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Updated on March 28, 2023
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Curly or wavy hair is equally referred to as a blessing and a trouble. Curls do not always settle as you’d like them to, get extremely voluminous or simply stick out whimsically. Does it mean you should make good friends with a flat iron? By no means! As there are convenient, on-trend curly hairstyles, flattering for your face and suitable for your life style. Here are 60 stylish hairstyles for curly hair you can adopt for your chic looks.

Top Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair: Short, bouncy curls pair beautifully with long, side-swept bangs. You can either straighten the bangs or leave them curly to match the rest of your hair. Delicate highlights can enhance the texture and add dimension to your hairstyle. Punk-inspired styles featuring messy curls and edgy bangs also work well with short hair.

Medium-Length Curly Hair: Large, loose waves, medium-sized springy curls, and smaller ringlets complement shoulder-length haircuts perfectly. Hair experts suggest tousled styles with waves and curls, beachy waves, and the most natural-looking options. Many individuals with naturally curly hair are hesitant about trying bob haircuts, as curly locks can shrink and appear shorter and more voluminous than anticipated. However, if your hair is very thick, it can be thinned from the inside to achieve a more appealing shape. Keep length in mind, and don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea of a bob haircut, even if your hair is naturally curly. There are many stunning examples of wavy and curly bobs to consider.

Long Curly Hair: Longer lengths offer a variety of options, such as defined, polished curls, natural, carefree waves, or tousled tendrils and ringlets with or without braided sections. To lighten up long curls, try layering, which can give your curly hair a revitalized, fresh appearance.

Explore the most inspiring examples and the latest trends in curly hairstyles.

1. Elegant Updo for Natural Curly Hair

Your natural texture is your secret weapon of sexiness and elegance, so next time you have a formal event, don’t reach for a straightener. Instead, create a loose french braid and hide its end into a full messy bun. Pull out some wispy bang pieces to complete the look.

2. Medium Curly Combover Hairstyle

If you’re finally ready to take your long curly hair into the medium length world, try it with a side-part combover that lands right at the shoulder. Your hair look will livelier than ever, and instead of curls weighed down by gravity, the cut gives them fresh bounce.

Medium Length Combover Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Instagram / @caroldoscaracois

3. Pretty Curly Black Bob with Side Bangs

There’s no question; a long jet black bob is one of our favorite ways to wear cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair. It’s a style that works great for women who don’t have overly curly locks. The side part and the loose waves frame the face. You can also tuck the shorter side behind one ear for a more casual appeal.

Natural Curly Combover Lob

Instagram / @salsalhair

4. Long U Cut for Curly Hair

U-cut natural curly hairstyles look great if your hair has long, loose waves. The dark-brown color proudly shows off your hair’s natural shimmer and shine.

Dark Brown U-Cut Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @cabelariaa

5. Medium Length Curly Layered Hairstyle

Layers can be used on medium length natural, curly hair to generate volume at the roots and enhance the organic texture of your locks. Ask your stylist to include a few extra layers around your face for a softer, more flattering look.

Mid-Length Layered Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @alchemyorlando

6. Bob Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Curly hair ideas for shorter locks can be challenging to find, so why not keep things simple and just opt for a classic bob? However, choose your length carefully – your mane might be more difficult to manage if you go too short.

Light Brown Curly Bob

Instagram / @faithincurls

7. Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

A full set of thick and luscious bangs brings out all the best aspects of your medium curly hair, and the brown base color with dark blonde highlights helps it look especially well-nourished and healthy. If you have brown eyes, a pop of bright red lipstick can make an excellent addition to the face-framing shoulder-length cut.

Medium Curly Hair With Curly Bangs

Instagram / @faithincurls

8. Gorgeous Medium Curly Bouncy Hairstyle

There’s a lot of flexibility in this shoulder length curly hairstyle because it looks equally attractive when parted on the side and down the middle. The subtly highlighted brown tone is neutral and low-key. You can easily grab a handful of curls and pull them into a ponytail or a topknot for an extra-sporty style.

Shoulder-Length Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @dashell_devacurl

9. Ravishing Golden Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Bey, Bey, Bey, Bey-ond cute, you’ll look just like Beyonce with a fabulous star-struck hairstyle shown here. The messy long and loose girly curls create a fullness that takes the style to new “heights.”

Blonde Hair Color for Olive Skin

Instagram / @chanelstylez

10. Messy Curly Brunette Shag

We just love naturally curly haircuts that show off your eyes and frame the face. If you like your curls to appear tousled and effortless, you’ll appreciate the style. There’s something about the shag that attracts modern day fashionistas. It’s a wash and wear cut that’s simple to style and maintain.

Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle

Instagram / @seandisco

11. Medium Layered Cut for Loose Curls

Curly haircuts done on dry hair guarantee that your curl pattern will fit into the cut. If you don’t want extra volume on top, style with straighter roots. When you part your hair off-centre or on the side and allow the sides to drop down to the clavicle, the curls have a natural way of framing and slimming down your face. The chocolate brown color is luxurious and rich.

Medium Length Brown Curly Haircut

Instagram / @brunodantte

12. Caramel Brown Natural Layered Hair with Bangs

What style should you go for when you want a haircut for long hair that’s super-curly? How about a Nicole Kidman inspired hairstyle in a trendy, delicious color? The curlicue tendrils and long wispy bangs set off the eyes and taper down to emphasize the lips. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

13. Adorable Bob with Bangs

Short naturally curly hairstyles can skew dated when not done right. (Think of your lovely grandma with short curls.) The barely perceptible A-line angle and light shaping in the back make this bob both simple and youthful.

Brown Bob for Curly Hair

Instagram / @hairbyshanell

14. Beautiful Layered Lioness

Who doesn’t have an inner lioness? Curly girls are lucky, because they can let it out. There’s a reason all of our favorite curly-haired divas have tried this look: it’s incredibly sexy. The dark eyebrows and roots only make this style that much better.

Medium Layered Curly Bronde Hairstyle

Instagram / @jordanheidenwith

15. Pretty Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Haircuts for naturally curly hair are always in style, after all, not every woman wants to spend her precious morning time fussing with a blow dryer. To update your lob, finger-comb it, add a bit of mousse, and let it air dry.

Centre-Parted Layered Curly Long Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

16. Long Curly Hairstyle for Balayage Hair

Balayage hair differs from ombre. Both are typically darker at the roots and become lighter towards the ends, but balayage is designed to make your tresses look like they have natural, sun-kissed highlights. It’s smoother and less high maintenance than ombre coloring, and particularly beautiful in long curly hairstyles.

Medium Curly Hairstyle with Highlights

Instagram / @curlqueenleyla

17. Mid-Length Light Pastel Pink Curly Hairstyle

If you’re running out of unique hair color ideas for your wispy, curly locks, look no further. The long pink-blonde tendrils float around the cheeks and eyes in the sea of tender waves. If your hair is soft, fine and light, it’s a beautiful hair color choice.

Medium Layered Hairstyle for Fine Curly Hair

Instagram / @melhairdresser

18. Medium Curly Brunette Shag with Babylights

Curly hairstyles can be worn in a variety of ways, which is quite practical, because as the weather changes, so does the tightness of your curl. One way to avoid surprises is to cut your hair into a medium length shag. These shaggy layers have a sparkle of babylights, and the big curls do a great job of framing the face.

Curly Shag For Medium Length Hair

Instagram / @redbloomsalon

19. Layered Curly Style with Medium Size Curls

This layered style is for medium hair that’s very curly. Ask for layers around your face to develop a gradient of thickness from the roots to the ends, so that the focus is on your face and attention is drawn to your features.

Shoulder Length Brown Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @casadantiga

20. Long V Cut for Curly Hair

When you think of choosing one idea from many beautiful hairstyles for naturally curly hair, you might be overwhelmed. It’s even more difficult when your hair is super-long and has a tendency to be frizzy. The key to keeping your copper brown curls controlled and orderly is a calming hair cream or an extra-strong mousse.

21. Medium Voluminous Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls

If you’ve been blessed with a full head of super-curly hair, show it off proudly with a voluminous layered hairstyle. The dark color of this bouncy lob makes your hair look dense yet lightweight.

Voluminous Layered Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Instagram / @dashell_devacurl

22. Inverted Black Bob for Curly Hair

When you leave the length a little longer in the front, hairstyles for naturally curly hair gain a nice structured look. Jet black and stacked in the back: it’s a sophisticated option that works great with wavy or curly hair. Make sure your stylist remembers to cut it in the length that will still look fabulous in climates with high humidity.

23. Medium U Cut with Defined Curls

Defining your curls with a product is one of the best ways to enhance your waves and make them look even curlier than they already are. It’s a flexible hairstyle that can be parted on a side or down the middle, and you’ll create a more detailed look by adding strategically placed copper highlights.

Black Curly Hairstyle With Copper Highlights

Instagram / @brunodantte

24. Collarbone Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

When you are dealing with the in-between stages of growing your hair out from a shorter cut, try a shaggy, tomboyish style. Shags are ideal for short naturally curly hair because they’re cute and easy to style.

