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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Strawberry blonde is a trendy hair color. It’s a famous warm reddish blonde hue that looks refined and pretty fancy in some of its variations. Most blondes and redheads have tried it and appreciated its benefits. Among celebrities the most popular strawberry blondes are Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Cynthia Nixon, Sienna Miller… These are true strawberry blonde icons, and we often can’t resist copying their stunning looks at least partially. However, we, girls, don’t feel like looking the same for too long. That’s why we experiment with hair colors so often. We’ve looked around for 60 different pictures with shades of strawberry blonde. Some of them are rather into the beige and neutral tone with a very delicate pinkish tint, others incline to warm reddish shades. There are also darker and lighter versions, more intense and softer ones. We bet you’ll find here something you really like.

Who Can Try Strawberry Blonde?

Anyone who likes it, you may suggest. Actually, yes, but it’s not going to be flattering to everyone. First of all, let’s try to sort out the hues. The strawberry is not ginger, auburn or chestnut… Basically, it’s a blonde tone but with a warm golden-reddish tint. It occurs naturally very rarely and goes in combination with pale skin and freckles.

Today with professional hair dyes and talented colorists we can achieve practically every color we want. Classic strawberry tone is flattering for girls and women with fair warm-toned skin. However, it’s also possible to attain the strawberry hues that are neutral and even a bit cool, tending to beige tones. That’s why if your natural hair color is dishwater blonde, you can resort to beige strawberry shade and look great.

If you have more intense natural overall coloring (i.e. skin that tans well, light or medium brown hair and dark or bright eyes), you may try darker versions of strawberry blonde. With lighter hues you may look a kind of “washed out”.

Variations of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Not all of the following are exactly strawberry blonde tones. But they are all close to it and are listed here so that you could select your ideal shade, trendy in 2023.

Red and Strawberry Blonde Bob

The admixture of warm blonde highlights really elevates this swanky shoulder-length bob. You can tell that there are red and blonde streaks in the ‘do, but they still melt together to produce a very harmonious finish.

Reddish Strawberry Blonde Waves

This lovely dye job is on the softer, brownish side of the color spectrum. It is a great in-between shade for those who do not want to go fiery red or bright blonde, but still want a hint of intensity. The graceful waves finish the look off beautifully.

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Extensions

This complex dye job combines dark blonde, brownish and red for a truly unique hair color. Show off the changing colors with a feathered side bang. The traditional cut and flirty hues makes this an enviable style for any occasion.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

If you want a natural finish, try this light reddish brown base with golden highlights. The lighter highlights frame her face beautifully. Plus, they make her waves look even shinier than they already are.

Long Strawberry Blonde Hair with Layers

Long layers flatter any face shape and allow you to showcase healthy shiny locks, flowing effortlessly along your back. This look is elevated by a subtle strawberry blonde ombre that looks like some carefree, sun-kissed strands to brighten your overall appearance.

Golden Strawberry Blonde

Wow, look at the shine on this hairdo. It shows that you do not need a bold color for a statement look. Natural hair colors can be just as striking when they are this rich and lustrous.

Brown Hair With Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Instagram/ @larisadoll

Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair

Rose gold is the perfect way to complement tan skin as it brings out the warm undertones in the complexion. A more grown-up and complex way to wear pink hair, this color allows you to have some fun with your style while still maintaining an air of sophistication.

Dark Strawberry Hair with Lighter Tips

Show off your long layers with a strawberry look that starts out dark and gradually gets lighter. Curl the ends to add more volume to your hair and show off the color melt even more.

Coppery Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

This beautiful look gets some extra “va-va-voom” with a heavy dose of layered curls. The creative color truly complements women with green eyes. The copper color flatters a bronzed skin tone by matching its golden undertone for the overall look that truly sparkles.

Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair

This is one stunning hairdo no matter what way you look at it. The angled waves have a retro vibe and the natural strawberry shade works well with the styling, without competing with it.

Strawberry Blonde And Rosewood Hair Color

Instagram/ @circlesofhair

Strawberry Hair with Messy Effect

Recreate the shimmery reddish-bronze color of pennies with a mix of red and strawberry blonde highlights for a truly glimmering glamourous mane. Let the color do the work and style your look into effortless waves.

Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

This blonde and pink look showcases the mastery of the hair colorist. You’re not entirely sure where the pink hair color is or where the blonde parts are because the pink hue is melted seamlessly in the strawberry blonde base. So you may choose either strawberry blonde highlights or a strawberry blonde base and add a complimenting pink shade.

Strawberry-Pink Hair

Your strawberry hair can just be a starting point. This golden strawberry base would be stunning by itself with this wavy look, but they have added a fun twist by including muted pink lowlights.

