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Updated on February 10, 2021
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Men’s medium hairstyles are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Even those men, who are used to short haircuts, finally begin to realize that short-to-medium and medium lengths give even more freedom in the choice of different snazzy hairstyles. In this article we have selected the cutest examples from Instagram and red carpets, let’s see how you can style your hair!

Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

Men`s medium hair is in fashion currently. And it may flatter you no less than short hair. If you are not sure whether you are going to cope with your mid-length hair, begin with a short-to-medium haircut, or a cut with the elongated top section. Check these photos of new men’s haircuts for inspiration!

1. Natural Medium Length Waves

For a mens haircut that is classic but currently fashionable, try longer hair on the top and shorter on the bottom. You don’t need to have it cut all the way to the skin if that’s not your style. Instead, leave a half inch on the sides and back. Use a pomade to create hold in the hair as you are styling it back and to the side.

2. Spiky Low Fade Haircut

For mens medium haircuts that are simple and easy to style, shoot for hair that isn’t longer than a few inches. One styling trick is to let your hair air dry, then use some pomade on top to pull hair straight up and create separation in the spikes, and then hit everything with a bit of hair spray.

Spiky Taper Fade

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

3. Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle

Here’s a masculine haircut that will never go out of style. The clean edging around the ear and the nape combined with the low taper lend a modern appeal. Smoothing your hair back and out of the way is a very clean approach to medium length hair.

4. Grown Out Layers

So suave and debonair! If you have hair this nice, you better grow it out! With this look, you will likely get the best results by blow drying your hair after you wash instead of air drying. Try using a round brush to get the barely-there flip at the ends.

Medium Tousled Hairstyle For Men

Instagram / Gill, @taboohaircare Salon Owner

5. Side-Shaved Comb Over

This style is all about balancing the length. Complement a buzzed side with a slick chin length comb over. Rock a thick beard to keep your look rugged and masculine.

6. Tousled Balayage Hair

Balayage for men? Of course! This gorgeous male style is a must try for men with thick, mid length hair. Just be sure to go to a hairstylist who understands the importance of toning. You want caramel highlights, not yellow (we hope that particular 90s trend does not come back in style).

7. Medium Length Undercut

Mid length hair is having a moment for guys, and nothing is chicer than the undercut. Pair your smooth and sleek undercut with a short, clean-kempt beard and you’ll really be looking fresh. If you want to try this style but your hair isn’t quite long enough, opt for an Ivy League while you are growing it out.

8. Sexy Natural Waves

Those who say short hair is safe don’t know how to rock longer strands with attitude. While this style is similar in theory to the one above, it uses an ample dose of natural waves and healthy volume to transform the layers and 5 o’clock shadow into a dangerous and seductive look.

9. Soft and Spiky Tapered Cut

Hard and crispy spiked hair is a thing of the past, now more men are embracing soft, touchable hair that appears less groomed and more casual. This look is a go-to for males who are attractive and unapologetic about it. Nothing grabs attention more than someone who exudes confidence without having to appear like they are trying too hard.

10. Mid Length Taper

For a cool look that is really masculine, try a taper with mid length hair on top. The contrasts of length and colors create a powerful look that is at the same time very classy.

11. Taper Fade with Asymmetric Volume

The height is perfectly balanced within this smart combover. The tapered edges and neat line up speak classic masculinity. The beard adds another rugged component.

Combover With Taper Fade

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

12. Pompadour with Short Sides

Medium length hairstyles for men can be longish all over or they can build dramatically from a skin fade to a long swath at the top. The cropped exterior enhances bone structure and makes styling a breeze. Use wax for strong, flexible hold.

Taper Fade With Long Spiky Top

Instagram / @virogas.barber

13. Slicked Back Medium Style

Mid length hairstyles provide a bounty of options. The tapered sides and nape blend into the long top seamlessly. Here, strands are swept cleanly away from the forehead in a classic prohibition-era shape. Using pomade gives a vintage sheen that’s effortlessly dapper.