Cute Collarbone Shag For Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram / @salsalhair

25. Medium Layered Curly Hairstyle

Oodles of textured copper bronze curls cascade on the shoulders and soar around the face like a soft cloud. Natural curly hair is so beautiful, as it is, it just needs a suitable layered cut and some subtle highlights.

Medium Natural Layered Curly Cut

Instagram / @thecurlsupplier

26. Medium Highlighted Style with Loose Curls

This highlighted style with loose curls is incredible on mid length hair. It looks windswept and beachy, like you’ve just spent a good week in the sunshine. It’s chic and effortless, without being too loud and overpowering. It also suits any age and any face shape.

Curly Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @chelseastockhaus

27. Messy Angelic Look with Big Curls

This ethereal hair style reminds us of everything we love about the seventies. To get this look, treat your curls to a defining cream and a leave-in conditioner, and then let hair dry naturally, fluffing and separating curls as they dry.

Large Tousled Curls for Thick Hair

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

28. Above-the-Shoulders Thick Curly Shag

If you have a naturally wavy and thick hair type that tends to be unmanageable, curly layered haircuts will perfectly work for you. Layers give the unruly voluminous curls shape, and a part further structures the cut.

Above-the-Shoulders Natural Curly Hair

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

29. Messy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Medium length naturally curly hairstyles can sometimes become overly voluminous. Not here! Calm, cool and neat, the shoulder-length layered chocolate brown cut is easy-going and not over-the-top. The simple wavy lines and a tousled side part make it a spectacular choice for tomboy girls who want to inject a little femininity into their style.

Medium Layered Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @salonskanda

30. Mid-Length Curly Layered Cut

For ladies with super-thick curly hair, a shaggy layered cut with bangs can be a creative way to control and taper down the volume. If you have dark brown hair, add some light chocolate highlights to help define each ringlet. Use your fingers to poof it up a little bit in the back.

31. Black Flexi Rods Bob

The best thing about curls is that you don’t have to be perfectly defined to look great. If your curly bob haircut with bangs is looking a little messy, just go with it to make that trendy style. You can use a curling iron or a wand to create a bit more defined curl pattern if you want, but this haircut looks stunning as it is!

Black Bob with Curls in the Air

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

32. Chocolate Brown Bob with Luscious Curls

The amazing full-bodied brown curls create an envious mane that grazes the shoulders to emphasize the wearer’s femininity. An excessive volume and frizz is tamed with a product suitable for your hair type. A quality mousse will cope with the task in most cases.

Medium Curly Brown Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @curlyonq

33. Pretty Long Curly Hair with Bangs

If you’ve been wearing your long curls in too-tight ponytails, you might be noticing that your hairline is getting thin and your forehead is more prominent. One good way around the problem is to cut your hair into a shaggy style with curly bangs. Your hair will get lift and show a lot more body and texture when the curls are slightly shorter and allowed to spring up naturally.

Long Shaggy Curly Cut With Bangs

Instagram / @hairmajestiii

34. Low Curly Bun with Loose Curls

Another type of long-length hairstyles for curly hair is relaxed low updos. The loose, thick, side braids help bring details to the feminine and romantic up style full of delicate curls. The subtle highlights enhance your complexion and give depth to the base hair color.

Low Updo With Braids For Curly Hair

Instagram / @styledbyabbi

35. Messy Lob with Large Messy Curls

Your long, loopy curls can look amazing in voluminous tousled hairstyles. “Messy” is the key word here, and that’s just what you should be thinking when you are styling this look. Part it on a side, work product into your curls, scrunch, and let your blonde waves dry naturally to reduce the frizzies.

Voluminous Tousled Lob Hairstyle

Instagram / @hair_by_michelle

36. Medium Layered Dishwater Blonde Curls

Thin curly hair doesn’t have to be boring or flat. Your first step to liven it up is to give it a healthy dose of blonde highlights. Then, part it on a side and let some of the tendrils flutter around the face, framing the forehead and cheekbones. Match the tone of your eyebrows with your roots to give this casual layered cut a bit more of edgy sophistication.

Medium Layered Cut With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbykatiek

37. Wavy Messy Bronde Bob

Keep your waves and curls messy and easy to style by choosing simple bob haircuts for curly hair that only need a quick finger comb to look amazing. The partial sun-kissed highlights help define loose tendrils on the sides making the style more detailed and visually interesting.

38. Short Stacked Curly Bob

Cute and sassy, this short chocolate brown bob with babylights works wonderfully for thick hair. The extra long tendrils in the front act as an extension of the curly bangs and soften the face. The curls have been cut into an inverted shape, which helps the ringlets stand out and adds a lot of fullness in the back.

