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Updated on December 28, 2021

While classic haircuts are timeless and suit everyone, haircut design is a great way to sharpen your authentic personal style. Simplistic and laconic or elaborate and full of details, there are so many different hair designs to choose from.

If you are keen to get creative and are looking for inspiration, scroll down for a complete collection of haircut designs for men. We have rounded up a selection of ideas to match any haircut, length, and hair texture.

Best Line Haircut and Pattern Hair Design Ideas

Haircut designs vary from one line to intricate geometric and freestyle styles. The placement at the back, on the side, or near the temple may give an interesting twist to common designs for men, too. See the various ways to step up your fresh undercut and get a stylish look you’ve always wanted.

1. Faux Hawk with Design Lines

Long on top, with a short back and sides, this men’s hairstyle is arguably one of the most popular trends now. 3 lines situated at the back of the head diversify this look and make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Caesar Cut with X Design

Short haircuts suit most face shapes and look great on any hair color and texture. Still, isn’t it boring to wear the same shape for years? This X haircut design adds to the style and looks masculine and sophisticated.

French Crop with Haircut Design

Instagram / @chavedosbarbeiros

3. Skin Fade and Greek Patterns

Sometimes, barbering is a form of art rather than just a craft. This impeccably detailed Versace inspired hair design is one of the examples of some barbers’ talent.

Greek Hair Design for Men

Instagram / @evonik__

4. High and Tight with Freestyle Hair Design

Whilst this haircut is extremely versatile and easy to upkeep, lightning-shaped freestyle design lines give it some edginess and a unique feel. The only downside is that razor-shaved lines grow out fairly quickly.

High Skin Fade with Haircut Design

Instagram / @saviothebarber

5. A Double Line on One Side

A fade haircut contrasting with long, curly hair on the top makes a dynamic and daring look. Ask your barber to shave in a line or two on one side of your disconnected curly hair undercut for a proper showstopper haircut.

6. Fade with a Line Hair Design

For this haircut, the top area is kept short to keep the curls neat and tidy whereas the sides and the back are shaved short. A good example of how the razored haircut designs accomplish the geometry of the look!

Short Haircut with Fade Lines Design

Instagram / @raymond_cutzpr

7. High Fade Haircut with Freestyle Design

The curved line and the two crossing diagonal lines create dimension and emphasize the face features of the person who wears this style. Beware that such hair designs need to be redone every 2-3 weeks for a fresh look.

Haircut Design for Black Men

Instagram / @babu.barber

8. Drop Fade Mohawk with a Curved Line

We can’t get over how crisp this line is, situated just at the point where the fade starts. To recreate this look, use some men’s hair pomade and spray the spikes with a strong hold hairspray.

Faux Hawk Cut with a Curved Line Starting at the Temple

Instagram / @dennis.alves

9. Modern Flat Top with Skin Fade and Wavy Line Hair Design

A great option for round faces, this haircut sharpens your natural features and creates a strong look. A Z-shaped line design is its focal point which gives the hairstyle a personal touch.

10. Taper Cut with Geometric Hair Design

The perfectly clean and sharp lines of this hair design make an uber-defined look. Starting right at the temple area and extending to the back of the head, up to the neck, it creates a shape of a maze.

11. Skin Fade and V Shape Line Haircut Design

The combination of the curly, textured top and very short hair on the sides gives contrast to this haircut. Asymmetric, yet perfectly balanced, the V shape design looks both modern and classy.

Haircut Design at the Back

Instagram / @raymond_cutzpr

12. Textured Afro Braids and Shaved Hair Designs

Elaborate freestyle shaved lines on the back and the side of the head turn this hairstyle into a piece of art. Chunky braids and twists add to the look and make it an utter head turner.

Freestyle Hair Design

Instagram / @agno_black_red

13. Fade Haircut with Hair Tattoo

Wear your heart on your sleeve or on your …nape, showing off this amazing hair tattoo. Certainly, this haircut design is not for the faint-hearted, it is such a sweet way to show someone your affection though.

Heart Shaped Haircut Design

Instagram / @bogdan_cernat_

14. Creative Line Haircut with Short Mohawk

Every finest detail of this haircut is perfect: from the shaved lines creating triangles to a fine razored line across the eyebrow. The sharp-angled beard immaculately finishes the look.