Pastel Pink Highlights For Strawberry Blonde Hair

Instagram/ @alix_maya

Strawberry Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

This pastel strawberry hair color is contrasted by the visible roots. If you are looking for a low maintenance dye job, this is a brilliant option. You can stretch your time between hair color appointments because the dark roots are a part of the look. Just don’t go too long before your color fades completely.

Long Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

This red and blonde hair proves that you do not have to pick only one color. The long style starts out redder at the roots, then it gradually becomes blonder towards the mid shaft, and browner towards the ends. It is an ombre look, but the gradation is so soft that you almost don’t notice it.

Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Instagram / Bonnie from @crownbeautybar

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

If you like red hair with blonde highlights, try this look. The mid-length blonde and red balayage hairstyle is just one of the many ways you can work strawberry color into your look. This ‘do goes from blonde to red roots. The flicked-out ends suit the soft hair color.

Med Strawberry Blonde Hair with Bangs

If you’re going for a funky strawberry hair color with a hint of orange, you need a cool cut to go with it. This shoulder-length shaggy bob with piecey layers and long bangs is just the thing to complement the dye job.

Pink and Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

You can call this stunning hair color golden strawberry. The strawberry blonde ombre look starts out light red at the roots then softly washes into a light strawberry shade. The soft waves work with the romantic feel of the hair color.

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights

This strawberry hair color has a bit more orange in it. The blonder base gets an electric jolt thanks to the thick peach highlights. If you want to try a similar look, tell your hairstylist to blend in the highlights. You want them to be noticeable but you do not want them to look chunky and contrasting.

Reddish Brown to Warm Strawberry Blonde

When in doubt, try tousled waves. These relaxed waves work so beautifully with this complex warm toned hair color. The middle part and brushed back front layers ensure that your face is still the focus.

Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hair

Red blonde hair is a unique color flattering for a variety of skin tones, and it is made even more beautiful when it is paired with charming waves. You can get these by having the ends of your hair softly layered and then using a large barrel curling iron.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair with Balayage

Red balayage hair can be really fun. Go from a dark strawberry blonde to a soft golden blonde accenting the sides and tips. The more you feather and layer the hair, the lighter it will appear once the color is added in. This is good news for thick haired girls who are looking to let go of some weight.

Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair doesn’t have to be boring. Liven things up with a variety of highlights and low lights that include various hues ranging from platinum to strawberry. This is a great way to distract from hair that is too fine or jazz up that awkward “growing out” length.

Brown, Caramel And Blonde Hair

Instagram / @gina.devine

Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair with White Tips

Strawberry hair is lovely, but sometimes it needs that extra punch of style to make it look fabulous. Going with some platinum blonde tips or another bright hair dye really places a modern take on the otherwise tired hair trend.

Caramel Brown Hair With Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @wesdoeshair

Auburn to Golden Strawberry Blonde Style

Go dramatic with an auburn base that ends with whispers of golden strawberry. One of the fun things about red dye is the fact it’s so versatile. With literally dozens of shades to choose from, no two manes look alike.

Long Red Ombre Hair

Instagram / @venalove

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Dark Underlayers

Keep that copper blonde hair full of surprises with a darker shade beneath. Go with a deep auburn or brown. This is an ideal way to darken up summer hair for the winter without spending a ton of money on the total overhaul.

Golden Blonde And Red Highlights

Instagram / @baileydoeshair

Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

If you are lucky enough to have long, healthy hair, sleep in some chunky rollers overnight for this fancy, wavy hairstyle that positively stuns in shades of reddish blonde. Strawberry blonde is so multidimensional in color, it only makes sense that you make the most of it with voluptuous curls.

Long Caramel Hair With Highlights

Instagram / @chelscaruso

Long Strawberry Red Hair

If you go with red highlights or strawberry red hair, know that it is expensive to upkeep if your hair is very long. However, it’s often worth the price when you see how stunning the final result is. Go with a few shades that pair well together and style your hair into ringlets, loose waves or super straight strands – depending upon your mood that day.

Strawberry Blonde Hair With Soft Highlights

Instagram / @constancerobbins

Asymmetrical Strawberry Blonde Short Hair

Soft copper hair is fun to sport, but it definitely takes a certain personality. How do you know if you’ve got what it takes? Simple – be willing to pair a statement-making hair color with a modern cut and style. This asymmetrical chop will show off color and greatly reduce the daily maintenance.

Choppy Reddish Blonde Bob

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair

Allow hair to fall just to the shoulders in a loose beach wave when you want a style that is easy to manage but still very feminine. Adding in strawberry highlights will warm things up, so take caution if your skin is naturally ruddy – this will look best on tan or fair-skinned gals.

