Nikki Goddard
Published on April 05, 2023

If you’re looking for a more delicate and feminine appearance, consider forgoing razored blunt bob hairstyles in favor of a rounded silhouette. A rounded bob cut can look stunning whether it’s a shorter pixie bob or a longer lob length, and there are many ways to enhance the look with highlights, waves, or bangs.

To get inspired, take a look at these 20 ideas for rounded bob haircuts and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

1. Rounded Bob with Side Bangs

For those looking to add thickness to their hair, a stacked bob haircut with highlights can be an excellent option. By styling the layers to one side, you can create the illusion of extra volume and body, particularly for straight hair. Give this hairstyle a try for a chic and fuller look.

Layered Rounded Bronde Bob

Instagram / @hairbyrosiviot

2. Short Platinum Cut with Choppy Layers

Short hair can be an excellent choice for women of any age. If you’re considering a new haircut, a rounded layered bob with bangs can offer a chic and textured look that is sure to turn heads. To add a touch of boldness to this style, consider pairing it with an icy blonde hue that complements your skin tone.

Spherical Silhouette Short Bob with Bangs

Instagram / @prairiehair

3. Hot Stacked Bob with Textured Layers

One interesting pattern of bob hairstyles is that the shorter the length, the more volume you can achieve. If you’re seeking an ultimately voluminous look, consider going for a short bob haircut. This style can instantly give your hair a nice shape and enhance your hair’s natural volume.

Short Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram / @alexpaixao.educ

4. Long Rounded Bob with Curtain Bangs

Wow, just look at that volume! It’s simply astonishing, isn’t it? The blowout ends and curtain bangs give it an airy feel, while longer bangs swept past your eyebrows create a sassy and mysterious look.

Long Platinum Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs and Rounded Body

Instagram / @ahmtguness

5. Rounded Stacked Bob

Looking to add fullness and thickness to your short hair? Consider a haircut with short choppy pieces and puffy crown layers to create a flattering textured look, as shown in this example. To balance out the style, opt for delicate tones such as an ashy lavender hue to soften the overall effect.

Stacked Messy Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

6. Medium Platinum Blonde Bob

For those looking to create a stylish blonde bob haircut, consider this idea: elongate the front layers to frame your face and create a flattering, elongated shape. This approach can be very charming and inspiring, offering a unique twist on the classic bob style.

7. Voluminous Side Swept Bob

Looking to enhance the texture of your short hair? The most effective way to achieve this is by cutting your locks in layers and adding highlights for extra dimension. A deep side part can make this hairstyle look voluminous and elegant, making it the perfect choice for women over 50.

Rounded Bob Haircut for Mature Women

Instagram / @ro.hsiqueira

8. Short Rounded Bob with Full Bangs

The jawline and neck are beautifully emphasized by this rounded bob with a shiny black hue. Add some extra flair with long bangs that can be styled to cover your eyebrows or eyes. This sassy haircut is sure to turn heads and collect dozens of admiring glances!

Sleek Textured Neck Length Bob with Long Bangs

Instagram / @debialley

9. Messy Rounded Bob with Swoopy Bangs

The messy texture adds volume and movement to this bob hairstyle, making it perfect for someone who wants a low-maintenance but fashionable haircut. Style your choppy layers with a texturizing spray to create a relaxed, beachy look.

Messy Short Side Swept bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @alexusestellehair

10. Voluminous Honey Blonde Bob

Achieve a captivating “woke-up-like-this” look with this exquisite short haircut. Enhance your layers with warm blonde babylights and create a chic yet messy hairstyle by brow drying hair ends both toward and away from the face.

Dark Blonde Bob with Rounded Ends and Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @anarabyanalerida

11. Feathered Silky Layers

Want to create more flow and movement in your hair? Opt for heavy feathering and brow dry your bob with a round brush to define each layer. Working with the right brush will also help you boost the shine of your locks!