Long Top Taper For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @allisnrbrt

14. Side Shave Design Haircut

Carved designs are a trendy way to customize your hairstyle. Placing the etching between two different textures and lengths is best for fusing the pattern with the overall shape. Disconnected length at the top can be brushed away to highlight the design or combed over to cover it.

Pompadour With Shaved Sides

Instagram / @handsandhustleco

15. Undercut with Long Tousled Top

Brushing strands up and back gives medium length men’s hairstyles a sleek, unbroken silhouette. Here, a low fade pairs harmoniously with the disconnected length on top. Brushed back styles are often worn smooth, but a slightly disheveled finish feels loose and rugged.

Low Fade With Long Top For Fine Hair

Instagram / @iranthebarber

16. Clean Mid-Length Cut

This shape will never go out of style though currently it doesn’t look as fashion-forward as undercuts. A layered haircut reduces bulk without removing length, allowing hair to hug the head. Worn parted and brushed back at the sides, it has a classic appeal that is timeless, manly and powerful.

17. Minimalistic Tapered Cut

Basically for men with fine texture, shorter haircut lengths are best. But graduated cuts build up weight through a diagonal edge creating a progressive increase that can be flattering for fine hair. Long hair with short edges results in a great cut that boasts length and volume but still looks very neat.

Brushed Back Taper

Instagram / @hayden_cassidy

18. Ridged Comb Over

Barbered edges and a deep side part bring a vintage appeal to men’s medium haircuts. This suave look is reminiscent of Don Draper. A skin fade eliminates difficult hairlines. Styling cream and a wide tooth comb create cute, modern disconnection for the top.

Side Parted Fade

Instagram / @ambarberia

19. Medium Swept Back Hairstyle

For a male with straight strands, a medium length taper style balances nonchalance and polish. Longer lengths don’t require constant trimming the way fades do. To provide a lasting sleek finish, add a dab of styling cream while hair is damp and comb into place.

Vintage Taper Haircut

Instagram / @rpb_nq

20. Burst Fade with Wave Over

This style, inspired by crashing ocean waves, is sleek and original. Hair is parted deeply on one side then swept up and over the split in a dramatic arc. To recreate, simply dry hair to one side then flip it back and spray into place.

Asian Faded Undercut

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

21. Classic Undercut Haircut

If you’re growing hair out from a close crop, the classic undercut is a solid choice. The short perimeter provides structure while the top is growing for a painless transition. This shape works as a neat modern option of men’s medium hairstyles. It’s not shoulder length hair, but it gives you the best of both worlds – length on top and comfort of a short cut.

Undercut With A Beard

Instagram / @justin_thebarber

22. Textured Disconnection

You don’t have to go short to control strands with movement. For guys with natural wave and curl, an undercut provides groomed tailoring. The lengths up top are sculpted with gel and finger-styled, adding separation and definition to the cut.

Fade Undercut With A Long Textured Top

Instagram / @juanmapeluka

23. Tapered and Spiked Medium Hair

Male fashion tends to be more understated, defined by fundamental elements and personalized with unique details. Here, traditional layering gets a contemporary update with choppy ends. Use a dryer and styling cream to sculpt high but with a touchable finish.

Spiky Taper Haircut

Instagram / @ambarberia

24. Wavy Comb Over

Styling can have a big impact on texture in medium haircuts for men. Brushing hair to the side and back creates a continuous ripple. The shape is sophisticated yet laid back, like something out of a menswear catalog. It’s conservative, but not stuffy.

Medium Tapered Haircut With Beard

Instagram / @virogas.barber

25. High Fade with Mid-Length Top

An edgy aesthetic doesn’t have to involve rainbow hues and shaved designs. Pushing classic proportions to extremes can create a subtle sense of rebellion. Here an extremely short fade plays off the high and tight. The mussed slick back pokes at businesslike polish.

