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Updated on March 28, 2022
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Just chop it all off! Short hair has numerous advantages – manageability, trendiness and versatility, to name a few. This article will detail 40 angled bob cuts and give you insight as to why they are so hot and popular!

The Most Inspiring Angled Bob Haircuts

Angled bobs are the most versatile of all haircuts. You can wear it straight or wavy, style updos or half up hairstyles. Here are the best haircut ideas for you.

1. Blonde Angled Lob

White Blonde Angled Bob

Instagram / @hairbykimtran

Taking a classic bob haircut a few inches down reveals this haircut’s impressive versatility. A-line bob looks absolutely awesome on straight hair, while ash-blonde balayage substantially spices up this stylish look.

2. Stacked to Long Bob Haircut

If you have a round face, you’ll definitely love the way this asymmetrical long bob makes it look narrower. Dark inverted bob haircut with deep side part and a dramatically longer front piece work like magic with face shapes that are a bit on the round side.

Stacked Inverted Bob

Instagram / @ruteboazhair

3. Voluminous Waves

This gorgeous feminine look is ideal for parties. Balayage does a fantastic job in bringing out the texture and movement of this long angled bob haircut with beautiful loose waves. This fabulous bob works well on both fine and medium hair textures.

Long Angled Bob

Instagram / @erin.boha

4. Messy Bob for Thick Hair

Blonde plus messy equals sexy, and when you apply this hot combination to an angled bob hairstyle, you’ll get a bombshell look! A subtle angle is imperative to create effortless looks like this, so keep it in mind when rushing to your hairstylist.

5. Hot Dirty Blonde Bob

Many ladies who have swapped their long fine hair for angled bob hairstyles admit that their new hair is way more manageable. Fair enough, since it’s much easier to achieve mind-blowing volume on a shorter length. You can also incorporate loose waves to deliver extra texture and chic.

Blunt Bob with Volume Waves

Instagram / @joahhmendes

6. Asymmetrical Bob

Brighten your natural brown bob with an ombre. The cool blonde highlights amp up the chic factor of the angled bob hairstyle, while some strands tucked behind the ear draw attention to facial features.

Asymmetrical Bob Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @saharkarimi1986

7. Sleek and Smooth Angled Bob Hairstyle

One of the most popular angled bobs, this short bob haircut with sharp lines seems to be an all-time classic. Although it flatters virtually all hair types, blunt bob is a perfect choice for ladies with thick hair.

Short Bob Longer to the Front

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

8. A-Line Cut for Fine Hair

Angled bob with long layers might be what you’ve been looking for if you have difficulties giving your fine hair volume. For a better result, make your angled bob slightly messy. It’s easy to achieve with the help of a golf ball-sized dollop of volumizing mousse, a round brush, and blow-drying your hair for a couple of minutes.

Stacked Inverted Bob

Instagram / @summerevansstudio

9. Angled Bob with Loose Waves

An angled hairdo combined with voluminous waves balances the edge of the bob hairstyle with a feminine sensibility. Honey blonde hair color is the way to go if you’re trying to show off your sweet side.

Wavy Honey Blonde Bob

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

10. Chic Bob with Side Part

This hot asymmetrical bob is very sassy, and it gives any face a fancy appearance. Consider this look if you have a square face shape: the length extending past the jawline elongates the face. Not to mention, the deep side part also tricks the eye into seeing a narrower face shape. The asymmetrical cut is very edgy and chic.

Deep side Part Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram / @nikcabral

11. Sleek Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled bob hairstyles are incredibly versatile. This extremely long angled bob looks just jaw-dropping. Rich dark color coupled with straight and flowy texture helps to achieve an awesome dramatic vibe.

Straight Haircut Longer at the Front

Instagram / @nacirsomera

12. Blunt Bob Haircut

This angled blunt bob looks ultra-chic and trendy. To show off the blunt line, wear it straight. This version of angled bob hairstyle is awesomely hot since it draws attention to your collarbone.

Chin Length Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @hair_by_loppas

13. Messy Layered Bob

Angled bob hairstyles are a great option if you’re searching for a way to tame your thick hair and showcase its amazing natural volume. This eye-popping bob will look fantastic if you add some flat-iron messy waves, including short layers at the nape.

Stacked Angled Bob

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

14. Angled Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangs

This angled bob with bangs makes a case for just how stunning a simple coif can be. A side-swept fringe is always a nice touch, especially if you have straight tresses. The haircut is low maintenance without skimping on style. Just give it a little fluff before you head out the door, and you’re good to go.

Soft Caramel Balayage on Angled Bob

Instagram / @summerevansstudio

15. Short Haircut with Extra Long Front Pieces

We love this gorgeous angled bob haircut for its extremely long layers at the front that look chic and edgy at the same time. It’s a great match for women with dark hair.

