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Updated on July 25, 2022
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Long pixie hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear short hair. Many celebrities are now sporting this trend, as the perfect pixie look can be glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. Here we share the best hair styles and how these styles work.

Beautiful Long Pixie Hairstyles

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired.

1. Long Blonde Pixie with V-Cut Layers

Long Choppy Pixie

Instagram / @aaronscottnyc

A longer length of the longer pixie cut allows to experiment with silhouettes of your hairstyle varying the amount, length and position of layers. You may try cuts short in the front and long in the back or go with an extremely short nape and long flowy layers on top.

2. Long Pixie with Razored Crown Layers

If you have fine hair, a pixie cut can help you to incorporate dimension and texture. Ask your stylist for razored layers at the crown to create an added height that also looks pretty fun. You’re left with a soft, wispy effect that’s undeniably chic.

Long Pixie With Bangs And Sideburns

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

3. Chopped Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

One of the most on-trend styles for short hair, the long pixie cut with bangs is cute and funky all year round. The choppy layers add depth, while the blonde hue makes a serious style statement. Use a texture paste to fluff up the angled pieces and further enhance the volume.

Chopped Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

Instagram / @tashpotatoes_hair

4. Edgy Long Pixie for Fine Hair

Due to its varied lengths, the long, layered pixie looks cool and edgy. The random shorter layers throughout generate some extra thickness around the crown. Simply wear your tresses smooth or ruffle them up for versatility.

Choppy Bronde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @phildoeshair

5. Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

This edgy look is featured here in a row of pictures, which allow you to get the full scope of it — from the back view to the hip frontal part. We love the deep side parting, which achieves a spectacular dramatic effect, fit for an urban princess of hipsters, as well as for a bohemian dreamer.

Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Instagram / @anapembertonhair

6. Long Textured Pixie with Asymmetrical Nape

If you like shorter hair, but not extremely short, consider a long pixie. Hair is the first natural adornment of any woman, so don’t be in a hurry to chop it off completely. Long side pieces, a poofy top and wispy layers cut in different lengths give you the desired stylistic choices. Play around with colors and leave one side significantly darker than the other.

Long Pixie Haircut For Straight Hair

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

7. Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

How to make the one-color pixie interesting? Opt for the asymmetrical silhouette, add shine with hair products right for your hair type, and define some strands with waves. The haircut pictured here will look good on curly hair too, so try it if you want something trendy and non-banal.

Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

Instagram @amonsani

8. Choppy Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

Take the plunge with a lavender brown hair color and cut your fine locks into a choppy pixie with feathered bangs. The long front pieces graze the jawline, just enough to draw attention to the flattering angles of your face. The short nape and tousled top add a playful touch.

Lavender Brown Choppy Feathered Pixie

Instagram / @coupesmodernes

9. “Almost Bob” Pixie Cut

A pixie can look almost like a bob when the layers are long and appear “grown out.” It’s best worn smooth and sleek for maximum impact, which can be achieved with a straightener. Also, opt for a lengthy, sweeping side fringe to flatter and frame your face.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @morganmondyhair

10. Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Fashion-forward and fierce-looking, a shaggy pixie that has been side-swept and disheveled epitomizes androgyny. The super short lengths require a reasonable amount of boldness to pull off, but the result is undeniably striking.

Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Instagram / @styledbyalicia

11. Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape

Add pizzazz to a pixie bob haircut by enforcing a tapered nape, where your hair length gradually becomes shorter from the top of the head down to the nape of your neck. As well as producing an individualistic shape, the side parting inspires visual intrigue.

Long Tapered Blonde Pixie

Instagram / @morgierennie

12. Uneven Shaggy Pixie Bob

If you want a cut that screams carefree, choose an uneven shaggy pixie. The lengths vary significantly to achieve the mussed up, chaotic effect. Request an unusual coloring and wear your locks naturally tousled for a standout aesthetic.

