Nikki Goddard
Published on February 18, 2023

Aren’t into spending too much time styling your hair, but still want to look stylish and well-groomed? We know your pain and are here to help. Below are thirty examples of low-maintenance haircuts for men that don’t look boring.

1. Textured Crop with Skin Fade

There’s no wonder that a textured crop is one of the most popular hairstyles for men who crave to have the best of both worlds, namely low maintenance and a hot look. Moreover, it’s a perfect way to tame unruly curly hair and turn it into an asset.

Curly Mid Fade Haircut for Men

Instagram / @gfpeluqueros

2. Sassy French Crop

A short haircut can look extremely stylish, and a french crop is an easy way to prove it. The taper fade adds an incredibly sexy vibe to this low-maintenance style and draws attention to facial features. What is more important, it works great with both thick and thin hair.

French Crop for Heart Shaped Face

Instagram / @kevinpaulmiller

3. Caesar Cut with High Fade

Short straight fringe plus sides and back buzzed to the same length go a long way toward making your hair look neat between your barbershop appointments. It’s an excellent choice for both thin and thick hair, but make sure you stock up on some styling cream to keep your top sleek.

4. Man Bun with Undercut Nape

A man bun is a cool alternative to wearing your long hair loose, especially when it’s sweltering outside. While the bun is always a way to stand out, adding a nape undercut helps achieve an ultimately stylish look.

Undercut Man Bun for Long Hair

Instagram / @barberfirmat

5. Center Parted Haircut

If you’re endowed with sleek and silky hair texture, there’s no wonder you prefer longer hair over a short cut. While most longer styles are far from low-maintenance, this center-parted haircut is relatively easy to style.

6. Mid Fade with a Longer Top

Skin-faded sides and a longer top make a mind-blowing combination. It also combines exceptionally well with a beard, so there’s little wonder that it’s one of the men’s favorite low-maintenance haircuts.

7. Taper Fade Crew Cut

If you’re looking for ways to showcase your natural texture, a taper fade crew cut with a longer top has you covered. Besides being a pretty easy hairstyle, a taper fade crew cut works well with any hair type.

Blonde Textured Taper Fade

Instagram / @pepe_hairstylist

8. French Crop with a High Fade

A french crop with a high fade could be the best bet if you have thick hair. Of course, a well-groomed beard is a perfect addition to this look. Ask your stylist for a textured top to create an even more outstanding look.

9. High Fade Buzz Cut

We know how challenging it is to keep coarse hair in place when most styling products are just unhelpful. The good news is that it’s quite possible to make thicker hair more manageable without compromising on the allure. A high fade adds that irresistibly sexy twist to a classic buzz cut.

Cool Short Skin Fade Haircut

Instagram / @facundinhodelgado

10. Romantic Cut for Men

If you don’t like wearing your hair short, consider this simple cut with a longer top. It’s a great choice for guys with straight hair who don’t mind using a blow dryer. What is more, it looks amazing on men with oval-shaped faces, creating an incredibly romantic look.

11. Curly Top with a Low Fade

Boys endowed with curls see it more as a curse rather than bliss since a curly mane requires more commitment. If a short buzz cut is your nightmare and you’re looking for a way to show off your curls among low-maintenance hairstyles, consider a curly top with a low fade.

12. Butch Cut with a Skin Fade

Easy hairstyles for men are in most cases short hairstyles, such as a butch cut, which is literally the most classic way to wear short hair. To spice your butch cut up and make it more masculine-looking, ask your barber for a skin fade.

13. Short Quiff with a Mid Fade

While the quiff has been one of the most wanted men’s hairstyles for the past couple of years, it’s hard to call it a low-maintenance haircut. However, you can always ask for a shorter version of the quiff: it doesn’t require so much attention but still looks sexy and is so comfortable to wear.

Easy High Taper Fade and a Beard

Instagram / @greg_cuts

14. Spiky Top with a Mid Fade

Here’s another proof that simple men’s haircuts don’t need to be short. To achieve a comfortable style without compromising on appeal, go for messy spikes combined with a mid fade.

15. Center Parted Bob

If you are one of the guys who prefer keeping their manes long and wearing their hair straight, you might love to get a bob haircut. It’s a relatively low-maintenance and easy style, especially if you have stick-straight hair.

