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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Hairstyles for balding men may sound like a sore subject, but as Hollywood has shown, even the hottest heartthrobs are not immune to hair loss. From athletes to actors, they have a leg up on the everyday man because their stylists have figured out how to keep them looking their best.

Best Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2023

Now you can steal their secrets – check out the men’s haircuts below!

1. Short Combover with Temple Fade

The combover is the easiest style to achieve among haircuts for balding men. It is also versatile enough to come in a wide range of styles and lengths. Here is an illustration of how to style a shorter look. The sides are faded, while the top part is shorn for a clean look, then swept over to one side. This fills out the receding hairline, while the facial hair complements the look by balancing the cut.

2. Fashionable Style for Receding Hairline

The reason this haircut looks so great — and it does look really, really great — is because of the short spikes brushed forward. The styling is done in a way that is noticeable but not too stiff. To master the look, you need the right product. Get a texturizing cream and a hairspray with light hold.

3. Messy Side Part

Looking for balding men’s hairstyles that will help you to preserve a youthful vibe, even when you’re past your prime? Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics here: in the first one, the model could easily be someone’s grandpa, whereas in the second one, he looks like your cool, bohemian literature teacher, who you want to hang out for coffee with. His style is simple: a medium length cut with a deep side part, complemented by tapered sideburns, and the frontal section of the hair is swept up and away from the face.

4. Balding Fade Haircut

This is one of the haircuts for balding men that won’t hide a receding hairline, but that’s okay. You don’t have to worry about hiding anything as long as the cut is flattering, which this definitely is. The styling is kept smooth. Clean lines are cut at the temples and beard, giving structure to the look.

5. Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Got a square face? Then you can draw focus to your jaw, away from your thinning hair, by playing up the facial hair. This guy chose a trimmed beard, complemented by shaved sides with a demure short mohawk at the top. And he nails it?

6. Sleek Combover Razor Fade

Use a deep part where your hairline is thinning to create a cool and dramatic hairstyle. A tight fade around the ears will complement its contemporary appeal. Comb overs aren’t always their stereotype. This goes to show just how young they can look.

Combover With Taper Fade For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @mvsonthebarber

7. Skin Fade with Choppy Spiky Top

Want to go a little punk? Spiked tresses not only look cool, but they give volume to the bald haircut. The fullness will detract from any areas that are thinning. Plus, they work for younger guys with premature balding.

8. Receding Hairline Shaved Haircut

Texture is the best way to make hair look like it has more body than it actually does. Take advantage of the length you have to show off some wavy locks. Opt for a fade to frame the longer section, so that it isn’t apparent that your hairline is receding.

9. High and Tight with Facial Hair

This classic military cut is great at covering up thin hair. You don’t have to commit to completely shaving everything off. Plus, you can tie the look together with a scruffy beard that helps to define the jawline. It’s important to emphasize the features you like.

Men's Shaved Short Cut

Instagram / @razothebarber

10. Sculpted Slicked Back Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

The retro-inspired pompadour is iconic, and the extra height it gives you draws the focus off the areas that are thinning. The bald hairstyle is sleek; and after decades of being a barber shop go-to, it still feels fresh.

Pompadour Fade For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @tg_hairstudio

11. Gradient Gray Crew Cut

Going gray? There is no need to feel pressure to do a dye job. In fact, do quite the contrary and embrace it. When the gray is shaved around the back and kept longer on top, it creates a natural, gradient effect that people would pay good money for. Plus, the lighter color helps to camouflage any sparseness.

Side Part Taper Fade

Instagram / @pjabreu

12. Neat Extra Short Fade

Keep your look clean. Shaggy hair that is unkempt is only going to exaggerate any balding. A short crew cut and tapering around the ears feature sleek lines. A side part adds to the svelte vibes that this balding hairstyle evokes.

Short Taper Fade With Facial Hairstyle

Instagram / @kolt_cutz

13. Long Combover with Low Fade

When your hair starts to thin, don’t automatically abandon ship. Take care of the length you do have. Make sure to hydrate your tresses and keep them healthy. By doing so, you ensure your comb over will have some sheen to it.

14. High Skin Fade and Long Beard

Grow out a full and long beard if you are missing the strands on your head. Plus, a well-groomed beard is a lot more impressive than a head full of hair. Hairstyles for balding men don’t have to be limited. Something like a bald fade can add contrast to the fullness of the beard and look handsome.