Long Choppy Silver Pixie

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

13. Classy Long Layered Pixie

If you desire a pixie cut that oozes class and sophistication, this long, layered option might be the one for you. The shape is built with long and short choppy layers covering the back undercut to construct a polished and refined appearance. Blow dry smooth to amp up the glamor.

Long Warm Brown Undercut Pixie

Instagram / @dillahajhair

14. Choppy Pearl Blonde Pixie Bob

Say goodbye to your confusion about how to wear your fine blonde hair. Cut it into a layered pixie bob with cute wispy bangs and a side part. The rich pearly sheen adds texture and depth. The slightly tousled crown section creates a fun and friendly youthful appearance.

Layered Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

15. Long Straight Silver Pixie

Wear the biggest earrings you can find and showcase your long pixie haircut with sliced layers. Dramatic, theatrical, and metropolitan – this fashionable textured haircut is brimming with confidence and feminine appeal.

Textured Long Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @soraverly

16. Long Shaggy Blonde Pixie

Take your time defining all the shaggy pieces of your new asymmetrical pixie. It’s surprisingly low maintenance; long pixies can take a little extra work, but it’s worth it. The uneven, tousled top and long, face-framing bangs convey an urban feel to your overall style.

Low Maintenance Long Pixie

Instagram / @soraverly

17. Neat Gray Balayage Pixie for Fine Hair

Style your sleek fine locks into a short and sassy pixie bob and tuck the side sections neatly behind the ears for a professional, trim appearance. Almost any woman can look great with a gray and brown balayage, but it’s a color choice that holds a special appeal for younger women. Set off the muted colors with lots of sparkly jewelry and a vibrant wardrobe.

Pixie Bob With Gray Brown Balayage

Instagram / @hairbykotay

18. Messy Auburn Pixie Cut

A bright personality can pull off a cheeky pixie look. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it can’t be layered. Loads of angles and a ton of texture liven up your look. A sizzling hot red color could be just what you need to take your pixie to the next level.

19. Vintage Long Pixie

Bring back a vintage feel from the old Hollywood with a sultry short hairstyle. A deep part with a voluminous side-sweep is beautiful yet easy to pull off. Let your long side bangs flip out at the end. Tease the roots to create the right amount of height.

20. Bob to Long Pixie Transformation

Add more shape and texture to an ordinary bob by cutting it into a long pixie with bangs. The deep side part and extra-long bangs have an unruly touch, while the neatly cropped nape section is sophisticated and professional. If you have any natural waves, feel free to scrunch them on the sides and top to add even more volume.

Long Pixie With Bangs

Instagram / @soraverly

21. Accurate Ash Blonde Pixie with Angled Bangs

Transform the front section of your long pixie into peek-a-boo bangs to balance the rough boyish angles of the sideburns and nape. The tousled top and smooth tapered nape are neat and trim, making the most out of your thick, coarse hair.

22. Long Pixie with Swoopy Layers

Put a contemporary spin on this conventional pixie cut by incorporating swoopy layers. These do develop dynamic lines that are sure to dazzle. Use a smoothing cream to eliminate any flyaways for a trendy and lustrous look.

Blonde Layered Pixie

Instagram / @escapewithashley

23. Silver Pixie with Long Chopped Layers

If you’re feeling experimental, try a dramatic yet reasonably long pixie haircut. As well as being ahead of the style pack, this ‘do features choppy layers that create some stunning distinction. Just make sure that you wash your hair with a purple shampoo to prolong the ashy color.

Choppy Long Pixie Cut

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

24. Tapered Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

Liven up your ordinary pixie haircuts with feathered layers and a few blonde babylights. The result is a feminine and professional haircut that you can wear at any venue and in any situation. It’s a perfect style for fine, straight hair.

Feathered Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

Instagram / @shorimtg

25. Long Softly Layered Pixie Cut

To obtain a glossy and graceful aesthetic, opt for a pixie with soft stacked, V-cut layers cut around the crown. This silky short hairstyle can be blow dried smooth and teased at the roots to show off its stunning shape. You may also want to highlight your locks subtly to produce a shiny, polished effect.

