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Updated on September 20, 2021
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One of the great things about hair is that you can say so much about who you are and your personality simply based on how you choose to wear it. Unique, intricate and head-turning hairstyles can often say much more about you than mere words ever could. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue others due to its unique beauty. Although they have been around for decades, dreadlocks still garner loads of well-deserved attention. If you’re ready to get locked and loaded…click away!

Men’s Dreadlocks

From extra long to super short and everything in between, dreadlock styles for men run the gamut of styling possibilities. Whether you have worn dreads for years or are anxious to begin your locking journey, these pictures are sure to provide some styling inspiration for your dreadlocks.

1. Low Ponytail Dreadlocks

Black men are known to get quite creative when styling their dreads, but many opt for a more professional look instead. If you work in a more conservative setting that still allows wearing dreads, this is the perfect, understated way to style your locks.

2. Dreadlocks with a Twist

One of today’s most prevalent style trends is the unique method of blending a fade haircut into a cornucopia of dreadlocks. The Weeknd seemed to create his own, incredibly messy, version of this style. For a classy style with a trendy twist, this is the way to go.

3. Curly Dreadlocks

In case you didn’t know, yes, you can absolutely curl your dreadlocks for a stylish new look. Here you have a different take on styling dreads, as these medium locks have been slightly curled to add extra texture.

4. Twist and Shout Dreadlocks

This multipurpose style looks best when done with careful thought and precision. It is meant to be clean, accurate and well-groomed. Even the twists should be done to perfection.

5. Criss Cross Dreadlocks

Even with a small amount of dreads, there are still a plethora of dread hairstyles for men that you can proudly participate in. Regardless of length, quantity or even texture, this style will work for any guy who wants a nontrivial dreads style.

6. Dreadlocked Rows

For something fancy yet convenient, this look definitely has you covered. It doesn’t take forever to get done, and it’s a piece of cake to maintain. It looks good with any size, length or texture of dreads, and manages to crossover between trendy and classic styles.

7. Bold Mohawk with Dreads

Black men adore dreads and know how to wear them in the most stylish manner. We see a neat beard in this photo, baldfade on both sides and a cool mohawk with dreads. If it`s not enough for you, try ombre-ed tips.

8. Basket Weave Dreadlocks

The basket weaving technique is very popular with braids and dreadlocks, although committing to this style can be time-consuming. However, the finished product is beautifully intricate, neat and also great for male locks.

9. Short Ombre Locks

The ombré hair-dying technique is showing no signs of slowing down, as men have jumped on the color bandwagon as well. Here, dreads have an ombré effect from black at the roots to honey blonde at the ends. Dread hairstyles for men look great when some color is added.

10. Medium Locs with Undercut

The tapered back and sides here mean that the locs take center stage. Often enough, guys find that it’s way easier to manage short dreads than longer ones. What’s more, keeping the lower hair cropped adds a new dimension.

Men's Undercut With Dreadlocks

Instagram / @rasta_care

11. Short Dreads with Tramlines

High dreads are ideal for the sporty man since they don’t get in the way at all. You can introduce a little edge to this hairstyle too. Dreads with taper or skin fade lend themselves to tramlines around the base of the hair. Neat and cool.

12. Braided Dreads with Exposed Sides

A centered, pulled-back pony creates a low-key mohawk in a mere instant. Plus, the shaven sides expose the tattooed masterpiece. Fine art meets street style in one package with this special design.

Long Mohawk Dreads For Men

Instagram / @philipwolffhair

13. Hippie Dreadlocks

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? As dread styles go, this is the classic ‘do. Let your extra long locs flow freely or throw them in a low pony, and they will look epic!

14. Black Man Bun with Line Up

Here’s proof that dread styles for men can be neat and all put together. This statement updo looks as classy as it does tidy. The line up really sets the knot off, making the entire thing worthy of a million Instagram likes.

African American Twisted Bun For Men

Instagram / @salo_thebarber

15. Braid for Thin Dreads

Braids are most often associated with feminine hair, but there’s no reason why you can’t adapt this fad for your locs. Keep the French braid loose and long so that it’s comfortable yet stylish.

Thin Men's Dreadlocks

Instagram / @modlocks

16. Pulled-Back Knot

This look is an awesome blend of lines and textures. A pony or a pulled back knot is necessary to show off your shaven designs. The line up and fade make for perfect edges that guarantee a super neat look even with long locs.

Men's Faux Locs With Shaven Designs

Instagram / @wester_barber

17. Chunky Locs

Maintaining a chunky loc appearance isn’t easy. As one of the most popular dreadlock styles for men, though, it’s certainly a winner. These dreads are rugged and pair great with a full beard.