15. Tapered Cut with Pomp for Fine Hair

Maintain your look young and cool with some clean lines. Get a good pomade or mousse to slick your strands back. Sometimes all you need is some product to transform your balding hairstyle. Lightweight products, if chosen right, may give your hair the illusion of thickness, which anyone who is going bald is probably craving.

Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle For Balding Men

Instagram / @rpb_nq

16. Gray High and Tight with Beard

Good balding hairstyles can accentuate your bone structure, regardless of age. To try it for yourself, go clean with a high-and-tight and grow a beard with its lines running parallel to your cheek bones accentuating your strong jaw line. If you feel like your jawbone is a little rounder, facial hair is great for sculpting a more square shape.

Short Haircut For Older Men

Instagram / @justin_thebarber

17. Skin Fade Plus Facial Hair for Balding Men

A fade down to the skin is ultra masculine and works for any man, whether you’re younger or more mature. It’s best with a fuller beard, because it prevents your hairstyle from feeling too overwhelming. It’s smart to pick what you want the focus of your total look to be.

Receding Hairline Fade Hairstyle

Instagram / @handsome_swine

18. Combover with Accurate Side Part and Facial Hairstyle

A comb over can channel professional vibes too. Hold yours in place with a light gel so that you can go through your day with a perfect groomed hairstyle. Haircuts for balding men are often completed well with a full beard for a look with some edge.

Side-Parted Taper Fade With Beard

Instagram / @mattjbarbers

19. Dapper Quiff and Taper Fade

A short crew cut is a classic that matches an array of personality types. Grow the top out slightly longer so you can comb it over to discreetly cover up the receding hairline. Between the beard and the stylish tapering, no one will notice the balding.

Crew Cut With Facial Hairstyle

Instagram / @samthai_hair

20. Brushed Forward Hairstyle with Mid Skin Fade

If you’re experiencing a balding crown, grow the top of your hair slightly and brush it forwards. It creates certain sleekness. And the lack of tresses works to your advantage, since too much volume could potentially take away from the svelte vibes.

Bald Fade With Beard And Moustache

Instagram / @jarviskuts

21. Diagonal Fade for Receding Hairline

A diagonal fade, cut close to the skin around the sides and a tad longer at the nape maximizes the strands you have while diverting attention away from your thinning areas. Haircuts for balding crowns are successful when they don’t force covering up bald spots, but focus on the geometry of the cut.

Fade Hairstyle For Thin Hair

Instagram / @darann_justcutz

22. Short Chopped and Shaved Cut

Give your cut some texture with cool spikes on top. It’s a modern contrast to the tight skin fade and angular beard. The mix of messy and polished is a refreshing juxtaposition that effortlessly delivers style.

Half Shaved Blonde Cut For Men

Instagram / @ferni_barber

23. Artsy Half-Shaved Spiky Cut

If you’re the type that’s more drawn to whimsical and artsy style, then you should try this contemporary take on the mohawk. The undercut keeps things tame while the spiked-up crown is cool and dramatic. Ground the look with a neatly groomed beard.

Spiky Undercut Haircut For Men

Instagram / @titan_barber

24. Chiseled Taper Fade with Pompadour

Haircuts for thinning hair males often include different versions of the pompadour. It’s an easy fix for thin hair; it instantly gives your tresses a boost of volume. Adding dry shampoo and some gel can further enhance the fullness of the coif, while a side part and sleek angles keep the look polished and refined.

Combover Hairstyle With Fade And Beard

Instagram / @barber_djirlauw

25. Classic Combover for Balding Men

For the less adventurous but equally fashion-conscious, a neatly groomed combover is the failsafe of all the haircuts for receding hairline. The cut is joined with the beard for a sense of uniformity throughout. The key to avoiding combover-cheesiness is to keep it natural-looking. This version is totally successful in that regard.

26. Undercut with Beard and Handlebar Mustache

Don’t be afraid of being expressive with your haircut. Add subtle layers to the combover so that it has some movement to it. And opt for a handlebar mustache to channel retro vibes. It’s a quirky combo that also works well with balding hair.

Long Top Shaved Sides Hairstyle

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

27. Short Cut with Longer Beard

If you are really into masculine style, a full beard is the way to go. It’s a burly look that goes well with a short cut up top. The hair in front can be brushed forward to cover up any thinning areas. Go back in with some product and tousle the strands a bit for extra texture that complements the beard and its macho vibes.