Nape Length Bob Longer at the Front

Instagram / @rolodistefano

16. Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The classic blunt A-line bob is a timeless hairstyle that works for almost any face shape. It typically falls right between the jaw and the shoulder. It is still long enough to throw up in a ponytail and short enough to make a statement when styled as a downdo. Also, it gives the appearance of thicker hair!

Slighlty Angled Bob Haircut

Instagram / @nikcabral

17. Dirty Blonde Inverted Bob

There are two ways to spice up your angled bob haircut. First, you can go for a trendy color solution, like this dirty blonde balayage. Second, a little texture never killed nobody, so don’t be afraid to experiment with waves and curls. Or, you can use both ways to achieve this hot look.

Wavy Blonde Inverted Bob

Instagram / @nicolasfloreshair

18. Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Angled lob is the best compromise between long hair and a modern cut. Blonde shoulder-length bob with dark roots looks incredibly hot and chic.

Long Platinum Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @alessioviscontini

19. Long Angled Bob with Long Bangs

This cool asymmetrical bob with side bangs can be your best choice if you have a round face shape. Also, the subtle layers towards the ends cause the asymmetry to look much more dramatic! This is what you want when you are trying to make a fashion statement.

Sassy Dark Brown Long Bob

Instagram / @beto_fariaa

20. Long Asymmetrical Bob

Looking for a long angled bob? Consider getting this one, perfectly straight and smooth. This simple and classic bob has just a teeny bit more length on one side. You can choose which one, of course.

Sleek Shoulder Length Angled Bob

Instagram / @idolaacademy

21. Purple-Pink Asymmetrical Bob

B Beautiful shades of magenta and violet enliven this sleek angled bob. The subtle, gradient dye job creates a serious visual interest, with the darker, stacked back enhancing the depth and drama of the asymmetrical cut.

Steeply Angled Straight Bob

Instagram / @venalove

22. Blonde Contouring

Short angled hairstyles boast of beautiful shapes that can be enhanced by color. The layered locks of this asymmetrical brunette bob are grazed with golden blonde strokes, with the emphasis on the angled front piece.

wispy asymmetrical brown bob with blonde balayage

Instagram / @katierosehair

23. Jet Black Long Bob

With the angled front falling well below the collarbone, this lob is as sexy as it is sleek. The deep black hue enhances the mystique. You can opt for some highlights or color if you want to brighten up the hairdo, but the noir shade is essential if you want something that radiates polish and confidence.

Black Angled Lob For Straight Hair

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

24. Twisted Sister Chop

This medium, shoulder-length style is simple, yet oh-so-eye-catching! Angled with longer layers towards the front and stacked in the back, this bob can be created using large rollers or simple twists of the curling iron. Then simply spritz and go!

disconnected wavy ombre bob

Instagram / @modernsalon

25. Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights

Platinum blonde is certainly eye-catching, especially on angled bob haircuts. If you want to make a statement, team the bleached tresses with pastel highlights and ample volume. Tease around the crown of the head with a fine toothcomb and use hairspray to recreate a bob with just as much height and volume as shown in the image.

26. Choppy Blonde Hairstyle

Angled cuts by nature give an illusion of volume to fine strands. When your hairdo is choppy and layered, it enhances the fullness even more. Another perk—you don’t have to worry about the layers being neat and kept because the frizz only complements the cool style.

Messy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @karahurston

27. Voluptuous Balayage

Never underestimate the power of loose curls. Their mesmerizing texture transforms a would-be-blah coif into something full of volume and feminine style. A blonde balayage only accentuates its glamour and classic appeal.

Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

28. Wavy Medium-Length Bob with Highlights

Angled bob hairstyles don’t always have to rely on sharp and dramatic cuts to be modern and trendy, as shown in this picture and the other images. Only a little longer in the front than the back, it’s a big enough difference to count. The slanting lines mixed with subtle layers give it volume, while highlights throughout enhance the appearance of depth.

Choppy Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @soraverly

29. Angled Haircut with Subtle Highlights

Sometimes a solid hue can feel a little flat, but high-contrast streaks might not be your style. If you want to enliven your look subtly, get highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your base. This will give you that extra oomph you’re craving.

30. Classy and Professional Bob

Wavy hair has its pros and cons, and sometimes, those waves need the silhouette of a bob to control them. Try this style with the medium length for something new. It still has an angle, but it’s definitely less defined, giving you a bit of wiggle room at the ends.

wavy chin-length bob

Instagram / @serenitysalon_lr

31. Beautiful Blonde Bob with Layers

Between the highlights and wispy layers, this short angled bob is full of dimension. The easy everyday hairstyle is endearing, but it’s also appropriate for special events. Basically, with a coif like this, it’s hard to not look the part wherever you go.