Thick Long Blonde Dreads For Men

Instagram / @lizkidder

18. Man Twists

If you are among black men who prefer intricate longer hairstyles, kinky twists are a worthy alternative to dreads. Pulling them back in a sort of Mohawk updo makes for a standout style that’s also comfortable to wear.

19. Half Up, Half Down Dreads

The half up, half down style is the ideal middle ground ‘do when you have dreads. This is a hairstyle that will work for almost every occasion.

20. Short Loose Locs

For a modern take on the classic, check out these mod-locs. The short and loose style will always be on trend for good reason. It’s worth trying out dread hairstyles of varying lengths before you find out what works.

Men's Short Dreadlocks

Instagram / @modlocks

21. High Top Dreads

Since the early 2000s, high top dreads have become popular with younger men. Along with shaved back and sides, the tramlines really stand out. Have a line up, too — a quick way to bring this classic style into the modern day.

Short Mohawk Dreads With Undershave

Instagram / @dangcutshair

22. Brown-to Blonde Braided Dreads

Once you’ve spent enough time cultivating your dreads, you have a couple of ways to wear them. The pulled-back bun and line up aren’t going anywhere any time soon. It just takes a plain hair-tie to pull the dreads back away from the face in an instant. The detailed shaving flows seamlessly into the sideburns and beard.

Men's Ombre Dreads With Line Up

Instagram / @suggsdabarber

23. Pulled-Up Ponytail

And now, for a modern twist on dread styles, the tight pulled-up ponytail is a hip way to wear shorter locs. Since the male topknot is one of the biggest trends on the hipster scene, this twist is sure to turn heads.

Ponytail For Short Braided Dreads

Instagram / @rasta_care

24. Short Knotted Locs

Shorter knotted locs are easier to maintain and wear for black men and they are no less interesting than longer dreads. There’s also room to experiment with some ombre color.

Short Two-Tone Men's Locs

Instagram / @wadedabarber

25. Free Boho Locs

For a chunkier take on the hippie style, try out some boho locs. Typically, these dreads need a little more time to appear, but they are worth the wait. Use some funky grips to give extra pizzazz to your dreads.

Brown Ombre Dreads For Men

Instagram / @westladreads

26. Half Shaved Hairstyle with Short Dreads

The dread fade and the dread undershave are the two new ways to wear dreads while looking perfectly groomed. Shorter dreads are optimal for such a style. These can be pulled off by white guys as well.

Short Dreads With Undershave

Instagram / @fadejunky_ace

27. Long Braided Dreads for Men

With a little inspiration from the times gone by, the traditionally plaited braids will never disappoint. The wrapped bun at the back of the head enhances the volume of the overall locs. What’s more, the three plaits that hang down are equal and neat.

Braided Locs For Men

Instagram / @hairbyistyle

28. Long Dreads with Undercut

Dreads hairstyles don’t have to be complicated to rock. A new, cool approach to dreads is blending them with an undercut, a fade or shaven designs. These long dreads are simple yet impressive.

Men's Dread Undercut

Instagram / @rastas.hache

29. Dread Mohawk with Line Up

Finally, it’s the ultimate culture clash. When flicking through dreadlock styles many overlook the braided mohawk. Pair that with a line up and you’ve got a killer visual. The ultra sharp detailing completes the already hot-as-hell aesthetic.

Locs Updo With Line Up

Instagram / @pskillz_337

30. Colored Locs with Undershave

There are actually not as many ways to wear men`s dreads, and this is one of the most successful of them. You may make your dreads more stylish with the help of additional colored strands or ask your stylist to make an undercut at the nape. The high top knot will finish your look.

Colored Locs with Undershave

Instagram / @modlocks

31. Dreadlock Chic

With such an array of dreadlock styles for men, one would obviously expect to see on this list only the most intricate ‘dos. Surprisingly, not every style consists of detailed handiwork. The classic “half up, half down” look is the one everybody can relate to, regardless of the length of your locks or their thickness. Whether you choose to make a neat half bun, or a messy half pony, It’s completely up to you. Either way, you’ll look cool – stylish, but not overdone.

32. Bohemian Rhapsody Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have managed to transcend cultures, demographics and hair textures. Because this style seemingly relies on texture to maintain its distinctive consistency, it will always differ depending on the individual. With certain textures, your hair will only partially lock up, creating a harsh mixture of dreaded and straight or wavy hair.

33. Neat Skinny Dreadlocks

When delving into the realm of male dreadlocks, you have options to try thinner or thicker locks, gather them into a pony, braid them, or allow your locks to flourish at their own discretion. The skinny dread look often times appears cleaner and more manageable. A connecting beard paired with the style is just the finishing touch, it may not be necessary, but it definitely completes the look.

