Vanessa Osbourne
Updated on December 14, 2022

Looking for short curly hairstyles to try out on your curly hair? Well, look no further. Thankfully the days when women rushed to straighten their curly hair are behind us and more and more women are learning to take care of and embrace their curls at every length. When it comes to short curly haircuts, there are now so many options to choose from. Here are 50 short hairstyles for curly hair you need to see!

1. Voluminous Curls

In the before times, naturally curly hair and bangs were a no-no. Looking back we can appreciate how silly that is and it is a great reminder that when it comes to rules about hair and fashion, the real fun begins when you break them. Curls are great for framing your face and or eyes and that makes them great for bangs. This short curly hairstyle is like a shiny halo around the face and is great for any curl type.

Voluminous Curly Cut

Instagram / @romeufelipe

2. Shiny Chin Length Curls with Long Bangs

Shiny curls are half the battle with any hairstyle. This cut is the perfect length for anyone looking to keep their naturally curly hair off their shoulders while still maintaining a bit more length at the top and around the face. If you’re a fan of longer side parted curly bangs, this is definitely the style for you. This is a great option for women with thick curly hair.

Chin Length Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @salsalhair

3. Curly Pixie

Curly pixie cuts are the definitive cuts for showing off your facial features and your eyes. Add a bit of highlights to your hair color and before you know it, you’ll be looking in the mirror and seeing a whole new you rocking your new short curly hair.

Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @giboazhair

4. Shoulder Length Brown Messy Bob

Wearing your curls and waves at shoulder length is flattering on pretty much everyone. It frames the face and really draws attention to the eyes. This short, messy curly bob has lots of volume and is great option for a conservative short haircut.

Shoulder Length Curly Bob

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

5. Shaggy Short Curly Pixie

This style allows your curls the freedom to do and be whatever they want to be. It’s fun and playful and because no two curl patterns are exactly alike, you’ll be able to put your own stamp on this carefree short curly hairstyle. This is a great styling option if you have thick curly hair.

6. Platinium Blonde Tapered Coils

The tapered cut on tight coils is popular among women who prefer to wear their natural hair on the shorter side. With results like this, it’s easy to see why. The cut is both laid back and edgy. Maintenance is easy and colors like platinum blonde provide an additional outlet for creativity and personality.

7. Short Cut with Long Bangs

If you’re on the lookout for short hairstyles that keeps your curly hair off your neck and back but would still like longer curly bangs, this is the quintessential style for you. The different lengths of curls in this style creates a short curly hairstyle that looks different from every angle.

Short Curly Cut with Long Bangs

Instagram / @lcs.hairdesign

8. Super Short Tapered Curls

This tapered cut on black shiny curls is definitely a statement. We love the way the curls fall on to the forehead creating curly bangs. The curved hairline and the fading of the taper show that even with popular tapered cuts, there are many ways to make short curly haircuts interesting and cool.

9. Short Strawberry Blonde Curls

Cutting your hair can breathe new life into your curls. We love how full and luscious this short curly hairstyle is and the vibrant color adds so much life to the cut. It’s a literal drab to fab before and after and we are all about it.

Short Cut for Loose Curls

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

10. Messy Pixie

Fun. Youthful. Effortless. Elegant. Pixie cuts are always classic when it comes to short hair and are always worthy of consideration when deciding on what your next hairstyle should be. If you’re looking for an effortless, easy to maintain style for your short curly hair then look no further than this messy, tousled pixie cut.

11. Chin Length Curly Bob with Bangs

Finding your perfect curly bangs can be a hair altering experience. Short hair cuts immediately increase fullness and volume, creating bouncy curls, shape and movement. You can customize your bangs to flatter your face shape and brows, making the cut perfect for you. Great for those with loose curls.

Curly Bob with French Bangs

Instagram / @andy_doesyourhair

12. Short Curly Pixie on Brunette Hair

Short haircuts go a long way towards reducing the fuss and time it can take to style your hair in the mornings. This low maintenance cut leaves curls soft and fluffy and will definitely help to simplify your morning routine for styling your curly locks.

Cute Curly Pixie

Instagram / @nakedeyebeauty

13. Blonde Messy Layered Cut

This messy cut is perfect for oval or round faces. It frames the face well and the layers allow the natural hair texture of your curls to thrive. Though short, cuts like these provide enough length for a short curly updo whenever so inclined.

Short Curly Shag

Instagram / @salsalhair

14. Super Short Pink Curls

Having fun with color is something we will always recommend. Color is a great way to show off your personality and add style and drama to what would otherwise be considered a standard way of wearing your hair.

Pastel Pink Pixie for Curly Hair

Instagram / @tatumshanehair

15. Classic Shoulder Length Curly Bob

A classic shoulder length curly bob allows you to hold on to some length but will definitely save you plenty of time, product and money when it comes to styling and maintenance. A great option for thick hair.

