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Updated on March 21, 2023
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The right haircut is something that can quickly and easily change your whole look for the better. One of the best (and always stylish) haircuts to try is the stacked haircut, which is both chic and fashionable. Stacked haircuts can be super short or of medium length just touching the collarbone.

Charming Stacked Haircuts

The most essential element of getting a quality stacked cut is to ensure that the back section is cut to perfection. Since it is stacked in the back, the back view is the focal point of the look, so it must be done right. If you are still unfamiliar with the stack style, just think of a bob that’s rounded at the back through gradual layering and commonly slightly angled toward the front.

The following pictures showcase a wide array of cute stacked cuts that suit a variety of hair types. So, if you’re looking to try this haircut out and need a bit of inspiration, these pics are here to do the job.

1. Stacked Nape-Length Bob with Elongation

Short Inverted Brown Bob

Instagram / @elishabdoinghair

The shorter the length and the bigger the slant of your angled bob, the more dramatic it looks and the more height you have on the crown. This is a great cut to visually elongate a round face, and it can also soften a square face if you opt for the style where your front pieces slightly curl under.

2. Sleek Stack

The major benefit of a stacked bob haircut is its rounded silhouette that looks flawless with straight hair. Angled to perfection and complimented with soft layers, this cut would look amazing on practically anyone.

3. Voluminous Stacked Feathered Bob

The stacked bob with extra height on the crown is a feminine style for women of any age. The cut shows a lot of airy feathering, and the curled-under-ends blend nicely into a voluminous shape.

4. Short Textured Stacked Bob

Check out the side and back views of this short stacked bob to get an idea of how the right cut and subtle balayage create a rounder shape that makes fine hair look thicker. The feathered, side-swept bangs help to balance out the voluminous crown and back.

5. Short Two-Tier Bob Cut

The rounded two-tier bob for thick hair looks perfect with feathered layers that retain a lot of texture. The stacked back adds volume and height. The golden-blonde color is feminine and sophisticated; it will make your skin healthy and glowing.

Short Stacked Bob Cut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @beautybyrumors

6. Messy Edgy Pastel Purple Bob

This is not your mother’s stacked, layered bob. It speaks boldness! The chin-length peek-a-boo bangs run along the face complementing this ultra-edgy hairstyle with a lot of teased spiky layers.

Pastel Purple Stacked Layered Bob

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

7. Pixie Bob with V-Cut Nape

A high stacked bob with side-swept bangs will refresh your tired hair. The V-cut nape section does a great job of showing off your neck and shoulders, and maybe your “hidden” tattoo.

High Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @laura.quinello

8. Sleek Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

Smooth, sleek tresses work great for fine hair that doesn’t easily hold a curl. The peek-a-boo bangs frame the face beautifully, and the deep side part gives the jaw-length cut an edgy, urban feel. The dark auburn hair color is vibrant and rich.

9. Short Stacked Brunette Bob

When you are looking for a way to wear your thick hair in a shorter length, consider a short, stacked bob to keep it looking neat and well-styled. The poofy crown section has a lot of height and gives this cute chocolate brown hairstyle a sporty, casual appearance. The rounded shape angled towards the chin draws attention to your graceful neck.

Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

10. White Choppy Pixie Bob

The unique silver-white color and choppy pieces throughout create a futuristic stacked bob hairstyle for a fashion-forward girl. If you want a more down-to-earth appearance, try this cut in your natural hair color.

11. Short Caramel Inverted Bob

The angled shape of the inverted bob looks perfect with straight hair, whether thick or thin. The elongated front pieces lend the cut a sophisticated, polished appearance. The copper tone and smooth textures make the hair look healthy and shiny.

Smooth Angled Copper Red Bob

Instagram / @youarebecoming

12. Very Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Check this pretty dimensional pixie bob. Short thick hair never looks better than when it’s cut into an extra-short stacked bob with lots of wavy layers. The bronde palette adds depth and richness to your short hair.

Very Short Wavy Stacked Bob With Bronde Balayage

Instagram / @nicolehickshair

13. Sharp Angled Stack

This stacked haircut utilizes dramatic layers in the back with a straight cut nape and longer, angled front, making it great for women who love the look of a bob with the ease of a pixie cut. Ready to wash-and-go in the morning, you never have to worry about finding those forever-lost hair ties with this ‘do.

