Sara Terrell
Updated on December 14, 2022

In 2023, beards are no longer limited to just one or two styles. In fact, there are more grooming options now than ever before. Look at this list of twenty sexy beard and hair grooming ideas that range from urban chic to relaxed rustic.

1. Short Faded Hair

This is a classic style that works best for men with straight, fine hair. The beard is trimmed neatly and kept close to the skin, allowing for more breathability and easy maintenance. You can achieve this look using a fine-toothed comb and a small electric razor.

Low Maintenance Beard Plus Short Hair

Instagram / @hairmensguide

2. Long Hair

Longer locks are becoming increasingly trendy with men. The combination of fresh, flowing tresses with a full but well-shaped beard is great for men who like to incorporate a bit of drama into their style. Achieve this look with a hairdryer, heat-protective spray and beard comb.

Full Beard and Long Hair

Instagram / @kaihairstudio

3. Middle Part

The middle part hairstyle is a fresh, contemporary look, popular in Europe. You can use a fine-toothed comb to create a neat hair parting, alongside a sharp electric razor to keep the beard looking tidy. Complete the look with a wet gel for added flair.

Full Beard Plus Middle Part

Instagram / @tanbe_hairsalon

4. Quirky Color

Bright, flamboyant hair colors aren’t reserved for teens or any single gender. This eye-catching purple adds an element of fun to the overall look, paired with a full-bodied beard for balance. Use a broad-toothed comb to arrange the colorful locks and a razor to shape the beard gracefully.

Short Purple Hair and Full Beard

Instagram / @scottiet_hair

5. Side Part

The side part is a classical look perfect for men with soft, fine hair. The beard is neatly sculpted with a metallic shaping tool and kept in place with firming gel mist.

Middle Length Male Haircut with Side Part

Instagram /

6. No Part

This style combines a simple, no-part top with an impressive, full beard. The hair is combed back using mild hair wax, and the beard is kept smooth and long with the help of a fine-toothed beard comb and a rub of beard oil for added nourishment.

Combed Back Hairstyle for Men with Beards

Instagram / @barber_nikos

7. High Fade

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for men in 2023. The fade is achieved with a sharp electric razor (of varying lengths), and the sculpted beard is created with a sharp razor tool.

High Fade and Sculpted Beard

Instagram / @ghostth3barber

8. Undercut Design

This is a supremely stylized, trendy look that requires professional experience. To achieve this level of precision, a sharp beard-shaping razor is needed, along with a matte gel wax to set the hair on top of the head.

Sophisticated Haircut with Undercut and Hair Design

Instagram / @hairstyle_4_mens

9. Gray Hair, Gray Beard

Trendy beards and hairstyles aren’t just for young men. This gray head of hair is sculpted with a razor to appear lush and well-groomed — and the silver color only adds to the overall look.

White Gray Hair and Gray Beard

Instagram / @legendary.barber

10. Full Beard and Man Bun

Not every mustache needs twisting up on the ends — this straight beard will still look refined and classy without a curl. It’s created using a solid, broad-toothed comb and beard wax to maintain consistent length and neatness.

Relaxed Man Bun and Full Beard

Instagram / @carolbarberbc

11. Short Wavy Hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, this combo is a great style option to consider. Use a fine brush to tame the waves and apply some gel to keep them firm, while tending to the beard with a little shaping and oiling.

Beard and Short Wavy Hair

Instagram / @the.barbera

12. Short on Top

Sometimes, you can let your beard be the star of the show. Keeping the hair short on top is easily achieved with a standard razor, while the beard can be faded neatly into the scalp with a fine blade.

13. Short and Sculpted

Keeping hair short means you have more time to put into sculpting it in a beautiful way. This hairline is creatively designed in a geometric pattern, while the beard is similarly structured but with the added drama of some natural growth.

14. Curly Hair

This style illustrates it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. The heavy head of curls balances well with a refined beard, achieved with a sharp blade, a round brush, and matte setting mousse.

Short Curly Hair with Low Fade

Instagram / @blurrygio

15. Fauxhawk

It’s like a Mohawk without all the effort. The curvature of the hair shape shows fun and flexibility, while the beard is full-bodied but still expertly maintained. A fine-toothed comb, hair oil, and some matte wax will make this look complete.

16. Braided Style

These two-strand twists make for a striking, beautiful hair look. Just one of many dreadlock and braid options for kinky hair, these luscious braids require experienced hands. The beard is simple and short, drawing more attention to the locs.

17. Slick and Sculpted

This look is great for men with extremely straight, fine hair. Slicked back with a fine-toothed comb, the top of the head appears sleek and silky while the facial hair is kept neat and structured with a beard-shaper.

Red Hair and Beard

Instagram / @barber_nikos

18. Fade with Beard Design

If you like unique and creative grooming looks, a beard design is a great option for you. Intricate designs call for a precise, sharp blade, while you can get away with a simple brush to keep the top of the head looking fresh.

Undercut with Beard Design

Instagram / @hairgicianshariq

19. Light and Dark

If the crown of your head has gone gray but your beard hasn’t caught up yet, don’t be afraid to let that contrast show. This long, luscious beard is well maintained with regular brushing and hair oil massages, while the hair is slicked back with a lightly gelled comb.

Gray Hair and Dark Beard

Instagram / @carolbarberbc

20. Fringe and Goatee

Goatees look great on round and square faces. This shape is perfectly balanced out with an up-brushed fringe that elongates the face, while the beard itself is neatly shaped using a fine-bladed razor.

Short Graying Hair and Beard

Instagram / @carolbarberbc

Looking after your appearance is always trendy. Statistics show that men’s skincare and makeup are on the rise, and this interest extends to beards and hair. Today’s man wants to look good, and there are plenty of styles and products that can help you do exactly that.

Whether you like your beard to be big and bushy or neat and well-preened, these hairstyles and beard ideas are bound to inspire you to get creative with your hair grooming techniques.

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