Men Blunt Cut for Mid Length Hair

Instagram / @pepe_hairstylist

16. Curly Top with a Skin Fade

Your stunning curls will look neater and more attractive if you combine them with a skin fade. Such a combination is way easier to maintain and sure to inject extra visual interest into your look.

17. Simple Haircut with a Brushed Up Top

This short haircut is fairly easy to achieve and maintain, but it’s still unusual and unique in its own way, primarily due to the skin fade and contrasting lengths on top. Moreover, it fits any lifestyle and works well with all hair types, including thin or fine hair.

Simple Temple Fade Crew Cut

Instagram / @officialjoeyedge

18. Modern Pompadour

If you don’t mind turning heads and being the center of attention wherever you go, consider getting a modern pompadour cut. A dazzling version of the iconic mid-20th century men’s haircut, the modern pompadour is all about style and an ultimately sleek look.

19. Voluminous Quiff

There’s little wonder that the quiff is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles today – it looks cool and hot, and gives out a vibe of a well-groomed man. Still, remember that it’s not one of those ultra low-maintenance haircuts for men. Once you decide on a quiff, you’ll need to get into the routine of styling your hair with some hair products.

Modern Pompadour Haircut for Men

Instagram / @haircutvsousa

20. Outstanding Top

Curly men’s hair looks incredibly good when paired with tapered sides. The latter create the right contrast to highlight your beautiful hair structure and make your curls pop. Still, don’t just cut your top – ask the barber to do some layering to make the curls more defined.

Stylish Taper Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @brodiethebarber_

21. Messy Top and Skin Fade

It’s great that some trendy cuts don’t require a lot of maintenance while looking absolutely awesome and stylish. This hair is destined to stand out due to the messy eye-catching top and no less outstanding skin fade.

Wavy Mid Fade Taper Cut

Instagram / @tsamueltw6

22. Modern Touch on a Crew Cut

It’s safe to say that many simple haircuts have originated from a crew cut, like the one in the photo. This hair features a fresh touch on a classic cut – it’s more disconnected and the fringe is more like of a french crop.

23. High Fade

If you usually wear a classic taper haircut but want to try something different for a change, consider getting a high or low fade, leaving your top at your comfortable length. To keep it so delightfully messy, use the proper styling product.

24. Buzz Cut

Boys with thick hair often choose an induction cut for a hassle-free hair routine and comfortable wear. However, a buzz cut with a low fade and sharp lines might interest you as well – it’s as low-maintenance as an induction cut but looks way more compelling.

Edgy Men Buzz Cut

Instagram /

25. Longer Top with High Fade

If the low-maintenance burr cut or french crop seem too short to you, you can always leave a longer top to emphasize your natural hair texture. What is more, you can style the top part in different ways, experimenting with parting and brushing the front piece of the hair forward or backward.

Classic Mid Fade Haircut

Instagram / @balpbg9710

26. Ivy League Haircut

Simple men’s haircuts like this Ivy League cut can look really elegant and chic. It delivers a classy Hollywood vibe and looks awesome on men regardless of age. So if you have straight hair, consider this idea.

27. Burr Cut

If you prefer manageable, easy hairstyles, but an induction cut sounds too straightforward to you, a burr cut might be your way to go. The best thing about the burr cut is that it’s easy to adapt to different face shapes by incorporating different types of fades, including round faces.

Light Brown Crew Cut with Beard

Instagram / @oaks_barbers

28. Classic Taper Cut

Low-maintenance, short hair doesn’t mean getting a buzz cut. A classic taper haircut doesn’t require styling – it is a wash-and-go option that works well with different hair types, looking especially cool on wavy hair.

29. Pompadour with Temple Undercut

Are there any easy hairstyles longer than a classic crew or buzz cut? The answer is yes, but this is often your hair structure that makes for easy hairstyles. If your hair is fairly manageable, you can go for a pompadour with a temple undercut like in this pic.

30. Crew Cut with a Skin Fade

For a distinctively masculine look, you don’t need to grow a beard. A crew cut with a skin fade can perfectly cope with this task. You can also experiment with various types of fades to figure out which suits you best.

As you see, easy hairstyles for men can look ultimately stylish and attractive, remaining low-maintenance at the same time. Not to mention, they’re fairly versatile – you can always experiment with the fade and hair design.

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