Short Layered Black Bob

Instagram / @rachelringwood

14. Inverted Bob with Finely Chopped Back

The inverted bob with delicate and refined layers pairs beautifully with a subtle golden blonde balayage. For those who have lighter-colored hair, ask your stylist about utilizing clay based bleach rather than powder. It provides a less damaging lightening effect to intensify and bump up your brightness.

Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @hair_by_sweett

15. One-Length Bob with Stacked Nape

This luxurious stacked bob makes an impact! Smooth, sleek, and fully stacked in the nape, it shows off the envious thickness of the hair. The cinnamon brown balayage color contributes to the sense of depth and volume.

Stacked Bob With Cinnamon Brown Balayage

Instagram / @brittany_doeshair

16. Wavy Layered Caramel Balayage Bob

Curls aren’t always easy to pull off when you choose a stacked layered bob cut. With a lack of length, it is important to make sure you don’t place your iron too close to the root. For a natural, messy wave, take a curling wand measuring one inch and only wrap the hair once or twice before gently shaking them out.

Stacked Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyfrenchie

17. Short Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

An alternative to a pixie is a very short asymmetrical bob. Extending the fringe to graze the chin allows for more flexibility, whereas a boyish cut can be rigid in its styling capacity. While a regular trim is still needed, longer lengths are much more high maintenance.

Short Stacked Bronde Bob

Instagram / @bambiidoeshair

18. Stacked Brunette with Caramel Balayage

Lots of stacked layers show off the body of the angled bob pictured here. To achieve this level of fullness, you will definitely need hairspray with a strong hold. Piecey caramel highlights also help boost volume, creating almost a reflective effect.

Brown Stacked Bob With Caramel Balayage

Instagram / @giannamonai

19. Cropped Wavy Dark Bob with Highlights

The tousled curly locks and random elongated front pieces work in tune and build a shattered stacked shape that looks effortless and classy. There’s a lot of height and texture throughout the shaggy cut, and the unpredictable highlights add to the whimsical nature of the style.

20. Shattered Plum Red Bob

An investment in a rich color has a hefty price tag attached to it. For your hair health and your wallet’s interest, it pays to be wary of the products you choose to buy. When picking your haircare routine, look for sulfate free shampoos, as using regular ones results in dull, lifeless locks.

Inverted Burgundy Bob

Instagram / @hair.bybev

21. Neat Bronde Bob with Stacked Layers

And here’s a nice idea for those who prefer neat and polished bobs to shags. Smooth lines and stacked layers create an inverted bob with a streamlined silhouette. It’s good for straight hair that tends to look boring. With this cut and color, it’s anything but.

22. Voluminous Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

If you want to refresh your flat, lifeless shoulder-length hair, a neck-length stacked bob haircut is a great way to go. The hair that has been pulling you down will now give you a lifting effect and brighten your complexion with those chic metallic highlights.

Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

Instagram / @musestylist_tori

23. Jaw-Length Razored Bronde Bob

The jagged side part of this jaw-length stacked bob works great for thin hair, and the asymmetrical layers with feathery razored ends create a bulkier and more voluminous silhouette. The bronde balayage and its extra-light pieces in the front are very flattering for fair complexion.

Asymmetrical Bronde Bob For Thin Hair

Instagram / @jocelyn.mcclellan

24. Pretty Rounded Ash Blonde Bob

A cropped, stacked haircut with a dramatic angle gives additional height and body for the crown. These elongate and balance out a rounder face. A great quality blow out, root lifting product, and strong hold hair spray will enhance the effect and make it last.

Short Inverted Silver Blonde Bob

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

25. Tousled Inverted Bronde Bob

A bob crop is a great solution if you are tired of your length and your hair is tired of styling. To stay away from split tips, incorporate a deep conditioning treatment one to two times per week. For your daily care, employ a leave in conditioner and a drop of argan, hemp, or coconut oil.

26. Chic Bob with Swoopy Layers

The A-line bob shows off multiple stacked layers swept towards the nape. This look is classy and dynamic, with a rounded shape perfect for naturally thick hair. Subtle copper highlights add an extra sheen and make your hair glow when the sun hits it.

A-Line Bob With Stacked Layers

Instagram / @oohlalahairaz

27. Inverted Bob with Added Crown Layers

The distinctive auburn and blonde palette catches the eye, but the long, stacked bob cut with lofty crown layers is no less interesting. The medium-length straight hair is parted on the side and barely touches the shoulders, creating an alluring hairstyle that turns many heads.

