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Updated on January 26, 2021
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When it comes to hairstyles for men, diversity is often the last word that comes to mind. However, in recent years we’ve seen a gradual move toward trendy, less black-and-white looks, including the fade haircut with its numerous variations.

Types of Fade Haircuts for Men

In a fade haircut the length of the hair decreases gradually towards the bottom, commonly to bare skin. There are many hairstyles that include a fade, yet it’s hard to find two fades that are completely alike. Here, we highlight 20 popular hairstyles with main types of fades.

1. Hipster Taper Fade

Tapered Pompadour

Instagram / @virogas.barber

The look of hipsters, artists and well-dressed men in general, the taper fade style is one of the sexiest fade haircuts. And the best part of all? It’s incredibly low maintenance, only requiring some light styling with a bit of gel or pomade.

2. Fade with Side Part

Fade haircut styles with a side part are very trendy right now and also flattering for different face shapes. It helps when the hair is longer on top as well. A fade and comb over are a popular combo.

Side Part Taper Fade

Instagram / @ambarberia

3. Low Fade

One of the best fade haircuts for men with rounder faces is a pompadour with a low taper fade. This hairstyle builds a height and elongates the face while providing a neat and sharp look.

Low Taper Fade With Pompadour

Instagram / @savillsbarbers

4. Shadow Fade

If you don’t like high-contrast high fades, opt for a perfectly blended shadow fade. With this short fade look, you’ll want a line up, and bye-bye styling tools and styling products!

Short Shadow Fade With Line Up

Instagram / @eddie_rtb

5. Drop Fade

Drop fades haircuts are named what they are because the fade will drop behind the ear. This typically means that the taper will form an arc from the temples to the nape. Get this fun update for your fade at your next visit to the barber shop.

Low Drop Fade For Curly Hair

Instagram / @criztofferson

6. Low Bald Fade

Another variation of a skin fade, a low bald fade has been a cool, frequently asked men’s cut for several years. It’s an understated and neat look that is made more prominent with an absolutely precise (almost artistic) line up.

Caesar Cut With Low Fade

Instagram / @zeke_the_barber

7. Disconnected Haircut with Fade

With a sharp decrease in hair length on the sides and back of the head, the disconnected look is a long top short sides hairstyle. The choppy top and faded sides/back in this case are created with clippers and scissors. The cut is particularly in-style right now.

Long Top Taper Fade

Instagram / @baldysbarbers

8. Blurry Fade

The blurry fade with a pompadour for men can be worn in both a professional and fun, eccentric way. However, it takes a steady hand and eye for precision on the barber’s part to ensure the perfect blending of the men’s fade haircut – so choose yours wisely.

Bald Fade With Spiky Top

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

9. High Top Fade

Complete with spiky, punk rock ends, a high top fade works best when the hair is relatively long on top. Try to ensure that the gel you’re using is a particularly high-hold one, as you don’t want the look to fall flat by mid-concert!

Bald Fade With Spiky Top

Instagram / @justin_thebarber

10. Skin (Bald) Fade

A skin fade haircut is a particularly bold type of men’s style. Whereas many shadowed looks still technically have a whole head of hair, this style is bare up the neck to only an inch or so from the crown.

Pompadour With High Fade

Instagram / @wester_barber

11. Medium Fade

A mid fade cut offers guys the best of both worlds. The style isn’t as extreme or edgy as its bald variation, but it also captures the essence of the shadowy trend in general. In this instance, the hair is combed back away from the face.

Fade For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @patty_cuts

12. Temple Fade

Ideal for, quite literally, all different types of hair, temple fades probably look the least shadowy but they offer an option for more conservative men, making it a great choice for your first-time fade.

Taper With Temple And Nape Fade

Instagram / @beboprbarber

13. Undercut Mohawk with Faded Temple

Also known as the “South of France Fade,” the burst fade mohawk is an ideal style for a man looking to get a Mohawk with a trendy touch. Usher rocked this style in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (in case you’re an R&B fan!).

Short Curly Mohawk

Instagram / @aluppercut

14. All Around Fade

The all around fade offers you to play with a high contrast look – longer length on top and fade to the skin on the sides and back look fierce and sharp, and it’s completely on-trend. If your hair is curly, you’ll want to add a line up.

Curly Top With Line Up And Fade

Instagram / @_mannys

15. Buzz Fade

A buzz fade is achieved by using exactly what you’d assume: electric clippers. They buzz the hair to ensure everything is of the same short length (with the exception of the actual fade). In this case, it has the look of a high and tight taper.

16. Box Fade

If you plan to get really funky with your look, a box fade is an option. It’s a favorite for many African American men, a style to show off your natural texture and achieve cool geometric shapes.

Flat Top Fade

Instagram / @suggsdabarber

17. Faded Undercut for Longer Hair

Popularity for faded undercuts really picked up speed last year, and the new trend is only looking to grow. The hair is combed back slick and either held with a styling gel or let loose. The key is that the hair on the top is significantly longer than the rest of the head.

18. Fade Line

With all the different types of fade haircuts to choose from, it’s easy (and encouraged) to get a bit wild. One of the easiest ways to up the ante is with a shaved line, where the arc begins at the temples and runs towards the nape of the neck.

Pompadour Undercut With Shaved Line

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

19. Fade with Designs

When it comes to fade hairstyles that incorporate geometric, abstract designs, the sky is truly the limit. If you have angular facial features, opt for lines with acute angles and mirror them in your facial hairstyle.

Skin Fade With Shaved Designs

Instagram / @sprucecruz

20. Comb Over Fade

A comb over fade haircut is one of the coolest fade haircuts in general, and it offers so many features to help make it your own. Here, the look is made more distinguished by extremely slick hair and razor-sharp lines.

Side Parted Hairstyle With Fade

Instagram / @_anthonybarber

If the goal is to update your current style, opting for a fade haircut (whether high, medium or low) is an excellent choice. Fades can be customized to suit your personal preferences and make you standout to a greater or lesser degree.

Tapered Pompadour Side Part Taper Fade Low Taper Fade With Pompadour Short Shadow Fade With Line Up Low Drop Fade For Curly Hair Caesar Cut With Low Fade Long Top Taper Fade Bald Fade With Spiky Top Bald Fade With Spiky Top Pompadour With High Fade Fade For Receding Hairline Taper With Temple And Nape Fade Short Curly Mohawk Curly Top With Line Up And Fade Extra Short Cut With Skin Fade Flat Top Fade Men's Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle Pompadour Undercut With Shaved Line Skin Fade With Shaved Designs Side Parted Hairstyle With Fade
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