Stylish Undercut Design and Bleached Tips

Instagram / @elboribarber

15. Lined Up Spiky Mohawk

What a cool hair look is this! Those perfectly defined spikes paired with a clean line hair design running across the sides make it a simply stunning hairstyle.

Long Textured top and Lines Designs

Instagram / @xhristhebarber

16. Crew Cut with Curved Z Line Haircut Design

Jazz up the traditional short haircut, like a classic crew cut, with a curved line design. For an even more sophisticated look, match the beard with the skin fade and continue the hair design line through your eyebrow.

17. Modern Pompadour with Geometric Hair Design

This modern take on a pompadour men’s haircut features a side-swept quiff and a tight skin fade. Although this shape is very bold itself, a geometric hair tattoo on one side certainly adds to the style. An excellent way to distract attention from the receding hairline!

Lines Design Haircut for Receding Hairlines

Instagram / @kraskovsky_pavel

18. Long Top with Faded Sides and Wave Design

Sometimes, you can incorporate a whole story in your haircut. Waves, sharp-angled lines, and a finely carved beard – this faux hawk haircut is pure perfection. Use some pomade to get this sleek texture.

Haircut Designs with Long Beard and a Quiff

Instagram / @milenobarber

19. Men’s Disconnected Fade and Dimensional Design

Are you bold enough to pull off this cool hair look? While this hairstyle isn’t for everyone, it’s a great source of inspiration. You can always implement one of its details in your haircut: be it a color or a geometrical line hair design.

20. Cross Haircut Design at the Back

Long, disconnected hair on the top paired with the sides shaved right up to the skin make up for a crisp, clean look. The cross design at the back gives it even more of an edge.

Skin Fade and a Cross Hair Design

Instagram / @omargadier_78

21. Choppy Top and Egypt Inspired Hair Design

If your barber is a true professional, let them create and see what they come up with. This fantasy haircut design, which reminds an Egyptian eye sign, is everything.

Egypt Pattern Hair Design

Instagram / @virgiltb

22. Men’s Haircut with A Puerto Rico Flag Hair Design

We know that hairstyles say a lot about us but how about wearing a star from the flag of your country and its abbreviation? This is a great statement to make, not to say the hairstyle looks smashing.

Star Haircut Design

Instagram / @haritobarber

23. Bolt Hair Design on Short Faded Haircut

This haircut is all about a serious fade game, accentuated with an eye-catching, smooth bolt silhouette hair design. This hairstyle is the best bet for thick straight hair.

Wide Lightning Haircut Design

Instagram / @bogdan_cernat_

24. Short Fade with Diamond Hair Tattoo

Diamond shape hair design is an unusual choice for guys, yet it looks absolutely dazzling. We hope you find a barber who will be able to recreate it.

Diamond Hair Design on Short Men's Cut

Instagram / @dimancuts

25. Messy Curly Crown and Low Fade with a Line

A fine line shaved around the border between the tousled top and the neat side fade is an excellent detail honing this style. Use some gel to put the accent on the texture.

Men's Undercut with One Line

Instagram / @sami_barbershop

26. Bulky Flat Top with Tribal Hair Design

Here is another example of hair artistry: the clean, edgy lines made on the ideal canvas of a skin fade. This line haircut looks especially good on thick black hair.

Men's Haircut Design with Tribal Patterns

Instagram / @efthimis_petsas

27. Beard Fade and Double Line Hair Design

Even the tiniest detail matters when it comes to polishing your style. The subtle but noticeable beard fade, mirroring the silhouette of the haircut makes an utterly powerful look.

Hairline Hair Design Idea

Instagram / @lorezi_

28. Buzz Cut with Colorful Triangle Hair Design

Clean angled hairline and short, precise lines make an ultimately striking look. Not to mention the rainbow colors of these shaved triangles.

Colorful Haircut Design for Men

Instagram / @besta_barber

29. Undercut Haircut Design for Men with Curly Hair

Straight lines on the sides emphasize the contrast between the messy curls at the top and the short, faded sides. This combination is a great choice for those willing to accentuate their features.

Dope Haircut Design

Instagram / @naser_torfi

30. Low Fade and Intricate Hair Design

There’s such an amazing variety of hair designs to choose from, that it’s easy to get lost. Don’t limit yourself to one if you can have as many as your barber can fit in. This amazing Afro taper cut is a good proof.

Thank you for reading this article. Make sure you save some of your favorite hair designs to show to your barber during your next visit.

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