Choppy Blonde Balayage Lob

Instagram / @maeipaint

32. Loose Curls and Bangs

Nothing is sweeter than curls and bangs, but a sultry brown palette can keep your angled cut from seeming too innocent. Frizzies and flyaways only make this bob better by enhancing its texture. If you’re seeking a hairdo to match your laid-back personality, this perfectly messy cut is for you.

Messy Angled Lob with Bangs

Instagram / @___phine___

33. Sleek and Stealthy Stacked Bob

Slightly stacked in the back, this angled bob is great for those with very straight hair. The main shape of the style cradles the back of the head, seeming almost to be a Flapper Style, but the point below the ears says otherwise.

sleek angled bob

Instagram / @frix_hairdesign

34. Sharp Angled Black and Purple Bob

The jet black base against the vibrant violet highlights creates a punk-inspired ‘do that transcends the trends. The sleek lines and fun colors are a timeless choice for someone trying to show off their edgier side while still keeping the coif a little playful.

35. Angled Bob with Bangs

To lengthen a round face, you want to keep the front longer. Try light side swept bangs, which can be longer or shorter, and make sure to give the ends a bit of texture. Faint burgundy at the tips allows the style to glow from underneath.

asymmetrical angled bob with cropped bangs

Instagram / @modernsalon

36. Black Beauty with a Stacked Bob

If you love the idea of a short cut but can’t bring yourself to chop off all your locks, why not compromise with a long angled bob. Hold onto your length with a longer front, and opt for a stacked back to get that desired ease that goes with short hair.

37. Sharp Angled Fuschia Bob

With vibrant or bold color choices, it’s best to go with a sleek coif. When the hair is short and straight, it makes the electric hue the main focus. It’s not to say big curls and long locks aren’t beautiful with a fuchsia hue, but there’s just something alluring about a cropped cut that exudes sophistication.

Blunt Cherry Red Angled Bob

Instagram / @tomsmithhd

38. Silken Waves of Long Bob

For a new, edgy look that is sophisticated and ready for anything, try this gorgeous lob. A very steep angle shoots down and towards the front, while the smooth nape features the flaring line of the back.

steeply angled black bob

Instagram / @

39. Wispy Balayage

Wispy waves and a blonde balayage are beautiful ways to keep a chin-length bob contemporary. It’s a fuss-free and smart choice if you’re not trying to commit to a full head of bleach blonde locks. Just add a few lighter pieces to brighten the face and give you that sought-after it-girl look.

Wavy Angled Bronde Bob

Instagram / @bevasconcelos

40. Ashen Lilac Angled Bob

Classic cuts like wavy lobs are the perfect canvas for more adventurous colors. They tone down the fun color so that your hairstyle is suitable for the office or class. Try a muted shade, like this subdued lilac, for a hairdo that spotlights your personality while still looking polished.

Wavy Choppy Side-Parted Lob

Instagram / @jamiekeikohair

These 40 angled bob hairstyle ideas are all very appealing and certainly worth a shot! Some suit specific audiences yet most of them can be worn by any lady in any setting. Next time you want to refresh your medium-length haircut, be sure to visit your stylist and have them give you one of these chic new looks!

White Blonde Angled Bob Stacked Inverted Bob Long Angled Bob Blonde Bob for Thick Hair Blunt Bob with Volume Waves Asymmetrical Bob Blonde Ombre Short Bob Longer to the Front Stacked Inverted Bob Wavy Honey Blonde Bob Deep side Part Bob for Thin Hair Straight Haircut Longer at the Front Chin Length Bob for Thick Hair Stacked Angled Bob Soft Caramel Balayage on Angled Bob Nape Length Bob Longer at the Front Slighlty Angled Bob Haircut Wavy Blonde Inverted Bob Long Platinum Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots Sassy Dark Brown Long Bob Sleek Shoulder Length Angled Bob Steeply Angled Straight Bob wispy asymmetrical brown bob with blonde balayage Black Angled Lob For Straight Hair disconnected wavy ombre bob White Blonde Layered Stacked Bob Messy Blonde Balayage Bob Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob Choppy Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights Black Angled Stacked Bob wavy chin-length bob Choppy Blonde Balayage Lob Messy Angled Lob with Bangs sleek angled bob Angled Layered Bob With Purple Highlights asymmetrical angled bob with cropped bangs Steeply Angled Black Bob Blunt Cherry Red Angled Bob steeply angled black bob Wavy Angled Bronde Bob Wavy Choppy Side-Parted Lob
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