26. Medium Pompadour with Shaved Sides

If you want a cut that conveys a contemporary and cool feel, look no further. Barbered sides are conservative, but skin fades have a different vibe: architectural, edgy, avant garde. Combined with a neat pompadour, this shape feels high fashion and modern.

High Fade Undercut For Straight Hair

Instagram / @toastiestyles

27. Tapered Afro

Many men’s medium length hairstyles for natural curls combine a loose interior with sculpted edges. Here the fade line is kept low to allow for a looser hairstyle. The line-up adds trendy detailing. It’s the perfect balance of geometric and organic shapes.

Natural Medium Haircut With Line Up

Instagram / @suggsdabarber

28. Undercut with Twist Back Top

The best way to control thick or frizzy strands is by winding or coiling when damp. For a bespoke variation on a classic disconnection, the top is divided into rows and twirled to form spirals reminiscent of a cornrow but much softer.

Long Top Undercut With Fade

Instagram / @alan_beak

29. Style with Side Spiked Fringe

Mid length hairstyles provide lots of styling options from casual to highly sculpted. To create a gravity-defying shape, add wax to strands, then use a dryer to contour. The result will have a polished sheen and strong but flexible hold.

Asymmetrical Spiked Long Top Hairstyle

Instagram / @barberobengie

30. Mussed Coils with Shaved Sides

Many modern medium hairstyles for men embrace longer strands at the top and front with tightly cropped sides and back. Undercuts work on any texture from fine and straight to thick and curly. Shaved areas contrast with the beard so it looks hip instead of unruly.

Curly Undercut Hairstyle With Beard

Instagram / @alan_beak

31. Layered Cut For Medium Length

Layers are a good solution for medium hair of both thinner and thicker type. Ask your stylist to give you a blowout for added volume throughout the crown. This is the ultimate bad boy style!

32. Charming and Classic Medium Cut

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh-faced heartthrob on the set of growing pains? Now with you rocking this style no one will ever forget. Swept back layers and natural highlights make this the perfect look for those who are looking for the special “boy next door appeal.”

33. Backcombed Style for Thin Hair

Sometimes thin hair needs a little bit of help whether you are male or female. Lifeless locks can look lackluster on anyone. This is a hairstyle that evokes the feeling of surfer’s cool messy, windblown locks, and an awesome pair of shades enhances the impression. Soft blonde highlights further complement this medium length hairstyle for men. They will still look great when they grow out into golden tips.

34. Curled and Tapered Haircut

The trendiest mens medium hairstyles are all about curls and tapers. Combining textured hair with perfect fades and edged out hairlines is very in right now. Trust us—it isn’t easy to figure out how to blow dry your hair into curls that fall flatteringly. So before you leave the barber chair, ask for styling tips designed for your cut and hair type.

Curly Side Part Undercut

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

35. Classic Medium Length Undercut

While most men who opt for an undercut keep it almost completely shaven on the sides, you can also try leaving about an inch of hair on the sides. This gives it a less drastic look. When you style this cut, you can try blowing it all the way back or letting it fall naturally, like this version.

36. Wavy Low Fade

Here’s a cool look that is fuss free. Medium hairstyles for men do offer a lot of opportunities to experiment with hair styling products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a cut that lets you shower and go. With this style, all you have to do is brush it back a few times when your hair is air drying.

37. Clean-Cut Classic Look

Don’t hide your baby blues with hair flopping into your face. Showcase a fresh face with a clean cut men’s medium hairstyle that won’t impede with your good looks.

38. Brushed Over Style for Fine Medium Hair

This straight layered look may seem pretty basic and reserved. But, when paired with a scruffy beard, it takes on a whole new vibe. It’s a great way to show that you can be polished and still maintain a bit of a wild side.

39. Modern Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical haircuts have been in style for women for at least a decade. Now mens haircuts are getting a dose of asymmetry too. To make sure the cut still comes across as masculine, don’t grow the front piece out much longer than your cheek.