34. Classic Dreadlocks

Thick dreads don’t need any extra frills. Letting them hang freely with a subtle middle part is a style you cannot go wrong with. Even the new curly growth can’t spoil them.

35. Fauxhawk with Dreads

Looking for a way to get creative without completely upheaving your entire hairstyle? Try this look to get over that urge. Best if done by a professional, this is one of the dread styles for men that is difficult to create and most likely difficult to maintain. Add some color into the look to take advantage of your creative integrity.

36. Fire Flame Locks

If you’re going for the “wow” factor, you can end your search here. With shaved sides and two bold colors atop your head, anybody who doesn’t say “wow” must be distracted by some other phenomenon. This style reeks of originality and offers a good time to all those involved.

37. Labyrinth Dreadlocks

As one of the most detailed and complex dread styles on this list, this look rivals an upper-level math equation in regards to difficulty. It is highly important for this style to be done well and completed with accuracy. If done incorrectly it could easily resemble a jumble of loose locks. Still, when done right, this style is easy to maintain, and it works equally well for both professional and casual events.

38. Quirky Undercut for Black Men

Who said that Brad Pitt`s undercut can be made on straight hair only? Thanks to medium length dreads and shaved nape Afro-Americans can wear this style also. Honestly, it looks even better, doesn`t it?

39. Dreadlocked Mohawk

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Mohawk? Add dreadlocks to the style, and you’ve got a surefire winner. This is one of the dread hairstyles that is best for someone who prefers to walk on the wild side. While dreads can offer a tame look to those who please so, there are also many styles that promise a much more rebellious look.

40. Tiny Locs into Ponytail

One of the most comfy way to wear dreadlocks is to tie them into a ponytail. Including a fade and strands of different colors, this hairstyle is definitely among our favourite styles!

41. Dreadlocks in a Bun

Blend the ideas of a man bun and undercut, and you’ve got a recipe for a creative twist on a common, simple style. Buns will never be out of style, but they can get lost in the crowd. Take yours a step further with this giant bun and undercut edges.

42. Maze Runner Dreadlocks

When you’re walking around with the weight of a thousand locks on your scalp, sometimes you want something quick and easy to lessen the burden and unpredictability of it all. Having a two foot dreadlock continuously smack you in the face is no fun. This style tames your mane, while looking like a detailed piece of art. It is both neat and seemingly complex, which are both characteristics of a quality dreadlock hairstyle.

43. Short and Simple Dreadlocks

Short dreads are fun in movement and easy to wear. They don’t need pinning, braiding or being gathered into a pony. The length and thickness of dreads is a matter of preference, and longer or chunkier locks look more impressive in our opinion, but short dreadlocks are still an option.

short dreadlocks for men

Instagram / @modlocks

44. Jumbo Dreadlock Braid

Just because we are exploring dreadlock styles for men, doesn’t mean there won’t be a few crossover styles. As the jumbo braid is popular in other hairstyles, it is also an easy style for someone with dreadlocks. The length and size of dreads is what can set your braid apart, but it’s also a very convenient style that doesn’t look as if you were aiming for convenience when you got ready in the morning.

45. Long and Full Dreadlocks

When you think of a traditional dreadlocked hairstyle, chances are that this is the first image that comes to mind. Long, thick and showcasing the journey it took to grow them, these dreads are at the top of the heap of what quality locks should look like.

long dreadlocks for black men

Instagram / @modlocks

46. Short and Thick Dreadlocks

Dread styles for men come in a wide range of variety to suit every man’s individual tastes. If you prefer your dreads on the shorter side, this style is a perfect mid-length solution.

47. Braided Ponytail Dreadlocks

Often utilized as a form of self-expression, dreadlock styles can be pretty edgy. These locks are dyed a vibrant red shade, braided up the back and finally formed into a spiky pineapple ponytail.

48. High Bun Dreadlocks

Longer dreadlocks tend to get heavy, so a great hairstyle solution is to wear them up. One of the more popular dreadlock styles for men is to simply wear them all up in a high bun, which looks creative and chic.

49. Edgy Mohawk with Beads

Here we have one more variant of mohawk, made of dreadlocks. The dreads are pretty short, and they even form smth like bangs in the front. Add several beads to your hairstyle and you will get an interesting experimental look!

Edgy Mohawk with Beads

Instagram / @modlocks

50. Uplifted Dreads with a Shape-Up

Looking for a new way to style your short dreads, which grew out a little bit? Here it is! It doesn`t matter whether you want to refresh them or cut off in the nearest future, having such style with a shape-up you will keep your intentions private and no one will know your plans in advance.