Long Stacked Auburn Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @colormesunny_11

28. Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

If you are a fan of an overly teased crown and a feathered finish, then you are sure going to like this half pixie, half stacked bob haircut. The bulk of the hair is blonde, while the nape is dark chocolate brown.

29. Short White Bob for Fine Hair

Women with naturally fine hair benefit from super-short bobs with stacked layers in the back. The longer pieces in the front frame the face with soft, feminine angles. Enhance the effect with a sophisticated hair color, like this delicate silver, for instance.

30. Short Pearl Blonde Razored Bob

Stacked bobs with bangs are sultry and sensual. Blow your hair perfectly straight, or let your natural waves do the work of adding extra volume and lift. The shimmering pearl-blonde tresses with razored ends and piece-y texture bring a youthful edge to the cut.

Stacked Razored Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

31. Angled Bob with Swoopy Feathered Layers

Lots of wispy feathered strands add movement to the medium stacked bob haircut. The long front pieces dip past the jawline, slimming down the face, and the side-swept bangs caress the cheekbones. The partial blonde highlights over ash brown hair look naturally sun-kissed.

Medium Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

Instagram / @vanessa_hooks_13

32. Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

A stacked haircut comes in a variety of colors, and this blonde one with red highlights is guaranteed to garner loads of attention. This particular stack cut can be recommended for fine hair because due to its shorter length and layering, it creates the illusion of a thicker mane.

33. Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

Fabulous for curly hair and for thick hair alike, this medium, wavy cut is sexiness personified. There’s a shorter straight underlayer and a wavy and messy top layer, cut choppy and uneven to enhance the fullness of the shape. The brown and burgundy hair hues add spice to the cut.

34. Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

An angled bob is a trendy approach to your standard short cut. Spritzing a texturizing spray and tousling straight hair with a creamy wax transforms your basic cut into a current hairstyle with a laid back vibe.

Inverted Stacked Collarbone Bob

Instagram / @meaganreitzhair

35. Short Blonde Bob with Piece-y Layers

A stacked bob upgraded with piecey layers creates a shattered rounded silhouette. This one suits rectangular and square shaped faces, especially if the frontal hair reaches the chin. Blonde highlights with dimension spotlight pieciness, boosting texture and movement.

Short Choppy Chin-Length Bob

Instagram / @elyserox00

36. Highlighted Bob with Stacked Layers and Bangs

A swoopy haircut that is short in the back and long in the front is perfect for someone seeking a more sophisticated look. A rounded style with bangs adds a contemporary feel to an already on-trend dirty blonde color.

Inverted Bronde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @_christinearnold

37. Platinum Blonde Bob

The beauty of stacked haircuts is in their power to accentuate the volume of even the thinnest strands. The layered back gives your hair a little extra oomph. To boost it even more, make friends with a good texturizer and a fine-tooth comb. Then, tease the roots of your hair for more body.

38. Voluminous Medium-Length Bob

For a fuller effect, this hairstyle relies on added volume up top and on the sides instead of just the common stacked-in-back look of most bobs in these pictures. To achieve the sky-high height, try teasing the hair, throwing in some dry shampoo or even add a hair piece like a “bump it“. Remember those things? They are cheesy but they work.

Layered Blonde Lob

Instagram /

39. Inverted Bob Undercut

An undercut is a rocker chic slash punk approach to this already statement-making stacked hairstyle. As there is so much going on with the haircut itself, try toning down the color and stick to minimal styling, such as sleek and straight or gently curved. This is accomplished by using the round brush technique while blow drying.

40. Slanted Bob with Choppy Back

The steep angle and contrast of length between the back and the front of this bob is definitely eye-catching. The blunt cut in the back cascading to a pronounced point in the front creates interest that doesn’t ask for any additional styling tricks. A little tease to reveal the texture is all you need with this gorgeous stacked bob haircut.

Steeply Angled Layered Bob

Instagram / @kfisha

41. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

The back view of this A-line haircut shows why it works so well for fine hair. By opting for an angled and layered cut, you get a style that shows your strands are actually much thicker than you’ve thought they are.

Stacked Bob For Thin Hair

Instagram / @hairbysamhostad

42. Fiery Stacked Bob

If you want to go bold with your color (and by bold we mean electric), why not try an equally daring cut like a short stacked bob? It’s a sleek choice to pair with a vibrant hue without sacrificing your sense of style.