Teased Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

26. Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Refresh drab coloring and flat textures of your bob and switch to a choppy pixie that shows off a bit of the ear and A LOT of the neck. The long front pieces and stacked back area help showcase your jawline, and the bright blonde highlights over chestnut brown hair look shiny and healthy.

Long Choppy Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @anhcotran

27. Blowout for Long Pixie

Blow-dry your long pixie cut to create a smooth, textured surface that helps the metallic balayage shine and shimmer. The side-swept bangs easily balance the poofy top section that seems to sprout from the part line. A versatile haircut, it can look corporate or party-girl, depending on your mood.

Long Pixie Cut With Metallic Balayage

Instagram / @escapewithashley

28. Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

An inverted pixie bob is perfect for formal events and daily wear, depending on how you style it. The buzzed back and sides make a great contrast with the long top, and the inverted shape creates a totally edgy look.

Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

Instagram / @mollytbaby_hair

29. Long Razored Black-and-White Pixie

Choose a shaggy haircut with a striking color contrast when you’re looking for a new way to wear your short hair. The stark white color over jet black roots creates a unique signature style you can be proud of. Comb it back and leave a few short, wispy bangs in the front for a trendy, modern short look.

Shaggy Long Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @manegirlkate

30. Long Gothic Pixie

This season be ready to spice up long pixie cuts with unusual colors and tousled styling. This long pixie sports cropped side bangs and a stacked back. Make the most of the look with lots of layers and a generous amount of hairspray, wax or gel.

31. Tapered Choppy Silver Pixie

Take a chance and leave your short hair long in the front, and you’ll end up with a unique hairstyle that’s both eye-catching and practical. The wispy bangs and tousled top bring out the best of fine, feathery hair textures. The silver balayage with black roots makes your hair look healthy and shiny.

Short Hair Long In The Front

Instagram / @trishjamesinc

32. Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob

This is a beautiful transition style between a pixie and a bob. The graduation between the lengths is smooth and neat – perfect for those who want a short style appropriate for formal events.

Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob

Instagram / @lilmsjoan

33. Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie

A long pixie haircut can be worn with shorter bangs to soften the face and a few side layers to give it a cool angled frame. This particular style covers the ears and accentuates the jaw line – ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces.

34. Short Asymmetrical Haircut

There’s no need for a drastic undercut to pull off a pixie-like bob, a subtle difference in length can look just as good. This style sports long cheek-grazing layers on one side of the face and shorter swept back locks on the other.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

35. Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Girls with curly hair have an advantage of being able to rock a longer pixie in two different ways. Wear your hair natural and curly for a deceptively short cropped look. Or, straighten your hair for a longer inverted bob style.

African American Long Curly Pixie

Instagram / @oluchizelda

36. Undercut Pixie with Purple Highlights

Long pixie haircuts look best with a bit of color! These purple and black pieces highlight the stacked back with an undercut. Maximize the inverted pixie bob with shorter layers to show off the color and texture of the style.

Black Bob With Purple Balayage

Instagram /

37. Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

This choppy platinum blond style really does make the wearer look like a fairytale pixie — or perhaps the fairy Tinkerbell. Note that the fringe is much longer than the hair at the back of the head, which works toward building a bit of natural volume at the top.

Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

Instagram / @beyond_vivids

38. Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Channel your rebellious side with a short spiky pixie cut and contrasting long bangs. This style needs a bit of a light hold texturizing product and hands-on styling to make the most of the layers. Finish the look off with a statement color like this delicious creamy blonde, for example.

Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Instagram / @lauriandebeerhair

39. Brunette Feathered Pixie Bob

Long bangs across the forehead bring a sexy touch to longer pixie haircuts. The triangular side sections and the angled part line give a sophisticated and mature feel to this feathery pixie bob.

