Olga Markuse
Published on September 18, 2021

Whether you are looking to try an entirely new haircut or just booked in with a new barber, the first step to getting a good outcome is knowing what you want and being able to convey your ideas to your stylist.

Besides having some reference pictures, knowing some of the terminology and haircut names for guys will make your communication with the barber more effective. Hopefully, this guide to all types of men’s hairstyles will help you with this challenge.

Types of Men’s Haircuts

Choosing a flattering hairstyle is more than deciding on whether to keep your hair long or short. There is a variety of haircuts for men that fit into the business, athletic, military or hipster style. Scroll down to see our full collection of different hairstyles for men.

1. The Ivy League

The longer form of a crew cut, the Ivy League haircut has longer hair on the top and short, faded sides. This hairstyle can be parted on one side. A modern, more refined version of this cut involves a shape-up – shaved natural hairline and a shaved side parting.

The Ivy League Men's Cut

Instagram / @ali_bar.ber

2. Men’s Undercut

An undercut is a haircut with short, buzzed sides and back disconnected from the longer crown area. This more sophisticated type of the undercut hairstyle features mid fade on the sides and low fade at the back combined with the longer top area.

Men’s Undercut

Instagram / @virgiltb

3. Caesar Cut

The main component of the Caesar haircut, named after Julius Caesar, is a short, straight cut fringe. This modern adaptation of the Caesar cut boasts tousled, bleached crown area and disconnected skin fade on the sides and the back.

4. Mohawk

Originated from the Native American tribe and named after it, mohawks later became a trademark of punk aesthetics. This haircut features a strip of longer hair coming from the forehead down to the lower nape and short, buzzed sides. We love this modern version of this cut – with its intricate details, yet still looking bold and rebellious.

Mohawk Men's Hairstyle

Instagram / @peyman_ahangar100

5. Faux Hawk Haircut

A faux hawk is a softer and more conform interpretation of the mohawk haircut. Whilst there still is a contrast between the short sides and the strip of longer hair, the lines are blended, making this hairstyle more wearable and modern.

6. Taper Cut

To achieve this type of men’s haircuts, the sides are taper-cut using clippers and blended with the top using the scissors-over-comb technique. Shaped hairlines give this hairstyle crisp and edgy finish. You must bear in mind that taper fade will need to be touched up at least every 4-6 weeks.

Men's Taper Cut

Instagram / @m.r.k.thebarber

7. Low Fade

Low fade is a type of men’s hairstyle where the very short sides strikingly increase in length just above the ears, blending into the longer hair on the top. You might like this contrasting look with extremely short skin fade and long, tousled top, or you might prefer a less dramatic, classier type of the same style – with shorter top and longer sides.

Low Fade Haircut

Instagram / @sami_barbershop

8. Middle Fade

Middle fade follows the line around the head just below the crown: hair virtually graduates from short to long between the ear and the top. For curly and wavy hair, we recommend leaving the crown area longer and style it with some hair mousse.

Middle Fade Haircut

Instagram / @thebarbercole

9. High fade

High fade, according to its name, presents a more noticeable contrast between the short sides and the long top. Whilst this haircut is quite bold and edgy as it is, it can be accentuated with a shaved hair design.

High Fade for Men

Instagram / @saviothebarber

10. Men’s Haircut with Skin Fade

The bald skin fade is a type of hairstyle where the sides are shaved to the skin level and tapered. You can determine whether you would like a low, medium, or high skin fade. Being a high maintenance hairstyle, that requires regular barbershop appointments, it certainly pays off the effort.

Men’s Haircut With Skin Fade

Instagram / @jayroberts_

11. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a short and tidy looking, military-inspired haircut. It doesn’t require any styling and maintenance except regular appointments with your barber. Its clean lines and neat look will suit most of face shapes and hair types.

Crew Cut for Men

Instagram / @daniel_giovane_

12. Buzz Cut

Simple and short, a buzz haircut is cut with clippers quite closely to the skin. Originally been given to new army recruits, this hairstyle soon became modern classics. Shaved in hairline is a great way to emphasize the edginess of this hairstyle.

13. Bowl Cut

A bowl cut, also known as a mushroom haircut, is one of the classic haircuts with a long, straight fringe and all the top area cut to the same level. The sides are normally buzzed short, featuring a pronounced line around all the head.

Bowl Cut for Men

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

14. Hipster Cut

The most prominent features of the hipster haircut are short, tapered sides, a side part, and a classic slick back. This cut perfectly combines with a beard. To create this polished look, apply some gel and lift the fringe upwards, directing it to the back.

Men's Hipster Cut

Instagram / @briancaliberhair_

15. Medium Length Haircut

The medium length cut is one of the most versatile hairstyles. You can wear your hair backwards or forwards, all swept to the side or parting it in the middle – whatever suits you best.

Medium Length Haircut for Men

Instagram / @vitaly.melchenko

16. Long Men’s Hairstyle

Longer hair is a great option for those with thick, wavy hair. Although it might take some time to grow out your strands, men’s long hairstyles look utterly cool and don’t require regular salon visits.

17. Man Bun

The man bun has become extremely popular lately, coming as an alternative to ponytails. Be prepared to grow your hair, as this style requires at least shoulder length to have enough hair to wrap it. For an ultimately masculine look, ask your stylist to shave or taper the back and the sides of your head. Some pomade or gel will help to tame the frizz and flyaways.

