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Updated on March 30, 2023
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Short bobs have been popular in some form for decades, but the modern bobs are truly unique in their versatility and edgier style. Incorporating color, shape and dimension, short bobs can be worn by any woman looking to try something new.

Short Bob Hairstyles

The following shorter bobs are truly unique. It’s not a challenge for a contemporary woman to look individually with a short haircut anymore. See for yourself.

1. Jaw-Length Textured Bronde Bob

If you’re on the hunt for very short bob hairstyles that work exceptionally well on fine, stick-straight hair, look no further. This classic, jaw-length bronde bob has all the flattering texture you could ask for. A deep side part, wispy layers, and evenly cut ends bring out the best of your facial features.

2. Tousled Blonde Bob

Keeping the ends of your cut uneven with shorter blunt edges and longer choppy strands makes for a cool cut full of personality. A perfect way to style it is in a laidback, tousled ‘do. Achieve by staying away from heat tools, while staying true to natural hair texture and using bedhead styling sprays.

Choppy Piecey Bob Haircut

Instagram / @___phine___

3. Rounded Bob with Straight Across Nape

The well-blended highlights and smoothly textured locks give a neat shape to this rounded bob. Slightly tapered layers point to the straight cut nape and create the typical bobbed fullness and volume the cut is known for.

4. Short Wispy White Blonde Bob

Long peek-a-boo bangs and flyaways are the hallmarks of short bob hairstyles aiming for a contemporary and urban edge. The wispy white-blonde hair is a bit poofy on top, and the side pieces are razored and slightly longer around the jawline.

Short White Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @corynneylon_hair

5. Inverted Razored Bob for Straight Hair

An inverted bob is a perfect style for a woman seeking to create a new and flattering shape for her thick, straight hair. The stacked back and the tousled top look fantastic with a side part, and the dark roots underneath the caramel-chocolate color add to the depth and fullness of the style.

6. Inverted Gray Balayage Bob with Overlapping Layers

When you are seeking an elegant and stylish bob, look no further than an inverted style with overlapping layers. With an undercut for the nape section you may make the angle even more extreme. The gray and bright silver-toned balayage adds an extra flair that keeps the haircut modern and youthful.

Inverted Layered Gray Bob with Brown Roots

Instagram / @sdifilippohair

7. Piece-y Rose Gold Bob

The best way to show off the metallic rose-gold bob is to cut it into short choppy layers throughout. The extra height in the crown and the evenly layered ends add a feminine touch. The piece-y, textured locks and the tapered shape help to complete the elegant silhouette of this unique hairstyle.

Rose Gold Bob With Choppy Layers

Instagram / @brennahansenhair

8. Short Concave Bob

Classic short bobs look great on most women and are an excellent way to bring extra fullness and body to fine hair that tends to lack volume. The evenly cut ends are perfectly aligned, and a few textured locks add even more to the flouncy roundness.

9. Short Beachy Angled Bob

This platinum blonde mane with dark roots is smoothly styled with soft beach waves transforming a casual angled bob into an absolute creation of sexy summer glamour. It looks so alluring, it’s almost like she was born with it. Almost.

Blonde Wavy Angled Bob

Instagram / @bescene

10. Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

Bob haircuts for women let us experiment with colors and textures, while our hair is short, but not awkward-short; it’s trendy and nice-looking! Pair burgundy and caramel, golden blonde and silver, or whatever striking combination comes to your mind; with shorter hair it’s much easier to pull off bolder colors and the potential damage is not so significant.

11. Rounded Jaw-Length Honey Blonde Bob

A deep side part with long peek-a-boo bangs is the latest way to wear a jaw-length bob. The honey blonde hair is pushed gently forward, creating face framing that is flattering and slimming. Wispy flyaways and chunky tapered ends complete the feminine hairstyle.

Latest Jaw-Length Bob

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

12. Rounded Brunette Bob with Voluminous Layers

Bobs are fabulous for women of all ages because they give off a classy yet youthful aesthetic. Particularly striking in deeper, dark colors, you can never go wrong with a uni-length solid colored hairdo. Layers help to lift up roots and add tons of volume.