Feathered Pixie Haircut With Long Bangs

Instagram / @dillahajhair

40. Chopped and Tapered Silver Pixie

Put your femme fatale Andy Warhol clothes on and pair them with a tomboyish layered silver pixie. This style looks fabulous on thick straight hair. The tousled layers in gray and white tones add height and volume. Side-swept peek-a-boo bangs keep the feathered haircut feminine and sultry.

Layered Silver Pixie For Thick Straight Hair

Instagram / @jhair_stylist

41. Pretty Tapered Black Pixie

Stay up to date and trendy with a sexy black hairstyle that’s both feminine and sophisticated. Pixie haircuts with sharp angles and a lot of height on top are edgy and confident, and the sharp triangular shapes of the nape and sideburns have a striking impact. It’s a style that works nicely with extra-coarse hair.

42. Piece-y Silver Blonde Pixie

Keep your hairstyle modern by leaving your short hair long in front. This is a perfect cut for fine, thin hair. The side-swept bangs are a nice addition to the piece-y tousled cut. The wispy, straggly top section adds extra height and character.

43. Long Sleek Wheat Blonde Pixie

Wear your straight hair in one of these long pixie hairstyles and bring out the best out of your fine-textured locks. The wispy bangs and tapered back create a lovely silhouette, and the dark roots enhance depth and volume.

Long Pixie For Straight Fine Hair

Instagram / @alongcamerachel

44. Platinum Pixie with Undercut

Keep your coif current with a close cut or shaven back. If you’re feeling bold, extend the close cut to the sides. Maintain your do long on top for a funky style that’s fun to play with. An extreme platinum color adds poise and is sure to turn heads.

45. Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

To one side, this pixie is shorn very short, while to the other, the hair almost extends to the jaw level. As can be seen on the model, this brings out the features in the upper half of the face, like the light colored eyes and impeccably maintained eyebrows. It’s not an extremely pretentious style, but it won’t work as well for square face shapes as it will for oval and oblong ones.

46. Effortless Haircut

A longer, low-maintenance pixie is the essence of the girl next door. Texture, volume and a bit of wave combine to bring a powerful but adorable cut to life. Less is really more when it comes to effort.

47. Painless Pixie

This picture of a long pixie haircut presents a style anyone can rock. It’s cute, fresh and has just enough attitude to make it stand out from the crowd. A cut this painless requires virtually no maintenance and stands the test of time.

48. Smooth Sailing Haircut

Here’s an elegant and refined short haircut style with a deep side part and angled fringe. Longer hair on one side creates a fun element of asymmetry for a more dynamic hairstyle. Maintain a smooth finish and you’ve got a perfectly polished mane.

49. Layered Pixie with Length at the Nape

This cute hairstyle with long bangs also features choppy layering, which tends to work best with very light color options. It is also the case here, where the platinum strands are offset by the darker roots.

50. Modern Pixie Style

A long pixie haircut with a modern twist could be just what you need to revitalize your look. With lots of length on top and closely cut back you get a trendy and confident look. Add further dimension with a platinum color on top of the dark underlayer.

51. Short and Sweet Haircut

If you want an understated pixie bob haircut, try a cropped cut for sultry brunette locks. Keep the top of the hair long, and wear it side-parted, with a root lift. Go as short as you like on the back.

Short and Sweet Haircu

Instagram / @erickinvisible

52. Shine on Pixie

A look with a long pixie cut is like a blank canvas. Once you’ve got the right cut in place, you can stylize it any way you feel. You can keep it pin straight, or soften it with some waves. Combine the two together in one hairdo. Plus, it allows you to pull off any color you like. An iridescent purple tone can add lots of shine to your pixie.

53. Chin Length Cut for Fine Hair

In the first picture the model’s triangular face and soft hair seem mismatched. But the ‘after’ image, in which the hair has been cut and styled into a cute, edgy pixie bob, goes to show how some layering and length variety goes a long way.

54. Neat Black Pixie with Long Bangs

Quirky and alternative, this long pixie cut has a shorter back that has been stacked and undercut as a point of difference. It utilizes blended layers to create a round shape at the crown, which lifts up the hair to cause fullness.

