut Hairstyle with Fringe

A prime example of the characteristic panache razors give — it incorporates lots of layers, and long razor cut bangs. This medium razor cut hairstyle makes a statement and will suit any lady who prefers edgier clothes.

Medium Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

7. Razor Cut Beachy Bob

A short beachy bob is a wonderful choice if you need more volume in your life. With piecey layers, it’s a youthful and modern hairstyle that would look great on women of all ages!

Bronde Layered Bob

Instagram / @rachelringwood

8. Long Hair with Razor Cut Bangs

Long hair, don’t care. Razor cut styles like these will make your mane appear full, whether or not you got it from your mama. Pro tip — the bangs must be dense!

Long Layered Haircut With Straight Bangs

Instagram / @soraverly

#9: Edgy Razor Haircut with Color

We love rock n’ roll! This short razor cut is longer in the front, and pixie in the back. You will look like a badass, and no one will mess with you… such edgy razor haircuts are always an investment.

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10. One Length Angled Lob

Dear minimalistic fashionista: meet your next hairstyle. Sticking with one length makes this long angled bob trendy without trying too hard. To minimize styling time and heat damage, it will work best with hair that’s naturally straight.

Angled Bob With Razored Ends

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#11: Layered Bob with Razored Ends

With so many bob styles with razored ends to choose from, there’s an option out there for every face shape. Show off your facial features with a short and sweet layered fringe, and style it somewhat messy for a nonchalant flair.

Pastel Pink Choppy Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

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12. Curly Stacked Bob

Here’s an exception to the rule: a razor cutting technique that would work with curly ladies, too. Straight short bangs juxtapose the vivacious waves. If uniqueness is important to you when it comes to your hair, it’s truly the one-of-a-kind cut.

Short Bob With Bangs For Curly Hair

Instagram / @costelloxcult

13. Layered Lob with Highlights

Women are busy people with packed schedules. However, it doesn’t mean looking fabulous needs to be compromised! For ladies who don’t like to spend a lot of time on styling in the morning but still want to appear put together-try out this soft razor cut lob!

Layered Lob For Fine Hair

Instagram / @hairmezzmerizer

#14: Messy Razor Cut Hairstyle

A revamp of the ‘70s feathered craze, this shaggy messy ‘do shows off the detail that razor cut haircuts can really give. Depending on the nature of your hair, a sparse fringe meshes beautifully with this style.

Medium Ash Blonde Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @beautybarboutique

15. Lengthy Razor Cut

A great idea to complement and show off your razor touched tresses is to get highlights or balayage. This is a beautiful hairstyle for summer, and with multiple shades of the same color, attention is drawn to the artistry of the haircut.

16. Spiky Short Razor Cut Hairstyle

Think Tinkerbell, but with an edge. Express yourself with razor cut hair that plays with gender-neutral ideas. The long side pieces and spiky layered short hair at the crown give this hairstyle unisex vibes that are cool and avant-garde.

Choppy Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @adwlink

17. Mid-Length Razor Cut

An advantage of cutting hair with a razor is that your locks will be so soft and touchable! This picture is a pretty example of the feathered effect the method of blade cutting gives to mid-length hairstyles.

Ash Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram /

18. Bold Red Bob

Accessorize and accentuate your short razor cut with a bold color for maximum drama. For those with warm skin undertones, go for a red hue with an orange tint like in this picture. A red hue with a blue tint is a fitting choice for ladies with cool skin undertones.

Short Choppy Red Bob

Instagram / @jenghair

19. Short and Sleek Pixie Weave

Not only can razor blades give you trendy spiky bobs, but they also work wonders on ladies with weave who like their hair short and sleek! A pixie ‘do is made for classy, sophisticated women.

Blonde Layered Pixie

Instagram / @keena360

#20: Razor Cut Long Hair with Balayage

Balayage is the color choice of the moment for its low upkeep and flattering aesthetics. When styled straight with curled ends, razor cut long hair seems extra bouncy!

Layered Haircut For Long Hair

Instagram / @thecolourroom

BONUS: Video Tutorial

A video is worth a thousand words. Especially if we are talking about different hair cutting techniques. To better understand what result you are going to get and how the process goes, watch a video tutorial below.

The precision the blade gives will leave you layered with an airy feel. Wash-and-wear hairstyles are also a huge benefit of getting a razor cut! This technique works with layers effortlessly, and really allows stylists to create statement cuts that traditional shears cannot accomplish.

Blonde Balayage Bob With Textures Ends Pastel Purple And Silver Layered Bob Side Parted Asymmetrical Ombre Bob Medium Length Razored Cut Razored Haircut For Long Hair Medium Shag With Bangs Bronde Layered Bob Long Layered Haircut With Straight Bangs Razored Pixie Bob Angled Bob With Razored Ends Pastel Pink Choppy Bob With Bangs Short Bob With Bangs For Curly Hair Layered Lob For Fine Hair Medium Ash Blonde Shag With Bangs Long Layered Haircut Choppy Pixie Haircut Ash Brown Balayage Hair Short Choppy Red Bob Blonde Layered Pixie Layered Haircut For Long Hair