Straight Cut Bob with Layers

Instagram / @hairmeroar

13. Sassy Feathered Blonde Bob

Feathering is the wisest strategy for fine hair. Razor cutting methods for bob styles blend tips of strands together while adding necessary texture and volume. The concave, swoopy styling complements this haircut best.

Blonde Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Instagram / @peydoeshair

14. Short Blonde Bob Blowout

A bob blowout can do wonders for women with fine hair that tends to lie flat. Wispy, feathered bangs and a rounded shape also add volume and depth. The almost white highlights give the hairstyle a summery, windblown appearance. The tapered ends dip underneath the chin slimming down the face and showing off the long neck.

Blonde Bob With White Highlights

Instagram / @ashvaughanhair

15. Cropped Bob with Bangs and Shaggy Layers

The classy rosewood cropped bob with bangs oozes 1920s vibes, yet looks modern thanks to its color and texture. The auburn color with pastel pink highlights is vibrant and metropolitan, and the shaggy layers accent the cheekbones. Fun and flirty at its best!

Short Layered Rosewood Bob

Instagram / @billy_avalon_hair

16. Short Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

Short bob haircuts look superb whether parted in the middle or on the side. Barbra Streisand made the timeless “Helmut Bob” famous back in the 1960s. It never gets old! The dark roots and dark underside set off the gorgeous golden blonde tones of the elegant balayage that complements the classic A-line shape.

Short A-Line Bob Haircut

Instagram / @salonink

17. Glossy Brown Inverted Bob

Medium brown is an underrated hair color. Undertones of this shade are neither warm nor ashy, but a happy medium. It’s quite natural, so your short bob cut will look especially healthy and thick when topped off with shine spray.

Shiny Angled Bob with Layers

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

18. Tapered Inverted Bob with Gray Babylights

The gray babylights of the sliced bob lend an air of sophistication to a standard short bob haircut. The long wispy bangs frame the face beautifully, and the slightly teased crown adds height and volume.

Inverted Brown Bob With Babylights

Instagram / @emily_yvonne_

19. Jaw-Length Stacked Bronde Bob

The poofy round shape looks so perfect on thick, straight hair. It’s a fashionable haircut that never goes out of style. Even women who don’t like posing for pictures will proudly show off the chic stacked layers in the back and honey bronde highlights throughout.

Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @salon_vicaro

20. Perfect Inverted Bob with Thin Highlights

Thin two-tone highlights are a delicate method to enhance any inverted short bob haircut. A sleek straight style is ideal if you want to present this cut and dye job in the best light, as it displays skilful stacking and detailed coloring flawlessly.

Straight Angled Bob Haircut

Instagram / @jandfrank

21. Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

If you’re going for a two-tone ‘do, chocolate and blonde make a sweet pair. Loose waves are very rewarding for dimensional coloring. To amp up the drama factor, part your cut to one side.

Short Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Instagram / @nicolelyonshair

22. Short Bob Shag with Bangs

A straight and straggly shag is another creative way to style short bob hair. The wispy bangs and tousled layers frame the face beautifully, and the golden blonde balayage enhances your natural skin tones. The shaggy bob oozes youthful and sporty vibes.

Short Bob Hair With Bangs

Instagram / @salon_so_good

23. Dimensional Bob with Feathered Layers

Thanks to creative cuts and dye jobs, modern short bobs never look too plain or boring. With chunky V-cut layers, for instance, you can achieve a statement two-tiered look that will turn many heads.

Short Layered Two-Tone Bob

Instagram / @hairmeroar

24. Short Razored Rounded Bob

Razor cutting has a distinct appearance that fuzzes ends of naturally straight hair. By doing this instead of going for typical cutting shears, ample texture is added. Rounded bobs are a classic choice, suiting any and every wardrobe.

Layered Inverted Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram / @bobbideberard

25. Short Feathered Bob with Neatly Trimmed Nape

The feathered layers of this extra short bob give the trim, neat haircut some youthful, girlish charm. It’s a style that looks fantastic as you are growing out your hair from a pixie cut. The squared-off nape catches the eye, and the overall shape of the cut is easy to maintain with a standard rounded brush.

Extra Short Feathered Bob

Instagram / @monicadelarosa

26. Cropped Choppy Brunette Bob

If you want a haircut that’s easy to style and maintain, it’s always best to use your natural assets. Wavy hair can be chopped into messy locks that frame the face and emphasize the cheekbones and chin. The straggly top and textured sides add extra volume and effortless feel to the modern wash and wear hairstyle.