Man Bun Men's Hairstyle

Instagram / @raymond_cutzpr

18. Disconnected Haircut with Messy Curly Top

While not everyone can pull off this look, it would be a perfect option for thick, unruly curls. Go for a low fade to highlight the contrast of this hairstyle and your hair forward with some curl enhancing serum.

Disconnected Haircut With Messy Curly Top

Instagram / @iamthebarber132

19. Men’s Haircut with a Side Part

Classy and timeless, the side part suits most of the facial features and looks equally good with a clean shave and any style of facial hair. A shaved parting will give this hairstyle a more refined and finished look. However, you will need to spend a few minutes daily to style this cut; otherwise, it will look unkempt.

Men’s Haircut With a Side Part

Instagram / @lossantos_vl

20. Pompadour

Sleek and full bodied, pompadour haircut is cut using scissors and its main feature is a long, swept-back fringe. This hairstyle will require some time and patience to style it: first blow dry your hair directing it to the back and lifting the frontal area, finish it with a strong hairspray.

Pompadour Men's Hairstyle

Instagram / @patrikbrowne

21. Quiff

A quiff haircut is a very similar style to pompadour, yet it doesn’t require your hair to be a certain length – it will look great even on those with shorter haircuts. Use some clay or pomade and brush your hair backwards and up with your fingers.

Quiff Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @yousef_lahijani

22. Comb Over

The comb over, a haircut that used to be associated with granddad’s hair earlier in the days, is now experiencing its resurgence. The modern version of a comb over involves tapered or faded sides, a shaved in parting and optional shaved hairline – the combination of all current trends.

Comb Over Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @tough_barbershop

23. Classic Slick Back

Modern, classy and bold at the same time, slicked back hair is one of the most popular hairstyles to date. The sides and back can be tailored to your preferences, while the top needs to be at least 2.5-3 inches long. Use some pomade or gel to hold the style in place.

Classic Slick Back Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @briancaliberhair_

24. Fringe Hairstyle

Long, messy fringe is the main focal point of this hairstyle. While the styling option are numerous (you can sweep your bangs back or let them cover your forehead), the styling process will require some practice. Use some paste to create this tousled texture.

Fringe Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @bagir94

25. Dreadlocks

Short dreadlocks look great paired with medium skin fade and a neat cut beard. Growing your dreadlocks longer will broaden your styling options to a ponytail, half up half down or even a man bun.

Mens Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Instagram / @wavykid_kev

26. Shaved Sides

If a classic tapered haircut is too boring for you, opt for a bald fade, blended with the longer hair on the top. A shaved accent on the side, going through your beard will give an edgy and striking finish to your hairstyle.

Men's Haircut With Shaved Sides

Instagram / @babu.barber

27. Men Braids

Men braids come in many varying options. When box brides are not enough for you, ask your stylist to create an unconventional pattern – like these triangular braids. This hairstyle looks fantastic when combined with the buzzed undercut on the sides and the back.

Men Braids

Instagram / @torres.tresses

28. Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky finish can be achieved on most of the short and medium length haircuts including the crew cut, faux mohawk and a classic taper cut. You will need a good matte finish texturizing paste and strong hold hairspray to create this look.

Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @m.r.fade

29. Mullet Cut

The mullet cut gained its popularity in 70s’ and was forgotten until a few years ago. Now, the mullet is one of the hottest hair trends. Still fresh and unconventional, this haircut gives your style a dose of rebellion and a vintage vibe.

Men's Mullet Cut

Instagram / @briancaliberhair_

30. Flat Top Haircut

The flat top haircut is one of those requiring a high level of craftsmanship. Therefore, if you would like to try this style, your main goal is to find a really skilled barber. We recommend using a strong hold wax and hairspray to achieve a sharp finish.

Flat Top Haircut for Men

Instagram / @virgiltb

Military Cuts

Like cargo trousers, trench coats and aviator jackets made their way from army uniforms to everyday men’s fashion, military haircuts shared a similar fate becoming go-to hairstyles for many guys. Perhaps, the key to the success of this type of men’s haircut is the combination of versatility, practicality, and style.

Here are the main types of military haircuts:

  • The buzz cut is an overall term for a short haircut where the length of the hair is the same on all parts of the head. It can be longer or shorter depending on your preference.
  • The military fade haircut features longer hair on the top and short, tapered sides, fading into the skin. There are various types of fade cuts including low, medium, and high fade.
  • The crew cut is one of the most iconic military-inspired haircuts. It has short, clean lines: tapered sides and back paired with longer hair length on the top, particularly in the frontal area.
  • The Ivy League is virtually a longer and a more refined version of the crew cut, often associated with preppy style.
  • The regulation cut is one of the longest military haircuts; its main feature is side parting.
  • The military undercut involves very shortly cut sides and back that are not blended with the longer length of the top.
  • The flat top is a type of male hairstyle where the top of the hair is standing upright creating a flat surface on the top of the head; the sides are usually tapered short.

Athletic Hairstyles for Men

Athletes like Andre Agassi, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have always been trendsetters for hairstyles. The most popular sporty haircuts are buzz cuts, crew cuts, faux hawks, and top knots.

Even though deciding about a hair change and making your research can be daunting, we hope this guide for different types of men’s haircuts has eased this task for you.

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