Cute Sassy Inverted Bob For Curly Hair

Instagram / @salonink

39. Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair

Want to make your medium haircut more stylish and eye-catching? Frame your face with these beautiful naturally wavy locks thrown over one side to boost the volume and fullness of your hair. Be sure, after this change – you’ll definitely get lots of attention!

Disheveled Brunette Wavy Bob

Instagram / @giboazhair

40. Soft Voluminous Curls for Mid-Length Hair

Curly layered haircuts can direct attention to the most flattering facial features, such as those beautiful eyes. Besides, it can help you balance the bone structure and visually make the face thinner, which makes this style perfect for girls with a round face shape.

41. Funky Layered Shag for Long Hair

This long-layered shag haircut is excellent for achieving volume. Defined by choppy layers and a heavily textured appearance, it makes locks visually thicker and fuller. With curly hair, the shag looks great, and the layers of the cut complement the movement of the curls.

Long Shag with Bangs for Natural Hair

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

42. Voluminous Curly Hair with Subtle Highlights

If you are looking for the right haircut for your natural hair texture, pay attention to this gorgeous hairdo. This curly hairstyle perfectly suits any kind of curls. Try a side part and cute subtle highlights to add a bit of spice to your hairdo.

Honey Bronde Long Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @hirohair

43. Chic and Sassy Black Curly Lob

This hairdo is exactly what you need to become a star at one of those sophisticated evening outs! Voluminous curls styled with the right hair product will beautifully frame your face, highlight your beauty, and boost your confidence!

44. Effortless Short Curly Bob

Curly hair showcases highlights beautifully, so why not add a beautiful sandy blonde hue to your natural hair color? Style your gorgeous loose waves to the side to make this style more stylish and trendier. Also, leave dark roots to make this hairdo more low-maintenance.

45. Midnight Brown Curls with a Middle Part

Curly hair is quite versatile as you can wear it in different ways, including this middle parting. Spiral curls make this look less dramatic while framing the face beautifully. Plus, this layered bob helps complement symmetrical features and draw attention to your best asset.

Midnight Brown Soft Curls with a Middle Part

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

46. Soft and Sexy Curls

When you have natural curls, styles like this can seem out of reach since frizz is so common with curly hair. It’s all about finding out what your hair truly wants. Infrequent washes along with products formulated with natural oils and nut butters can be life changing.

47. Chin-Length Curly Bob Haircut

Looking for a hairstyle that will make you look younger? Try this lovely layered haircut with messy curls and side parting. The curly bob like this looks perfect with any hair type, so you definitely won’t regret it.

Air-Length Brunette Curly Bob

Instagram / @giboazhair

48. Dark Auburn Bob with Messy S-Curls

Short layered haircuts for curly hair are really something gorgeous! They help you build volume all around the perimeter and create a shape that emphasizes your facial features and balances round and oval face shapes. Use a curl-defining cream to make your spiral curls more defined and keep their original form longer.

49. Long-to-Short Curly Cut Makeover

It’s shocking how short curly hairstyles can change appearance. More voluminous curls and curly bangs make this look absolutely stunning! It perfectly frames the face and highlights the features, particularly the eyes and cheekbones, creating a soft and romantic style.

Long-to-Short Curly Cut Makeover

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

50. Curly Shaggy Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Mid-length layered haircuts may bring a lot of dimension to the hair, both on the crown and to the sides. Let your stylist cut your long curly hair and do this stylish shaggy cut for you. This will allow you to remove the excess weight of your hair and let the curls effortlessly fall into each other.

Long Wavy Cut for Round Faces

Instagram / @brentdanielbasore

51. V-Cut Long Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Long curly hair gives off a less voluminous appearance as your locks are pulled down by their natural weight. For a unique and fashion-forward style, choose a V-cut instead of a blunt chop. Tres chic.

Medium-To-Long Curly Cut

Instagram / @jennifer.freesia

52. Adorable Red Breezy Tresses

You believe the hands of a stylist have never touched these delightful locks. It’s rather a job of the sea breeze that shaped them into fantastic natural waves and the generous sun that charged them with exquisite brightness.

long red curly hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

53. Stylish Curly Hairstyle Makeover

This cheeky curly bob is a great way to style your hair in a fun, girlish way to showcase you are ready for changes! The haircut has an ideal medium length, making you feel comfortable even during the hot summer days.