51. Twisted Individual Dreadlocks

This fun all over braided look is something different! In a styling technique that fuses two hairstyles together, these dreads are derived from twisted together individual twists. To add a little flair, the ends are secured with colorful hair accessories.

52. Plaited Men’s Pigtails

A good stylist can show you a lot of different plaiting techniques and designs to choose from, so you may transform your dreads into everything you want. It can be an intricate labyrinth, one of high men`s hairstyles or a thick massive ponytail. Anyway, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

53. Blonde Mohawk Dreadlocks

Extremely edgy and sure to turn a lot of heads, these dreads are not for the faint of heart. Blonde dreads styled into a hawk with completely shaved sides… “different” doesn’t even begin to describe this outstanding dreadlock look.

54. Chunky Faux Hawk Dreadlocks

For a white guy dreads are definitely not common, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t try them and rock some interesting hairstyles for dreads. This chunky faux hawk features faded sides and medium brown dread ends.

55. Low Pony with Basket Weave Plait

Dreadlock retwist is a very interesting and high-maintenance kind of work. Only a qualified stylist can refresh your dreads and combine them with a unique pattern. In this case dreads are gathered into a low ponytail, and the basket weave plait is made out of the dreads taken from the hairline.

56. Intricated Cornrows

Men with French braids are not something out of ordinary today. And what about French braids made out of dreadlocks? Most likely there will 5 braids then, and every one will look intricate and voluminous. There is nothing you can`t do with such a unique and comfortable hairstyle.

57. Long Brown Locks

Styling dreadlocks for a white guy can be challenging due to the straighter and less dense hair texture. However, when done properly, you get a nice result, like the brown style seen here.

58. Two-Tone Dreadlocks

Dread styles for men are best when there is color experimentation involved. The two-tone solution of these dreads is modern and edgy, but it also adds some nice depth to this long style.

59. Side-Swept Dreads

Hairstyles for dreads can be complex or simple, this is the latter option. All the styling that is required for this dread look is to simply sweep them off to one side. Works best for mid-length dreads.

60. Knotted Half Updo Style

We would like to show you one more popular way to wear your dreads. Tie them into a half updo! To make your dreads even more bold and stylish, remember a trick with an elastic band. Hide it under one or two locs. Quite tricky and cute, don`t you think so?

Dreadlock styles for men are definitely here to stay with new styling options popping up all the time. Whether you want to style them for a professional look or channel your inner rockstar, there is a host of hairstyles for dreads to choose from…so have fun!

short dreadlocks with edge undercut short dreadlocks with undercut men's long curly dreadlocks long men's braided hairstyle dreadlocked mohawk for men men's hairstyle with thin dreadlocks Bold Mohawk with Dreads men's Mohawk hairstyle with dreadlocks two-tone short dreadlocks for black men Men's Undercut With Dreadlocks Skin Fade With Dreads Long Mohawk Dreads For Men Men's Long Blonde Dreadlocks African American Twisted Bun For Men Thin Men's Dreadlocks Men's Faux Locs With Shaven Designs Thick Long Blonde Dreads For Men Men's African American Twisted Hairstyle Blonde Dreads In A Half Up Ponytail Men's Short Dreadlocks Short Mohawk Dreads With Undershave Men's Ombre Dreads With Line Up Ponytail For Short Braided Dreads Short Two-Tone Men's Locs Brown Ombre Dreads For Men Short Dreads With Undershave Braided Locs For Men Men's Dread Undercut Locs Updo With Line Up Colored Locs with Undershave men's half up bun with dreadlocks dreadlocks for white men thin dreadlocks for men thick medium-length layered dreadlocks for men black and blonde dreadlocks hairstyle for men red and orange dreadlocks with undershave men's updo with dreadlocks Quirky Undecut for Black Men men's mohawk with dreadlocks Tiny Locs into Ponytail bulky bun from dreadlocks for men men's half up hairstyle with dreadlocks short dreadlocks for men basket weave braid for dreadlocks long dreadlocks for black men medium length dreads for black guys skinny colored dreads with shaved sides and edges man bun with thin dreadlocks Edgy Mohawk with Beads Uplifted Dreads with a Shape-Up chunky kinky twists Plaited Men’s Pigtails mohawk with long blonde dreadlocks dreadlocks with side undercuts Low Pony with Basket Weave Plait Intricated Cornrows long dreadlocks for white guys thin dark brown and light brown dreadlock thin tight long dreadlocks Knotted Half Updo Style
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