High And Tight Cut With Thick Beard

Instagram / @dukes_barber_shop

28. Ivy League for Balding Men

This is a simple hairstyle for men that will never go out of use. Unlike some haircuts, this does not call attention to the hairline. Plus, if you are experiencing balding on the crown as well, this haircut may also work for you. Just make it shorter.

29. Tidy Short Cut with Low Skin Fade

Sometimes, you just want to make things simple. Keep it short and moisturized, and it’s a super easy and low key style to maintain for someone who is looking for something fuss free. Simpler male pattern baldness hairstyles give you more time to focus on other important things.

Short Cut With Fade For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @walid_the_barber

30. Slick Pompadour with Fade

Pompadours can work very well with higher hairlines. One thing that keeps the shape balanced is the quiff styled with the envious pompadour height; and the receding hairline in this relation only plays up to the Mohawk look of this stylish fade undercut.

31. Perfect Ivy League for Receding Hairline

The simple Ivy League haircut will always be a classic style. It’s a go-to option for any man, including balding guys. To create the illusion of a more uniform hairline, try brushing the hair to the side but do not slick it down.

32. Slicked Hair with Side Part

If you’re looking for a bald haircut that doesn’t sacrifice on style, try embracing a retro look. This high and tight cut features a natural side part straight out from bygone decades. It’s a great alternative to the front flip up inherent to most modern styles. A handlebar mustache for the win!

33. Blonde Hairstyle with Skin Fade

With blonde hair a receding hairline is much less evident. Get a spiky top and use gel or mousse to get a cool spiked effect. Opt for a high fade that blurs your hairline, and you will forget about the problem.

34. Ivy League with Long Side Part

Losing your hair might not sound sexy, but that doesn’t mean hairstyles for balding men can’t be. Get a sleek Ivy League and you’ll be sure to exude confidence. You can’t lose with a clean side part and slicked-back quiff.

Sleek Side Part Taper With Facial Hairstyle

Instagram / @ggsoaress

35. Slicked Back High Fade

For balding hairstyles that don’t require much upkeep, try something that will let you wash and go every morning. The evenly tapered top of this haircut works well for brushed back hair. It’s a style that will be easy to recreate each morning.

36. Messy High and Tight

Hairstyles for men with thin hair might seem limited to looks with lots of gel or super strategic styling, but that isn’t always true. Case in point: this get-up-and-go version of the high and tight is cool and casual. The choppiness at the top gives you the texture and volume you’re missing, while the tapered fade makes your thinner areas hardly noticeable.

Short Mens Haircut For Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hudsonshair

37. Crew Cut with Mustache and Goatee

A quirkier take on the crew cut, this style brings wispy strands forward to cover up your problem areas while maintaining polish. But the look is not complete without a handlebar mustache and goatee. These additions bring personality into play. Your whole look isn’t just defined by the hair on your head, or lack thereof, but rather, the whole package.

Temple And Nape Fade Haircut

Instagram / @_thefinalcut

38. Spiky Crew Cut

Spiky dos are a good solution for thinning strands because they give more substance to your look that covers up some of the scalp showing through. To further enhance the fullness, try a dry shampoo or a texturizer. These powdered products work by clinging to the individual strands to create an allusion of thickening.

Men's Short Disheveled

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

39. Messy Side Trim

So, what do you do when you’re going bald and gray at the same time? How do you maintain a youthful, trendy look? You can try this style, where the graying sides have been trimmed short, with the sideburns blending into a hip facial hair pattern. The transformation is amazing – we see that the cut adds structure and thickness to the man’s hairstyle.

40. High Fade with Beard

There is a variety of hairstyles for balding men. One of the best is the high and tight cut, where a fade (or an undercut) starts high up on the head (at the corners of your forehead). You don’t want to weigh down thinning hair, so try combing it into place when it is wet, using little or no product.

41. Slicked Back Hairstyle

For receding hairline haircuts that go well with a full beard, don’t get your hair cut too short. Keeping a few extra inches on top balances out a long beard. Plus, if you have thinner hair, you’ll want your top layers to overlay the back, giving the illusion of fuller hair.

42. The Slicked-up Combover

As far as hairstyles for balding men go, the combover has been around forever. Even if your dad and uncle sports it, it doesn’t really mean it looks too good. But now comes this modern update on the style, and it’s ready to rock your world. It features an undercut that reaches almost all the way uptop, which almost turns this look into an adult version of the mohawk — with just some pomade added for a sleeker look.