Medium Wavy Strawberry Blonde Hair

Instagram / @hairbykristinek

Balayaged Strawberry Blonde Hair

For very long hair, there are several types of hair dye that will actually condition and nourish locks instead of parching them during the dying process. Whether you choose reddish blonde strands or something closer to pink and blonde, the sky’s the limit when it comes to color on very long hair.

Long Caramel Brown Hair

Instagram / @thehotseatsalon

Natural-Looking Strawberry Blonde Color

If you’re not too big of a fan of pink but your hair is naturally warm in its undertones, go with a light strawberry blonde with blonder highlights throughout. This is not a traffic stopping hue – it’s ideal for the professional girl that still enjoys a bit of fun.

Orangey Strawberry Blonde Hair

When it comes to red and blonde hair, there are so many options – mostly good, with a few unfortunate ones mixed in. While most people don’t look exactly amazing with a strong orange hue, there are those who can pull off this popular 90s throwback color with a healthy dose of confidence. Go for it if you’re feeling adventurous – it might become your beautiful trademark.

Medium Golden Blonde Hair

Instagram / @soraverly

Red Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

If you’re planning on transforming your hair from blonde to red, there is definitely much to be said about life in the middle. Opting for a pink hue that’s accomplished through strawberry highlights, you’ll discover a childish whimsy that perfectly fits your carefree personality.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre with Bangs

Departing from the wild side and returning to a natural color, a blonde ombre is ideal for both straight and curly haired ladies. Adding in some bangs – regardless of whether they’re wispy or straight – will soften the face and update a hairstyle that risks looking boring.

Brown Hair With Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @cooperativesalon

Medium Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

Accentuate wavy blonde hair with a strawberry blonde hair color that helps tresses look glossy and healthy. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change – just simply a boost of color to brighten things up.

Brown Blonde Balayage Lob

Instagram / @kristen.lumiere

Super Straight Strawberry Blonde Hair

Have you ever seen pictures of stick straight hair and wished you could pull it off? If your hair is thin to medium in texture, a very straight style might be realistic after all. Adding in a strawberry hue will create a sleek sheen that further shows off your angled, edgy cut.

Strawberry Blonde Angled Bob

Instagram / @hairbykimtran

Strawberry Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Can’t decide on a hue? Go with several! Pairing natural hair color with highlights and brightened up strands will result in a colorful head of curls that is truly individual and fun to wear around town.

Copper Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

Dark Reddish Blonde Hair Color

Whether you go for a strawberry blonde ombre or a more traditional all over red as shown below, red heads are known for their bold personalities and gorgeous heads of hair. Lighten up your long hair with layers.

Dark Copper Hair With Strawberry Highlights

Instagram / @immortalbeloveddc

Copper Hair and Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Thick hair often needs some help finding shape and style. Round your ends and curl them lightly to bring a subtle curve to your ‘do. This is flattering with any shade of red or blonde.

Long Soft Copper Hair

Instagram / @colorbyfabrice

Soft Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

These awesome locks feature a gorgeous coloristic solution with warmer golden hue around the face and pale ends. It’s a fantastic idea for blondes who want to add a fancy note to their hair color.

Almost Red Strawberry Hair

You may need to bring shade almost to the copper red, adding strawberry blonde highlights only for the ends. The intensity of this color harmonizes with the blue eyes and fair skin of the model.

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Here is how you can make strawberry blonde warmer and sunnier for summer. Adding soft golden highlights and styling your locks with a smooth silky finish, you draw attention to its fabulous buttery texture and extremely delicious color.

Dark Strawberry Hair Color

Darker hues of the color, loved by so many, are a good match for women with more contrasting looks. It will flatter tanned skin and dark or bright eyes. Natural waves and a beautiful hair hue is all it takes to look stunning.

Pictures of Regular Blonde and Strawberry Hair

This blonde with darker roots was originally charming, but if you wear the same color for too long, you are getting a bit boring no matter how beautiful it is. Transitioning to the cool tone of strawberry blonde long hair can be a very pleasing color shift.

Strawberry Blonde with Honey Highlights

There are many monochromatic looks with strawberry blonde, but it also can win from combinations with other delicious hues. The cool-toned strawberry for the base looks fabulous with warm honey highlights.

Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

As for us, a perfect tone is neutral: neither too dark or bright, nor too light. It’s delicate and creamy like this one. It’s certainly, an individual matter, but we believe it’s hard to find something more versatile.

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Strawberry base is getting even more appealing with creamy highlights added throughout. We love this clear graceful combination in a messy braided hairstyle and can picture it in more elegant looks.

Light Pastel Strawberry Blonde Hair

Here are light pastel pinkish and tangerine tints you can consider as an original summer hair color. We can imagine it looking awesome in free flowing curly downdos.

Bright Strawberry Hair

This awesome radiant hue of strawberry blonde sweetened with honey syrup radiates beauty and clarity. The ends were made just a little bit lighter to convey the depth and fullness of the color.