Easy Wavy Cropped Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @romeufelipe

27. Undercut for Blonde Bob

Only the savviest stylists have the precision to master an undercut bob. An undercut manipulates the hair to fall naturally into a tucked under style. This technique is gorgeously displayed on straight blonde hair that can sometimes be difficult to keep in any style BUT straight.

Ash Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @jenhairinspired

28. Messy Blonde Bob with Lowlights

The short bob hairstyles of today are not what they were yesterday. The trendy blonde is no longer one, solid tone, it’s transformed into a light ash blonde color with lowlights. Accordingly, a bob is no longer just a bob, it is a messy, graduated bob with air within the strands, and it looks quite fabulous!

Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @estherdenkers

29. Short Rounded Feathered Bob

A mature woman who’s not sure how to style her extra-short hair should consider the rounded, feathered jaw-length bob with accurate edges. The sunny blonde balayage looks natural and healthy, and the tousled layers give it a casual appeal.

Extra Short Feathered Bob

Instagram / @salonink

30. Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob

A choppy bob with lots of blonde highlights over dark roots is a classic way to wear your short, wavy hair. It’s sporty, athletic, and youthful, and it works exceptionally well with thick, unruly hair. Part it on the side or in the middle, depending on which facial features you wish to emphasize.

Choppy Shaggy Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @anhcotran

31. Shattered Black Bob with Purple Highlights

The shattered short bob makes an impactful statement when it combines razored ends and a poofy crown section. Add subtle purple highlights to the shiny thick hair to create an impressive signature hairstyle.

Short Bob With Razored Ends

Instagram / @zachschneiderhair

32. Neat Layered Caramel Blonde Bob

A deep side part and feathery layers work together to create a rounded bob that flatters most face shapes. The ginger-blonde balayage gives a new twist to a generic blonde shade, adding a bright splash of color to the smooth sliced layers. The stacked back and wispy textures lend a soft, lighthearted flair.

New Feathery Bob For Fine Hair

Instagram / @sashadidmyhair_

33. Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

Here’s a perfectly angled bob softened by a rounded back and subtle balayage. The extra highlights in the front section help frame the face and brighten the dishwater blonde base. Consider this upgrade if you like natural-looking hairstyles with a modern twist.

Dishwater Blonde Stacked Bob With Highlights

Instagram / @pamloveshair

34. One-Length Rounded Blonde Bob

The stacked short bob cut is a classic style that looks fabulous on most women: thick or fine hair, a side part or a center part, any shade from light blonde to jet black. Certainly, it works wonderfully for thick hair.

Short Bob Cut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @your_fashion_hair

35. Shaggy Chestnut Brown Bob for Straight Hair

Are you the type of lady who pictures herself wearing a center-parted straight bob? In case you like geometric looks, we’d like to recommend the style that’s versatile and can be worn either flat or tousled and fluffy. The dark brown base color has a reddish tint that will look as a brighter chestnut hue in the sun.

Centre-Parted Tousled Brown Bob

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

36. Cropped Wavy Brunette Bob with Textured Layers

We just love the super short stacked layers at the back of this almost-black cropped bob. Scraggly waves cascade around the face and thick side pieces are carefully tucked behind the ears. The snazzy hairdo has a little bit of height and lots of movement.

Short Layered Messy Bob

Instagram / @maygovintage

37. Short Choppy Dark Brown Bob

Very short bob hairstyles with a bit of height in the back work magnificently to elongate the neck. Soft waves can be achieved with big rollers, providing the texture and body that also help to lift and give a more voluminous shape to the hairstyle. Tuck a chunk of hair behind one ear and leave the other side loose to frame your face with chin-length bangs.

Jaw-Length Textured Brunette Bob

Instagram / @ryancollinshair

38. Shaggy Piece-y Caramel Brown Bob

To style a bob hair cut quickly and easily, try out a wash-and-wear shaggy ‘do that’s super-easy to maintain. A bright caramel colored balayage over dark brown hair sets off this fashionable, urban style.