Layered Shoulder Length Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @giboazhair

16. Black and Red Curls

These black and red curls are a perfect example of how color can take a hairstyle from good to great. We love the placement of the red here to frame the face which is a great alternative to traditional highlights.

Short Curly Cut with Money Piece

Instagram / @bescene

17. Tousled Waves with Bangs

These long loose waves add the overall easy breezy vibe to this style. It’s fluffy and soft with a wash and wear appeal that many crave. A great option for women who prefer wavy hairstyles that are shoulder length.

18. Brunette Waves

This low maintenance cut is great for curly haired girls who like to have hair that’s all one length. It frames the face nicely, allowing for you longer layers around the face and the option to part the hair in the center or on whichever side you choose.

Romantic Shoulder Length Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @giboazhair

19. Black and Gray Curls with Cropped Bangs

Black and white or gray hair is and will always be a timeless combination that we can get behind. We especially love the combination of colors in the bangs in this style.

Super Short Curly Bob with Micro Bangs

Instagram / @alecastrohair

20. Short Curly Natural Hair

Natural hair with all its textures and complexities pairs with short curly hairstyles exceptionally well. This shape is beautiful and flattering and the mix of defined and undefined curls is something that really only short natural curly hair pulls off well.

Short Cut for Natural Hair

Instagram / @augustoallencar

21. Voluminous Curly Bob

Embrace the volume and density that often comes with curly hair with this cut. The long bangs and the movement are definitely pluses where we’re concerned. A great option if shoulder length curls are your goal.

Curly Bob with Deep Side Parting

Instagram / @salsalhair

22. Edgy Tapered Pixie

Very short curly hairstyles such as this one are all about the face. It’s super minimalist, requiring very little maintenance while highlighting and showing off the structure of the face.

Edgy Pixie for Curly Hair

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

23. Short Curly Bob with Face Framing Color

Green is not a commonly used color when it comes to hair styling but we are all for thinking outside the box and embracing what makes you and your hair look and feel great. Unique color choices really showcase your personality and are sure to turn heads.

24. Super Short Copper Tapered Cut

Super short tapered cuts on short natural hair really allow the facial bone structure and other features to shine through.

25. Loose Shoulder Length Waves

This wash-and-go look is low maintenance and gives off the tousled bedhead vibe. The look is soft and textured and helps give volume, depth and movement to the hair, making it a great fit for those with naturally wavy short hair.

Wavy Lob with Side Parting

Instagram / @tatumshanehair

26. Tight Red Ringlets

We love these short curls! The style features tight ringlets that are well defined. They frame the face with a rich deep color that evokes a retro vibe.

27. Large Red Curls

This attention-grabbing hair cut is bold and beautiful. We love the volume, size of the curls and vibrant color. This cute hairstyle is a real head turner and you will definitely need to be prepared to be the center of attention while wearing it.

28. Voluminous Blonde Tipped Ringlets

Put your stunning ringlets and tight curls on display with this short haircut featuring super-defined ringlets full of volume and movement. The style is all gorgeous bouncy, springy curls. It looks absolutely amazing and is very feminine. This naturally curly hairstyle also has enough length for a short curly updo on special occasions.

Curly Bob with Bangs

Instagram / @nubiarezo

29. Sun-Kissed Curly Afro

Another easy-to-manage style that doesn’t require curls to be super defined. This stunning afro hairstyle is chic and fresh. The color is gorgeous, a sun-kissed combination that compliments darker skin tones but would also be great on other skin tones as well.

Layered Cut for Natural Hair

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

30. Messy Asymmetric Curly Pixie

This messy asymmetric cut is fluffy and focuses all the volume on one side of the face with the help of an undercut. Definitely a contender for most low maintenance short curly hairstyle.

31. Angular Inverted Bob with Undercut

This short bob combines an undercut with asymmetric curls that frame the face. The angular nature of the curls helps to provide structure amid the messiness of the loose curls. This short curly hairstyle is uncomplicated and easy to take care of.

Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

Instagram /

32. Curly Bob with Shaved Temple

This would be a pretty standard curly bob cut were it not for the shaved temple. The shaved temples are a great way of making the style edgier to match your personality so consider this style next time you’re looking to channel your inner diva.

Chin Length Bob with Shaved Temple

Instagram / @alecastrohair

33. Messy Waves with Bangs

This trouble-free style features messy waves in a chin-length cut with bangs. Strands are light and wispy and not weighed down by excessive amounts of product. This style is one that is easily achieved as a wash-and-go style, requiring minimum product and time spent.

Messy Bob with Curly Bangs

Instagram / @augustoallencar

34. High Top Pixie Cut

Keeping the sides and back short while maintaining some length and texture on the top of the head allows you to showcase your curls and texture while keeping a hair style that is relatively easy to maintain. The messiness of this hairstyle also means that curly-haired women don’t need to worry about making sure every curl is perfectly defined for day-to-day styling.