Long Feathered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Instagram / @jaggi_hairartist

12. Cute French Bob with Curtain Bangs

It’s hard to find a hairstyle that’s more charming and cute than a French bob. If you’re looking for a new chic haircut for your straight or wavy hair, save this picture and show it to your hairstylist to surprise everyone with your new look.

13. Chin Length Bob Hugging the Face

For those with fine hair that lacks volume, a rounded bob haircut with crisp ends can be a great solution. To enhance this look, consider incorporating a mesmerizing blonde shade. This will brighten up your face, resulting in a chic and alluring appearance.

14. Short Bob with Subtle Highlights

A choppy bob with a middle parting that hits at jaw length is a versatile style that suits any face shape. To add interest to this look, consider incorporating babylights that complement your base. For example, caramel brown tones can pair nicely with dark brunette hair, creating a beautiful and effortless result.

Short Dark Bob with Warm Brown Highlights

Instagram / @hirohair

15. Layered Blonde Pixie Bob

A flawless pixie bob cut can complement your look like nothing else. If you’re looking for a trendy short style, give this catchy hairdo a try. By styling your hair a bit off-center, you can create extra volume on top and draw attention to your bright highlights.

Angled Pixie Bob with Rounded Shape and Dishwater Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @pamela_cabelos

16. Sleek Black Lob with Flipped Bangs

A medium-length center-parted haircut, such as this sophisticated lob, is an ideal choice for those with an oval face as it accentuates the symmetry of the face shape. Apply a styling product to fix the flipped bangs in place and maintain the smooth texture.

Classic Bob with Flipped Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @thatguyreno

17. Short Angled Bob

A stunning strawberry blonde hue paired with a side-swept short haircut creates a stylish and attention-grabbing look. This hairstyle is ideal for defining your jawline and highlighting your facial features, giving you a major boost of confidence.

18. Undercut Stacked Bob

Due to the thick, blunt ends, this ear length bob gives the illusion of a blunt cut. Still, with a better look, you immediately notice the skillfully blended stacked layers that give it a nice rounded shape. We love how this undercut stacked bob opens up the beauty of a long feminine neck.

19. Sleek Precision Cut Bob

Isn’t it the epitome of custom approach? This pixie bob is one of the most creative bob interpretations, and we cannot turn our eyes away from such details as a nape fade, blended stacked layers and impeccable thick bangs.

Edgy Haircut with Rounded Form and Precision Cut Bangs

Instagram / @alexpaixao.educ

20. Flirty Rounded Bob with Wispy Bangs

This charming hairstyle can make you appear younger than your age with its lengthy, wispy bangs and round shape that exudes a playful and flirtatious energy. It’s a versatile haircut that flatters all face shapes, but it’s important to choose the appropriate length to suit your features.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new haircut, we hope these stunning photos of rounded bob hairstyles have become a great starting point. Take inspiration from these ideas to create a fresh and stylish look for yourself!

Layered Rounded Bronde Bob Short Dark Bob with Warm Brown Highlights Rounded Blonde Bob with Thin Bangs Dark Blonde Pixie Bob with Dark Roots for Thick Hair Sleek Black Bob with Rounded Ends for Black Women Short Stacked Bob with Side Bangs Mid Length Rounded French Bob with Wispy Bangs Spherical Silhouette Short Bob with Bangs Stacked Messy Bob for Thick Hair Blonde Bob with Middle Part and Rounded Bottom Sleek Textured Neck Length Bob with Long Bangs Feathered Blow Out Bob Pixie Bob with Longer Face Framing Layers Chin Length Layered French Bob with Arched Bangs Long Platinum Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs and Rounded Body Rounded Bob Haircut for Mature Women Angled Dirty Blonde Bob with Rounded Shape Layered Wedge Bob with Bangs Bob with Long Rounded Front Layers Short Angled Bob with Nape Undercut and Rounded Bottom