Short Choppy Copper Brown Bob

Instagram / @maygovintage

39. Messy Blonde Bob with Thin Choppy Layers

There’s so much versatility in short bob haircuts; if you’re not into uni-length bobs or lobs, implement many short, choppy layers throughout. Not only do they bring a lot of movement but they also add body to finer hair.

Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @cutyourhair

40. Chic Rounded Brown Balayage Bob

A short bob that is cut all-one-length is stylish and professional while still retaining ultra-feminine flair and pizazz. The sleek brunette haircut has an off-center part, and works best with hair that is fine, but can hold a slight curl.

Chin Length Brunette A-Line Bob

Instagram / @liv.or.dye

41. Layered Cinnamon and Caramel Bob

A cinnamon and caramel bob is a rustic combination sure to stand out in every season. Colorful for the summer, ideal for sweater weather in the autumn, vivacious for the dreary winter season and eye catching in the spring, don’t miss trying out this hairdo.

Inverted Caramel Brown Bob

Instagram /

42. Edgy Inverted Bob for Blondes

Avoid prim and proper styling with a shaggy bob cut and take advantage of a chic messy hairdo. Apply a texturizing product and rough dry really short layers at the back letting them settle as they would.

Short Blonde Shaggy Bob

Instagram / @___phine___

43. Curly Brown and Caramel Bob

Want to shake things up a bit with your short hair? Bobs are ready to help. A shattered angled bob is a cool cut if you like to wear textured hairstyles with pizzazz.

Messy Bob with Highlighted Layers

Instagram / @hairby.jaye

44. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

One of the eccentric forms of short bob cuts is an asymmetrical choppy pixie bob that is a perfect fit for a fashionista on-the-go. When you go to the salon, it’s good to have at hand some pictures that depict the perfect degree of choppiness you want.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob

Instagram /

45. A-Line Sleek Bob

The colorombre trend is optimal for those who are longing to add a funky shade to their short bob hairstyles. Those tiffany blue streaks on the smoothed gray bob scream chic and add dimension to the style.

Gray Bob with Blue Highlights

Instagram / @thekimmster

46. Voluminous Bob with Stacked Layers

It’s easy to look five years younger with a stacked bob cut. Here’s an excellent choice for working women in a professional environment. A steeply angled lob with plenty of layers can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.

Angled Layered Lob

Instagram / @meaganreitzhair

47. Black Chopped Bob

Ladies who appreciate rock’n’roll or grunge aesthetics, this bob is for you. A dark solid color, slanted shape and choppy ends result in a hairstyle full of attitude, and you can easily make it yours.

Choppy Angled Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

48. Neat Black and Chocolate Bob

Classy and neat never looked sweeter. A nice, simple bob is never a bad choice. Though this cut alone might seem a little traditional at first, the chocolate and black combination is a unique and fresh update.

Short Feminine Bob

Instagram / @meaganreitzhair

49. Bob Crop with Textured Layers

The reason that a cropped short bob is the cut of the moment is because women today love the elegance with a nonchalant tint it gives off. Textured layers are the route to attaining this particular style.

Textured Chin-Length Bob

Instagram / @meaganreitzhair

50. Edgy Platinum Bob with Root Shadow

The high contrast look with very dark roots and platinum lengths is what truly makes the whole style striking and fashionable. You can take this bold color idea and adjust it to the cut of your preference.

Blonde Choppy Bob

Instagram / @ashleenormanhair

51. Choppy Stacked Bob

The choppy layers upgraded with a soft whimsical color make this pale purple bob hair style a delicate beauty. The layers are stacked well and tousled for a shaggy, carefree look.

Short Pastel Purple Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

52. Neat and Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

If you are blessed with super-straight and healthy-looking hair, you are the perfect candidate for a round-silhouette short bob cut. With a center part and an inverted shape, the ash blonde bob is precise and sleek, beautifully framing the face and lengthening the neck.

Straight Inverted Gray Blonde Bob

Instagram / @gulevich.vladimir

53. Choppy Bob with 3D Waves

The choppy bob with copper-toned 3D waves is one of our favorite short bob hairstyles because the color looks great against so many different skin tones. The wavy stacked locks fall in jagged pieces enhancing depth and volume. It’s a flexible look that works on a variety of face shapes.