43. Messy Fauxhawk with High Fade

Here’s how you, too, can achieve this look, which will take the focus away from your thinning hair. Get the sides sheared short and faded to the point where the areas around your ears are shaved. The trim for the central top part can be choppy – it will look great when you sweep it upward.

44. Side Part with High Fade

This is one of the best looks for guys with thinning hair and a long face. It’s complex, so you’re going to need a good stylist and barber. The hair is trimmed with great precision and faded, both on the sides and back, as well as seamlessly blended with the facial hairstyle through the sideburns. The top section with the distinct side part is slicked to the side with quite a lot of product.

45. Tapered Haircut for Older Men

This is a good look for aging men, whose hair has started to grow white. A tapered haircut is classic. It allows to keep the hair on the sides as short as you need. Comb the top over to one side and complement the style with a longer trimmed goatee.

46. Stylish Backswept Hairstyle

David Beckham is never a sore sight, but as he ages, he has added a bit of scruff to his look to draw attention away from thinning hair up top. Slick your hair back with a light lift at the roots and allow stubble to grow for a few days – you’ll look rugged instead of lacking!

hairstyle for receding hairline

Joe Seer /

47. Edgy Cut for Men with Thinning Hair

Go back to your middle school days with this fun disheveled look. Simply use your favorite old school styling gel to spike hair up and to the side. Again, as with many of today’s modern male looks – having some scruff on the face makes this hairstyle less junior high but more masculine instead.

short hairstyle for balding men

Helga Esteb /

48. Adding Height

Draw attention away from thinning hair by adding body and texture on top. Brush the hair up away from the forehead and hold in place with styling gel.

backswept hairstyle for balding men

Jaguar PS /

49. Simple Hairstyle for Receding Hairline

Dying your hair a natural lighter color, such as blonde, gray or white can make hair loss look less obvious. This is a great trick for older men who aren’t ready to go fully gray naturally or would like to take back control of their thinning hair situation. Back brushing the hair also adds some volume.

hairstyle for older balding men

Andrea Raffin /

50. Extra Short Mohawk Style

Shave the sides to bring more attention to the fuller hair up top, or make it a practice to wear some flashier clothing like is exemplified by this recent shot of Tom Sizemore at a movie premiere. With a hot pink shirt and carefully coifed hair, no one would even think about a potentially thinning ‘do.

mohawk hairstyle for balding men

Jaguar PS /

These are just some of the hairstyles for balding men when you’re looking for options. For any issue, be it balding or anything else, the best thing you can do is stay confident. With a winning smile and a great outlook, you will remain attractive to anyone regardless of your current hair situation.

fade haircut for men with receding hairline Taper Fade With Spiky Top Men's short haircut for thinning hair Mohawk Fade For Receding Hairline Mohawk for balding men Combover With Taper Fade For Receding Hairline Spiked High Fade Haircut Half Shaved Cut For Men Men's Shaved Short Cut Pompadour Fade For Receding Hairline Side Part Taper Fade Short Taper Fade With Facial Hairstyle Receding Hairline Fade With Combover Drop Skin Fade Hairstyle Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle For Balding Men Short Haircut For Older Men Receding Hairline Fade Hairstyle Side-Parted Taper Fade With Beard Crew Cut With Facial Hairstyle Bald Fade With Beard And Moustache Fade Hairstyle For Thin Hair Half Shaved Blonde Cut For Men Spiky Undercut Haircut For Men Combover Hairstyle With Fade And Beard Simple Haircut For Balding Men Long Top Shaved Sides Hairstyle High And Tight Cut With Thick Beard Men's Haircut For Receding Hairline Short Cut With Fade For Receding Hairline Burst Fade Haircut With Long Top Taper Haircut For Balding Men High Fade With Side Part Men's Spiky Fade Haircut Sleek Side Part Taper With Facial Hairstyle Skin Fade For Receding Hairline Short Mens Haircut For Wavy Hair Temple And Nape Fade Haircut Men's Short Disheveled Men's wavy haircut with side undercut Men's Undercut For Thin Hair Hipster Hairstyle For Receding Hairline combed back hairstyle for balding men spiky Mohawk for men with thinning hair shaved sides hairstyle for receding hairline tapered haircut for men with thinning hair hairstyle for receding hairline short hairstyle for balding men backswept hairstyle for balding men hairstyle for older balding men mohawk hairstyle for balding men
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