40. Mid Length Pompadour

The pompadour is having a major come back right now. We’re pretty sure the reason is volume. There’s just something really flattering about hairstyles that have a lot of hair on top and are short and sleek on the sides. To keep the style modern, let some hair fall onto the face so it isn’t too perfect.

41. Long Layers for Straight Hair

If spikes and dyes aren’t your thing, try a flowing look with long layers. Perfect for a conservative man who loves options. You can part it or pull it up—the possibilities are endless. This medium length men’s hairstyle best complements straight hair.

42. Short Ponytail with Beard

Many may joke that a beard and a ponytail is the male hipster uniform, but there’s no denying the appeal of a look like this. Nothing is more rugged and appealing than a casual updo and a full beard.

43. Swept Back Pompadour

If you’re in search of medium length hairstyles for men that have a modern style, you might want to actually think retro—especially if you have piercings or tattoos. The mix of old school hair with new school body mod is super cool.

Men's Pompadour For Thin Hair

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

44. Mid Length Hair with Side Burn Fade

Most men with medium hair like to work with their natural texture. If you have natural waves in your hair, you can brush it back after drying and let it take on its own style. Be sure to use a light hold gel to keep hair in place (and off your face).

45. Medium Top Short Sides Hairstyle

This is a great example of a male hairstyle that works with the natural texture of your hair, not against it. You can add some mousse or defining cream designed for curls to your strands when they are still wet. Then, as they air dry, they will have more separation and definition.

46. Fine Hair Variant

It’s obvious that with thick, healthy hair you can afford a haircut of any length and with whatever finish you prefer. And what about fine hair? A medium haircut for fine hair can look very appealing if it incorporates layering. Here is Jason Schwartzman’s variant. Now, put us a question, “Can I afford making diverse medium hairstyles for men with this haircut?’ Definitely yes! This length and style give you a lot of variant to experiment with.

medium hairstyle for men with thin hair

Jaguar PS /

47. Medium Hair with Light Wispy Waves

Matthew McConaughey’s signature hairstyle is a part of his image of a Hollywood male sex symbol. If your hair is wavy from nature, with the right medium haircut, you will automatically get a good-looking effortless hairstyle. Mousses and creams for curly hair give the awesome wispy texture, you now see on Mr. McConaughey. Medium hairstyles for men like this always attract women, try and win the laurels!

wavy medium hairstyle for men

Jaguar PS /

48. Straight Side-Parted Hairstyle

Johannes Huebl wears a cool hairstyle for medium hair that goes particularly well with a suit and a tie. So, we can easily picture it as a part of men’s office style. A side part is a current trend that has been influenced by the trend on naturalness. That’s why the present-day trendy side part can be spontaneous and indistinct.

medium hairstyle for men with straight hair

SamAronov /

49. Gaspard Ulliel`s Gelled Look

Gaspard Ulliel is often sported, wearing a leather jacket and disheveled hairstyles, but the Cannes Film Festival implies a neat formal look. So, this time the French actor demonstrates a trendy gelled look with a flattering lift at the roots. Try not to make your hair look completely wet, sleek and flat.

sleek brushed medium hairstyle for men

cinemafestival /

50. Mens Hairstyle with Added Mess

A short-to-medium haircut with volume on top and the tapered sides and nape section, like John Krasinski’s, is a good choice for men who prefer slightly longer hair. Apply a volume-boosting product, plus wax, styling cream or pomade for the extra definition of top hair and nice edgy contours.

men`s medium hairstyle with short sides

DFree /

More and more men nowadays are paying attention to hair trends and fashion in whole. Men`s medium hairstyles like these, which we have just showed you here, will let you express yourself much better. You may choose a classic or a contemporary, trendy look. And a variety of styling products will help you to create different textures. Modern fashion is many-sided: you may select from disheveled, bedhead, preppy hairstyles, make ponytails or wear curls. It’s easy to find a few variants that flatter you the most.

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