Voluminous Pixie Cut

Instagram / @hairabee

35. Tight Messy Ringlets

What’s not to love when you have a head full of tight messy ringlets? Ringlets are always so fun and voluminous, creating a simple yet beautiful look whether messy or defined.

Curly Bob with Short Curly Bangs

Instagram / @fernanducruz

36. Short and Shaggy

This short, shaggy cut is, like many short curly hairstyles super easy to maintain on a daily basis. This cute curly pixie cut is carefree, fun and youthful. It totally shows off the face so that your facial features take center stage. If you are looking for a short cut for your curly hair that can withstand humidity then this is a must try.

Jet Black Curly Pixie

Instagram / @blkcat_curls

37. Curly Faux Hawk

We love this short cut that concentrates the curls in the center of the head while keeping the sides low to create a curly faux hawk. The longer curls at the front means you can experiment with different styling options for your bangs, pulling them to either side, or pulling them back in a pompadour with a few bobby pins for added versatility.

Faux Hawk for Curly Hair

Instagram / @exotismos

38. Lush Highlighted Curls

Even if you prefer to keep your curls on the longer side of short (i.e. around shoulder length), it is still worth it to give your curly hair a shape and style. A good haircut will help you create volume so that your curls appear lush and full of movement.

Shoulder Length Layered Cut on Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram /

39. Short Sides Curly Top

Keeping your sides really short and concentrating your length and curls on the top is common when creating short curly hairstyles. The result in this case is a short black pixie that is easy to maintain and will remain stylish and flattering even as it grows out.

Short Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram / @curly_sivz

40. Soft Tapered Pixie Cut

This tapered pixie features soft looking curls and curly bangs. The curls in the bangs are lively and playful and the overall shape of the cut is flattering for all face shapes. This cut is reasonably low maintenance and is sure to work for a variety of curl types.

Long Pixie with Deep Side Parting

Instagram / @curlpop

41. Copper Curls with Long Blunt Bangs

The vibrant hue and long blunt bangs make this a statement hairstyle for the edgy and bold. If you want to avoid hair getting into your eyes, then these long bangs aren’t for you, but making them shorter to suit your tastes is always an option.

42. Tapered Cut on Tight Natural Curls

This tapered cut on tight natural curls is absolutely beautiful and is also a popular choice among women with short curly hair. We love the black and shiny strands, the height of the top section, the density and volume of the curls. We love everything about this style, which is particularly suited for tighter curls that are able to achieve height without becoming floppy and falling over.

Dark Faux Hawk for Natural Curls

Instagram / @stepthebarber

43. Short Bedhead Curls

Curls just wanna have fun. This wild, messy mass of curls is an explosion of personality and laid-back charm. We think it’s an absolute delight.

Messy Voluminous Bob

Instagram / @nicky_henno

44. Shaggy Black Bob with Bangs

The great thing about curly bobs with or without bangs is that no two are alike. We are totally digging the relaxed “on vacation in Paris” vibe this style gives and its shaggy, low-maintenance appeal. This short curly bob is a great cut for women with thick curly hair.

Shaggy Bob with Super Short Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

45. Chunky Brunette Curls

This chunky, messy curly bob with its curly bangs is a unique take on a popular style. Thanks to the naturally wild curls, the style looks different from day to day as each curl does its own thing, which is a fact of life when you have naturally curly hair.

Short Messy Haircut with Bangs

Instagram / @paris_mcelroy

46. Soft Blonde Curls

We love this baby blonde look with its soft and feminine vibe. It features short curly bangs that, with messy curls throughout, appear fluffy and delicate.

47. Curly Cut with Blue and Red Highlights

Fun with colors! Who says you have to choose only one color for your highlights? We love the red and blue color combination and love how the highlights are arranged to frame the face. The loose, relaxed nature of the curls makes this an easier cut and style to maintain.

Short Curly Hair with Blue and Red Highlights

Instagram / @mo_raven

48. Messy Ringlets with Curly Fringe

These messy ringlets and curly fringe make such a fun, flirty, feminine and sexy short haircut. It’s an ageless style that works with different face shapes and curl types.

49. Messy Layered Curls

Messy styles work great on short curly hair because curls, by their very nature, want to be a little imperfect. Every curly-haired person knows that day 3 hair is far superior to day 1 hair so go ahead and let your naturally curly locks be a little messy.

Curly Shag with Highlights

Instagram /

50. Layered Round Cut

Round layers that fall around the face are a flattering short cut to consider for your short natural curls. This type of cut is great regardless of your face shape or your curl type. Just remember to keep your curls hydrated and shiny and you’ll be looking pretty morning, noon and night.

Face Framing Rounded Bob for Curly Hair

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

The options for cute short hairstyles for curly hair are literally endless and no matter which you choose, your unique curls, personality and vibe are sure to make that style your own. Happy cutting and happy styling.

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