Cute Curl-Boosting Medium Cut

Instagram / @maygovintage

54. Curly Messy Medium Cut with Bangs

Are your curls full and fluffy? Do you think you look your best with curly bangs? Go for a layered cut that offers a rounded shape and freedom for your curls to show off their texture.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Large Curls

Instagram / @dayglowbimbo

55. Chocolate Delight

Here the rich curls are forwarded on the face, framing it in a flirty manner. The rounded shape of this classy hairstyle in tandem with the broken curls and edgy contours look pretty harmonious and up-to-the-minute.

summer hairstyle for curly hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

56. Medium Loosely Curled Hairstyle with Highlights

Reminiscent of the 1980’s, big curly hair is making a comeback! The loco loose curls dance around the head and take on a life of their own. Softly highlighted with honey tones, each curl gently falls into one another. Go big, or go home!

Medium Bouncy Curly Honey Brown Hairstyle

Instagram / @jessicaevelym

57. Natural Long Curls with Highlights

Long curly hair with a defined curl pattern looks adorable, but there is one trick that will make it even more eye-catching – gorgeous blonde balayage. Ask your hairstylist for highlights scattered throughout your locks to spice up this haircut.

Mid-Back Golden Blonde Style with Defined Curls

Instagram / @eujayrodrigues

58. Curly Black Bob with Babylights

Revamp your shoulder length dark locks by incorporating babylights in a lighter hue. These will bring out texture and dimension of your hair for a beautiful, natural, sun-kissed look.

Black Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairslaybytay

59. Voluminous Wavy Cut with Side Bangs

Medium-length curly hairstyles always give your hair much volume. And with bangs on the side, your weightless curly hairstyle will look just admirable! To make the same bouncy curls, you’ll need to use a hair product that defines your locks and keeps them bouncy till the end of the day.

Armpit-Length Airy Layered Curly Cut

Instagram / @mo_safi_

60. Messy Rounded Curly Bob

Some short curly hairstyles can make a truly breathtaking effect, just like this one! It has a full crown, which thins toward the ends, thus creating movement and dimension. Besides, if you style it with a shine spray, it will give the same radiant finish to your spiral curls.

Messy Rounded Curly Bob

Instagram / @rodrigocintra

Well, that’s how you can rock your curly styles. If you are willing to try something new, make sure you will go to a professional stylist. Hair will grow back anyway, but it’s extremely important that you are happy with your cut and style right away, because we know: it’s going to make your day/week/month brighter.

Messy Updo for Curly Hair Medium Length Combover Hairstyle For Curly Hair Natural Curly Combover Lob Dark Brown U-Cut Curly Hairstyle Mid-Length Layered Cut for Curly Hair Light Brown Curly Bob Medium Curly Hair With Curly Bangs Shoulder-Length Curly Hairstyle Blonde Hair Color for Olive Skin Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle Medium Length Brown Curly Haircut Long Layered Curly Haircut with Bangs Brown Bob for Curly Hair Medium Layered Curly Bronde Hairstyle Centre-Parted Layered Curly Long Bob Medium Curly Hairstyle with Highlights Medium Layered Hairstyle for Fine Curly Hair Curly Shag For Medium Length Hair Shoulder Length Brown Curly Hairstyle Long Curly Brown Hairstyle with Highlights Voluminous Layered Hairstyle For Curly Hair Stacked Black Bob For Naturally Curly Hair Black Curly Hairstyle With Copper Highlights Cute Collarbone Shag For Naturally Curly Hair Medium Natural Layered Curly Cut Curly Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights Large Tousled Curls for Thick Hair Above-the-Shoulders Natural Curly Hair Medium Layered Cut for Curly Hair Shaggy Layered Cut For Thick Curly Hair Black Bob with Curls in the Air Medium Curly Brown Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights Long Shaggy Curly Cut With Bangs Low Updo With Braids For Curly Hair Voluminous Tousled Lob Hairstyle Medium Layered Cut With Blonde Highlights Messy Bob For Curly Hair Cute Sassy Inverted Bob For Curly Hair Disheveled Brunette Wavy Bob Defined Highlighted Walnut Brown Curls Long Shag with Bangs for Natural Hair Honey Bronde Long Curly Hairstyle Natural Wavy Black Bob Hairstyle Short Wavy Rooted Blonde Bob Midnight Brown Soft Curls with a Middle Part Wavy A-Line Brown Blonde Bob Air-Length Brunette Curly Bob Burgundy Brown Bob with Defined Curls Long-to-Short Curly Cut Makeover Long Wavy Cut for Round Faces Medium-To-Long Curly Cut long red curly hairstyle Cute Curl-Boosting Medium Cut Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Large Curls summer hairstyle for curly hair Medium Bouncy Curly Honey Brown Hairstyle Mid-Back Golden Blonde Style with Defined Curls Black Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyle Armpit-Length Airy Layered Curly Cut Messy Rounded Curly Bob
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