Pearly Red Blonde Hair Color

Adding a pearly finish with a shine enhancer, you help your favorite hue to reveal its beauty at fullest. It opens its most precious notes one by one, like a delicate fragrance, and you enjoy the stunning 3D effect and fullness of color.

Ombre on Strawberry Blonde Hair

Super long waves are romantic and bohemian, but blunt bangs and a platinum-to-strawberry blond ombre keeps them trendy and cool. This is another example of how you can work both hair colors into a look without having to decide between the two. Being a redhead and a blonde is the best of both worlds!

strawberry blonde into white blonde ombre for long hair

Instagram/ @redbloomsalon

Layered Strawberry Blonde Haircut

This coloristic idea offers a rainbow effect with golden blonde at the roots melting into strawberry in the middle and again coming back to the golden shade at the ends – a rather unusual and very eye-catching solution.

Subtle Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Being darker and redder at the roots, this fabulous color melts into soft caramel hues towards the ends, but the transition is so seamless that you can hardly notice the change of the color at all. Subtle ombre highlights are the coolest, unquestionably.

Long Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair

As you see, strawberry and sun kisses blonde is a good match, colorists frequently use these days. You can vary the prevalence of one hue or another. Here they use more of the golden blonde shade for the top locks on the crown, while the tips are only randomly teased to play with a dimensional effect.

Bright Strawberry Blonde Shade

Although this hair color is not literally bright, it is clear and bold enough for a strawberry blonde. And, as you see, it looks great with blue eyes and porcelain skin. We can easily imagine it on a teen-ager or a woman in her 30.

Auburn Strawberry Blonde Hair

This auburn hue is deeply-feminine and intriguing especially when you need to set off very fair warm-toned skin. It’s going to look fairly well not only in formal and vintage hairstyles, but also in modern messy updos and downdos.

Intense Red Strawberry Hair Color

This one is almost red, and it’s really more into red than a classic strawberry blonde. But at the same time this rich complex hue can be referred to the most intense shades of the later.

Very Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Going a tone or two lighter can be flattering for a very fair skin. You can leave strawberry shade only at the roots letting it fade into pale wheat blonde towards the tips.

Natural Strawberry Blonde Balayage

This sophisticated coloristic solution opts for a creamy blonde with a light pinkish tint for the base and creative balayage highlights with pastel flamingo hue for the ends.

Well, being rather specific, strawberry blonde can also have its versions, varying the degree of its warmness, darkness and saturation. Consult a qualified stylist to find the best hue that really flatters your skin tone, and you won’t be disappointed with the result.

Auburn Lob With Strawberry Blonde Highlights Light Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights layered strawberry blonde hair with highlights Strawberry Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair long layered red hairstyle Brown Hair With Strawberry Blonde Balayage layered hairstyle and rose gold hair color idea Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair long layered curly copper blonde hairstyle Strawberry Blonde And Rosewood Hair Color copper blonde disheveled hairstyle Strawberry Blonde Choppy Bob Pastel Pink Highlights For Strawberry Blonde Hair Shaggy Strawberry Blonde Lob Long Strawberry Blonde Hair Auburn To Strawberry Blonde Ombre Medium Choppy Strawberry Blonde Haircut Strawberry Blonde Hair With Pink Roots Strawberry Blonde Layered Hairstyle Golden Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair Medium Wavy Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle Copper Hair With Blonde Balayage Brown, Caramel And Blonde Hair Caramel Brown Hair With Blonde Ombre Long Red Ombre Hair Golden Blonde And Red Highlights Long Caramel Hair With Highlights Strawberry Blonde Hair With Soft Highlights Choppy Reddish Blonde Bob Medium Wavy Strawberry Blonde Hair Long Caramel Brown Hair Auburn Hair With Strawberry Blonde Highlights Medium Golden Blonde Hair Long Copper Hair With Pink Highlights Brown Hair With Blonde Ombre Brown Blonde Balayage Lob Strawberry Blonde Angled Bob Copper Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights Dark Copper Hair With Strawberry Highlights Long Soft Copper Hair strawberry blonde hair warm strawberry blonde hair color strawberry blonde hair with honey highlights dark strawberry blonde hair color blonde to strawberry blonde transformation dark strawberry blonde hair with highlights cool tone of strawberry blonde hair highlighted strawberry blonde hair strawberry blonde with highlights warm strawberry blonde hair color strawberry blonde curls strawberry blonde into white blonde ombre for long hair golden blonde and strawberry blonde beige strawberry blonde hair color strawberry blonde curls with highlights strawberry blonder hair for teenagers curly strawberry blonde hairstyle intense strawberry blonde hair color light strawberry blonde hair caramel hair with strawberry blonde ends
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