Caramel Brown Layered Bob

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

54. Curly Feminine Blonde Bob

One of the most feminine ways to style a bob is with big, loose curls. You can achieve this using a thick barrel wand or a regular curling iron with a clamp. Tousle the curls making them settle more naturally.

Wavy Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @meaganreitzhair

55. Honey Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

Perfect for every season, a honey brown bob with blonde highlights is a foolproof hairstyle choice. The slanted bottom makes the cut more visually interesting.

Slanted Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @sorensenkelly

56. Straight Rounded Bob

Sleek and smooth is best for some bobs, and if you can pull off a short style with highlights, then go for it. Light brown or dark blonde hair looks lovely with lighter streaks throughout.

Chin-Length Bob with Highlights

Instagram / @akrivi_papadaki

57. Short Frizzy Bronde Bob for Straight Hair

On point and trendy for the modern woman, the short inverted bronde bob with highlights is captivating. The slightly tousled top layers seem to “sprout” from the crown, while the textured straight locks cover the ears and reveal the neck.

Choppy Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

58. Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Bobs bring texture and lightness to thick hair when it’s layered appropriately. Keep some hair flat against the back of the neck while adding graduated layers up, towards the crown.

Extra short stacked bob

Instagram / @edenbodyworks

59. Pretty Piece-y Blonde Balayage Bob

We love promoting interesting and unique bob hairstyles for women, which is why we are choosing to show you this side-parted, uneven, piece-y cut. Wavy tresses loop around the head, with the metallic blonde tones shimmering and adding depth. Swoopy long bangs caress the cheek creating a lovely peek-a-boo.

Blonde Layered Bob with Silver Highlights

Instagram / @braxtonthomashair

60. Inverted Wind-Swept Bob

A simple way to boost the appeal of an elegant hair style is to add a non-standard color to it. This chin-length bob hair style embraces a ton of daring silver-grey accents that give off a charming and mesmerizing vibe.

Gray Bob with Root Fade

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

Perhaps you have sported long hair your entire life and you’re ready for a dramatic change. Or maybe you’ve maintained short hair for years and just want more of a relevant style. Whatever your reason, bob haircuts are ideal for warm summer weather as well as year-round. Easy to maintain and still brimming with fashion-forward beauty, a short bob easily becomes regular in lives of women who are busy yet still want to look their best.

Very Short Textured Bob Hairstyle Choppy Piecey Bob Haircut Short Bobbed Cut Short White Blonde Bob Hairstyle New Stacked Bob For Straight Hair Inverted Layered Gray Bob with Brown Roots Rose Gold Bob With Choppy Layers Short Bob For Fine Hair Blonde Wavy Angled Bob Two-Tone Wavy Bob Latest Jaw-Length Bob Straight Cut Bob with Layers Blonde Layered Bob for Fine Hair Blonde Bob With White Highlights Short Layered Rosewood Bob Short A-Line Bob Haircut Shiny Angled Bob with Layers Inverted Brown Bob With Babylights Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair Straight Angled Bob Haircut Short Side-Parted Wavy Bob Short Bob Hair With Bangs Short Layered Two-Tone Bob Layered Inverted Bob for Straight Hair Extra Short Feathered Bob Easy Wavy Cropped Bob Hairstyle Ash Blonde Bob Hairstyle Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob Extra Short Feathered Bob Choppy Shaggy Bob With Blonde Highlights Short Bob With Razored Ends New Feathery Bob For Fine Hair Dishwater Blonde Stacked Bob With Highlights Short Bob Cut For Thick Hair Centre-Parted Tousled Brown Bob Short Layered Messy Bob Jaw-Length Textured Brunette Bob Short Choppy Copper Brown Bob Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle Chin Length Brunette A-Line Bob Inverted Caramel Brown Bob Short Blonde Shaggy Bob Messy Bob with Highlighted Layers Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob Gray Bob with Blue Highlights Angled Layered Lob Choppy Angled Bob for Straight Hair Short Feminine Bob Textured Chin-Length Bob Blonde Choppy Bob Short Pastel Purple Bob Straight Inverted Gray Blonde Bob Caramel Brown Layered Bob Wavy Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights Slanted Bob for Thick Hair Chin-Length Bob with Highlights Choppy Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob Extra short stacked bob Blonde Layered Bob with Silver Highlights Gray Bob with Root Fade
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