Undercut Black Pixie With Bangs

Instagram / @hayleystyles_

55. Long Silver Pixie Style

This pixie cut (that is almost a bob) has lots of length but does not sport the usual neat parting. The hair is styled messily with a maximum height from the crown of the head, and the locks are layered asymmetrically throughout the cut.

Wispy Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

56. Wavy Pixie with Undercut

This long pixie cut has all the volume and femininity of a longer cut with the ease of a short style. A slight undercut will draw attention to waves and curls in the top layer, and the stacked back will add some height.

Choppy Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @bleachedandblown

57. Crisp Back-Swept Waves

Retro curls on longer pixie cuts add glamour and elegance. They are ideal for a beautiful evening look. Charlize Theron wears loose curls away from the face for sophisticated Hollywood allure. This style can be created with a heated curling tong and then spritzed with hairspray for maximum hold.

long pixie hairstyle for curly hair

Helga Esteb /

58. Long Edgy Pixie with a Side Sweep

A deep parting on Kristen Stewart gives a fresh punk vibe to a longer pixie cut. Using a texturizing product helps to create more movement in the hair and add volume. This style is perfect for teen girls or those in their twenties as it’s on trend and looks great with highlights.

long side-swept pixie hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

59. Refined Straight Pixie Cut

Wearing a long pixie hairstyle with bangs like Sienna Miller is highly flattering for oval and long face shapes. This style can be rocked with different hair accessories, and is ideal if you’re planning to grow out your hair. A little volume on top helps to add thickness to fine locks.

long pixie hairstyle for straight hair

Everett Collection /

60. Ash Blonde Asymmetric Bob

The most unique long pixie styles are the ones that aptly pair two entirely different lengths of hair. Three quarters of this haircut are a bob with the remaining section being a short pixie-length. Tie the two parts together with a striking hair color.

Ash Blonde Asymmetric Bob

Instagram / @hairbyelena

These were the best hairstyle suggestions for short-to-medium length hair from celebrities. Try a new turn on your time-tested style!

Long Choppy Pixie Long Pixie With Bangs And Sideburns Chopped Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs Choppy Bronde Pixie Bob Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Long Pixie Haircut For Straight Hair Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie Lavender Brown Choppy Feathered Pixie Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut Long Tapered Blonde Pixie Long Choppy Silver Pixie Long Warm Brown Undercut Pixie Layered Blonde Pixie Bob Textured Long Pixie Haircut Low Maintenance Long Pixie Pixie Bob With Gray Brown Balayage Layered Long Mahogany Pixie Pixie Bob With Long Side Bangs Long Pixie With Bangs Pixie With Long Peek-A-Boo Bangs Blonde Layered Pixie Choppy Long Pixie Cut Feathered Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs Teased Ash Blonde Pixie Bob Long Choppy Pixie With Blonde Highlights Long Pixie Cut With Metallic Balayage Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob Shaggy Long Pixie Haircut Gray Long Pixie With Pink Highlights Short Hair Long In The Front Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie Short Asymmetrical Haircut African American Long Curly Pixie Black Bob With Purple Balayage Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs Feathered Pixie Haircut With Long Bangs Layered Silver Pixie For Thick Straight Hair Tapered Pixie Haircut Short Pixie Long In Front Long Pixie For Straight Fine Hair Silver Blonde Pixie With Long Side Bangs long blonde pixie with side-swept bangs Long Textured Pixie Hairstyle Side Parted Pixie Bob Layered Brunette Pixie With Bangs long platinum blonde pixie Long Blonde Pixie With Side Bangs Short and Sweet Haircu Long Pastel Purple Pixie short stacked pixie bob Undercut Black Pixie With Bangs Wispy Asymmetrical Bob Choppy Ash Blonde Pixie Bob long pixie hairstyle for curly hair long side-swept pixie hairstyle long pixie hairstyle for straight hair Ash Blonde Asymmetric Bob
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