Copper Red Stacked Bob

Instagram / @divahairlounge

43. Wispy Black Bob

Chic and casual, the pitch black hue gives a bold look to this short ‘do. The piecey layers convey it beautiful sway and movement. Probably the best part about this take on the stack is how effortless it is.

Short Black Bob With Layers

Instagram / @sbkbeauty

44. Inverted Blonde Style

Chic and easy for the woman always on the go, this undercut bob frames the face while keeping it super short around the back of the neck. It’s a fuss-free style that looks good without much maintenance — besides a quick brush in the morning. The dark nape undercut and blonde highlights enliven the look with super-natural dimension.

Bronde Stacked Bob With Nape Undercut

Instagram / @sydnimamas

45. Dimensional Dirty-Blonde Stack

A more textured take on stacked bob haircuts, this cut features chunky V-cut layers and dimensional balayage highlights. That means it will be anything but boring to wear.

Ash Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @jsaudrey_mua

46. Short Textured Brown Bob

The difference between a chic bob and your grandma’s favorite style is the addition of modern textured layers. With this, a beach wave is ideally matched. Short haired girls can still include a beachy style into their lookbooks, but most of the styling will be concentrated towards the face.

47. Extreme Teased Stack

Not every stacked cut is steeply angled and sleek, as some feature an extreme teasing finish and almost straight-cut edges. Here, you have a stacked style that is heavily backcombed at the crown and cut bluntly across the bottom.

48. Medium Brown Stack

There is not a lot of fuss or frills to this medium brown version of the stacked cut, that’s why it looks so polished. Carefully angled on each side, this classy A-line haircut also features a slightly off center part and cute flipped in edges.

49. Cute and Discreet Espresso Brown Bob

Whether you choose a bob with bangs or without, the back view is as important as the front of your look. If you are slim and have a long neck, a shorter bob will flatter you immensely. Otherwise opt for a medium bob or a lob.

Short Dark Brown Bob Cut

Instagram / @hair_by_kaylee_

50. Blonde Stack with Deep Side Bang

In terms of long stacked haircuts, this one is top-notch! With bangs deeply parted and swooped to one side, bright blonde hair color and perfectly angled lob cut make a sexy hairstyle you’ll love to rock. This is how stacked haircuts should look.

Medium and short stacked haircuts for curly hair or straight locks continue to be just as popular now as years ago, when they have been first introduced. One of the best things about them is that they look like a rather complicated style, but offer so much ease in terms of everyday styling. If these pictures aren’t enough to convince you, keep searching stacked cuts…we are sure you’ll find one that stacks high above the rest!

Short Inverted Brown Bob brunette angled stacked bob for straight hair Feminine Stacked Bob Stacked Bob Back View Short Stacked Bob Cut For Thick Hair Pastel Purple Stacked Layered Bob High Stacked Bob For Thick Hair Sleek Jaw-Length Bob For Fine Hair Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair Choppy Silver Stacked Bob Hairstyle Smooth Angled Copper Red Bob Very Short Wavy Stacked Bob With Bronde Balayage Short Layered Black Bob Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob Stacked Bob With Cinnamon Brown Balayage Stacked Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights Short Stacked Bronde Bob Brown Stacked Bob With Caramel Balayage Dark Curly Shaggy Bob With Highlights Inverted Burgundy Bob Neat Straight Inverted Bob For Straight Hair Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut Asymmetrical Bronde Bob For Thin Hair Short Inverted Silver Blonde Bob Wispy Stacked Bob For Straight Hair A-Line Bob With Stacked Layers Long Stacked Auburn Bob With Blonde Highlights feathered two-tone pixie bob Super Short Silver Bob For Fine Hair Stacked Razored Bob With Bangs Medium Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut chin-length stacked red bob wavy tousled burgundy bob Inverted Stacked Collarbone Bob Short Choppy Chin-Length Bob Inverted Bronde Balayage Bob Ash Blonde Inverted Bob Layered Blonde Lob Short Stacked Bob With Nape Undercut Steeply Angled Layered Bob Stacked Bob For Thin Hair Copper Red Stacked Bob Short Black Bob With Layers Bronde Stacked Bob With Nape Undercut Ash Brown Balayage Bob Short Layered Brown Bob black layered backcombed bob angled brunette bob Short Dark Brown Bob Cut long blonde bob with side bangs
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